MERRY MAKER- MAS Holiday Giveaway Event 2022

Merry Maker-mas Holiday Giveaway Event 2022

Woohoo, it’s Christmas! And this year I had some projects and deadlines this first week of the month. So I TOTALLY haven’t started any Christmas crafting and even almost said to heck with it. I mean lots of people have been crafting for the holidays since JULY. That was awfully close to a grinch-itude though.  So I decided better late than never. I could still do a 12 Days of Christmas and a Giveaway, right?

Once again, my friends, I’m using YOU as my excuse to get crafty and if some of the “days” feature one of my favorite crafts from last year because I couldn’t get it done that day, I know you’ll be okay with it. Because you’re totally my people and absolutely understand.  😂

So starting Sunday, December 11th we’ll do 12 days of featured holiday projects. We’ll also be giving away a Cricut Maker 3 + Everything Bundle, Cricut Mug Press, Apple Pencil, and a couple of copies of Engraving Metals with Your Cricut Maker ebook. 

The giveaway starts today and ends on December 25th, 2022. 

The Giveaway Has Ended!

CONGRATS to our Merry Maker-mas 2022 winners listed below! And thank you to EVERYONE who entered, or commented, or was so awesome and enthusiastic throughout this giveaway and the 12 days of holiday projects. I SUPER appreciate you! 

merry maker-man winners

12 Days of Merry Maker-mas Projects

Giveaway Form

See the Merry Maker-mas Prizes!

I’m SUPER excited to give away this brand-new Cricut Maker 3 + Everything Bundle, and a Cricut Mug Press! Plus, we’re giving away an Apple Pencil (or equivalent in an Amazon Gift Card) for my Procreate friends!

The Cricut Maker 3 + Everything Bundle

The Cricut Maker 3 is Cricut’s top-of-the-line cutting machine and will do paper projects, as well as projects with wood, vinyl, acrylic, leather, fabric, chipboard, and metal. It comes with a fine-point blade and a trial membership to Cricut Access!

This bundle comes with everything you need to get started using Cricut’s Smart Materials.


5 rolls of Smart Material Vinyl, Transfer Tape, 4 rolls of Smart Materials Iron-on Vinyl, Smart Paper, Multi-Pen Set, Essential Tool Set, and the Basic Tool Set.

For more on the Cricut Maker check out this post, What is the Cricut Maker and What Does it Do?  

($686.66. value)

Cricut Mug Press

If you’re excited to try making your own mugs, the Cricut Mug Press is easy enough for beginners but gives super professional results. I guarantee you’ll love this design-winning heat press by Cricut and be making all the mugs in no time. Plus, you can also do tumblers and water bottles too! 

See more of what’s possible with the mug press with my post on the 17 best blanks for the Cricut Mug Press!

($199. value) 

Apple Pencil

I LOVE love love my Apple Pencil and am super excited to be giving one away for Merry Maker-mas. This really does make all the difference to me as I use Procreate, and I know it will do the same for you!

Note: I know not everyone has an iPad that’s compatible, so the winner of this prize will have the option of receiving an Amazon gift card of comparable value. 

($99 value) 

These prizes are available to U.S residents only and you must be 18+ to win. Official rules are available when you enter. 

If you’re NOT a US resident- look for my Start Smart series after the holidays where I’ll be giving away ebooks and workshops that will make starting out with your crafting goals easier! These digital products will be open to all. 

2 Engraving Metals with Your Cricut Maker Ebook

($39 ea.)

This e-book helps you solve the problems and expand the possibilities of what you can engrave with your Cricut Maker. Comes with free engraving designs and 7 step-by-step projects. You can see more about it here on the book info page. 

Digital book cover on iPad for Engraving Metals with your Cricut Maker

Want to See Merry Maker-mas 2021?

Last December I did TWENTY-FIVE days of Merry Maker-mas Holiday Projects. You can see them in this post!

Merry Almost Christmas and Have a Crafty New Year!

Thanks for being creative and having fun with me this holiday season! And I hope that if you’re feeling a little grinch-y this season you find the time to enjoy all that makes this time of year so special. ❤️

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The Giveaway Has Ended!

I’ve just emailed the winners and will announce them here as soon as I hear back from them. Thanks to EVERYONE who entered, or commented, or was so awesome and enthusiastic throughout this giveaway and the 12 days of holiday projects. I SUPER appreciate you! 

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