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How to Make Layered Gift Tag Stickers with Cricut

Merry Almost Christmas! No matter when you read this, these cute Christmas layered gift tag stickers will put you in the holiday mood. Hand-illustrated gift tag designs are stacked to create a fun 3-D effect that really stands out from other designs. And to really set these apart, we take it a step further by adding some easy (and no mess) sparkle with Stickles Glitter Gel. This is one of my absolute favorite types of design- the ones that look harder than they really are. In fact, you’ll be amazed at how simple these layered gift tag stickers with a Cricut are to make!

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Tutorial: How to Make Layered Holiday Gift Tag Stickers

Tools and Materials


This post does include affiliate links. This means that if you purchase through one of these links I may get a small commission, at no additional cost to you. Thank you!


Step One: Upload Top and Bottom Layers into Cricut Design Space

Download the free layered stickers from my Free Library or create your own in Procreate. I show you how in this post. Open a new canvas and upload the top layer into Cricut Design Space.

Choose Complex.

Save PNG for Layered Gift Tags as Complex
Upload Top Layer and Bottom Layer PNG Designs and Save as Complex

Next, Save as a Print then Cut and repeat with the bottom layer of the gift tags.

Save PNG’s as Print then Cut Images

Step Two: Insert Image into Canvas and Size

On the Uploaded Images Gallery page click on both the top and bottom layer images to Select.

Then hit the Insert Image button in the lower right corner.

This will open up both designs in your new canvas. With both still Selected, go to the top toolbar, and in the Size section change the width of your images to 6.75.”

Select All and Change the Size of Both at Once to Keep Proportion

Because you have the constraints Lock on this will automatically change the height of the image to keep the proportions correct. Check to make sure that your images are sized to match.

You may have to use the Arrange in the top toolbar to send your bottom layer to the back if it is not. This overlap is just to help you see if both layers are the correct size in relation to each other.

Arrange and Double Check Proportions

Note: Cricut Design Space will only allow you to make your print then cut images 6.75″ w. and 9.25″ high.

Step Three: Duplicate Your Top Layer (Optional)

Make Good Use of a Full Piece of Cardstock and Print Two of the Top Layer of Images Together

Step Four: Save Your Project and Make it!

Once you’ve sized and saved your gift tags hit the Make it in the upper right corner of your screen.

Continue from the Image Prep page (it has the mat image representations). Be sure that both the bottom and the top layer say Print then Cut.

Use One Sheet Each of Both Heavy Cardstock and Cricut Sticker Paper to Make the Stickers

Step Five: Print and Cut the Bottom Layer

On the Material Settings Page, you’ll want to choose Print. This opens up the Cricut print box. Toggle off bleed, and Print.

Note: If you have a rear-feed printer, or want to access any of your printer’s other settings, then you would toggle on System Dialog and choose Rear-Feed. If you do have this option and are using cardstock then always use the rear-feed to avoid paper jams with the heavier paper.

Choose Printable Sticker Paper as your Material Setting.

This is Cricut’s setting for its printable sticker paper (cardstock weight) which we’re using for this project because it has the extra weight that we’ll need to support the foam adhesive and the little cut out decorations.

Once printed, place the paper on a green standard grip mat as shown on the mat preview page. Follow the prompts on the screen to print and cut your gift tags.

Step Six: Cut the Top Layer

Once you’ve finished printing and then cutting the bottom layer, it’s time to do the top!. For Material Setting choose the Heavy Cardstock setting and change the default to More if you’re using the 100 lb.- 110 lb. paper.

Place your printed top layer on your Cricut Standard Cutting mat as shown on the Mat Preview Page.

Then follow the prompts to cut your top layer with your electronic cutting machine.

Step Seven: Assemble the Layers of the Layered Gift Tags

Use the foam adhesive dots to attach the pieces from the top layer to the bottom layer as shown.

Tip- Use a Weeding Tool to Remove Foam Dots from Sheet, Place Them, and Then Remove Backing Paper. It’s SOOO much easier then trying to take them off with your fingers.

Carefully place the top layer of the cardstock pieces to adhere them to the bottom layer of printed sticker paper gift tags. .

Place Top Cardstock Layer on your Printed Gift Tags as Shown

Design Note: You’ll maybe notice on a few of the smaller stickers I actually have the same image from the top layer as part of the bottom layer too. That’s because those pieces were super small and I thought if you lost them it wouldn’t matter. Or if you have vision issues, you don’t need to worry about trying to get the adhesive on those small pieces. One of the tags doesn’t even have a top layer because they would be too small and I didn’t want you to feel frustrated. This is fun!

Step Eight: Add Some Sparkle to Your Gift Tag Stickers!

It’s the holidays! This means glitter and sparkle are completely on the table for crafting!

If you love glitter but don’t want the mess you can use Stickles, which is a glitter adhesive. You can choose from regular Stickles in little bottles or the new Stickles Gel. I tried both below.

Try Adding Extra Sparkle with Stickles or Glitter!

The regular Stickles comes in a small bottle which makes creating tiny little dots of glitter easy to do. You can maybe see that in the blue jacket of the girl’s design.

The Stickles Gel is easier to dab on larger areas with a brush. Just be aware that if you brush it on you may smear your ink a little. So dabbing is good!

Apply Stickles Gel with a Brush
Add Stickles Gel to the Top Layer of Gift Tags with a Brush

Watch the YouTube Video on How to Make Layered Stickers with Cricut

Rather watch a video on how to make these stickers? The video below shows the process from Procreate to Cricut using some layered stickers that I designed last spring.

Just want to watch the Print then Cut part? Directions for print and cut start at timestamp 15:33.

Have Fun with a Mid-Century Twist on Modern Holiday Crafts All Week Long

This year I’ve chosen to go with the mid-century modern look you may have noticed on your Starbucks Cups, on holiday decorations at Target, and in other stores. It’s a fun, fresh look for 2021 that still has a bit of nostalgic color and graphic patterns, and imagery from the ’50s. And so easy to make in Procreate!

Not only do I have these gift tag stickers for you, but all week long I’ll be showing you how to use these same designs as sticker sheets, as sublimation designs, and more. If you haven’t tried designing in Procreate yet, I’d love to have you join my Facebook Group for our weekly Procreate Playdates and learn more!

Coming Later This Week!

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  1. I like how you use procreate. I plan on having fun using it. I love your daily email. There are so many inspirational projects. These layered are a nice way to present gifts. Thanks for this.

    1. Hi Kathryn, Oh I’m so glad you like the projects! And my emails- I’m a little self-conscious about sending so many. So thanks for telling me. I really appreciate the encouragement! ❤️❤️❤️

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