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How to Print & Cut Stickers with Cricut

It’s almost time for back-to-school. Love it or hate it, there are some things about it that make my heart happy. To mark the occasion I thought I would create some back-to-school-themed stickers and share them with you. Print and Cut seems tricky, but I walk you through the material settings, what sticker papers I like best, and show you step-by-step how easy it is to make your own print and cut stickers with a Cricut. I promise after this lesson you’re sure to get an “A”.

Free Stickers for Back-to-School

Usually, it’s my husband that does the back-to-school shopping with our son. He gets the biggest kick out of deliberating between different notebooks, pencil brands, and pen types. I always just want to know if they’ve brought back Trapper Keepers yet. I LOVED Trapper Keepers when I was in elementary school, but stickers were my second favorite thing about Back-to-School.

Do you need to be headed back to school to enjoy these stickers? No! I actually have them in my planner, as well as stuck all over my Cricut Maker. They’re just so fun! And once you learn how easy it is to print and cut your own stickers you might go a little crazy for stickers too.

Visual Learner?

Also, be sure to check out the YouTube video tutorial at the end of this post.

How to Print and Cut Stickers with a Cricut

Supplies and Tools

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Remember: You can just print and then cut out your stickers with a scissor. You can also use a Silhouette Cameo with the Silhouette Studio software. Here’s a YouTube tutorial for the Cameo. And if you have a laser printer make sure you purchase sticker paper that is compatible!


Step One: Download and save the free stickers files

Open up the Creative Resource Library. For access to the library, you’ll need the password. You’ll get that instantly when you sign up through one of the opt-in’s on this page. Scroll down until you reach Printable Art and Stickers. We want Create with Purpose Art Supplies Stickers 1 and Create with Purpose Art Supplies Stickers 2.  Click on the links to open. Double click or click and hold for options and choose save to downloads.

NOTE: These are directions for a mac desktop and using the Cricut website, not the Cricut app.

Step Two: Upload the .png files in Cricut Design Space

First, go to Cricut’s website, and if you haven’t used it before you’ll need to create a login. If you’ve already done that, open up Cricut Design Space and choose new canvas. Click the upload option from the toolbar on the left side of the web page. Choose “browse.” This should open up your files. I check recent, and both files are there as .png files titled “Art Supplies Stickers 1.png” and “Art Supplies Stickers 2.png.”

Click upload and press the browse button
Click upload and press the browse button.

A .png file is an image file that can have a transparent background. This is important because we want to have Design Space cut around the white border and not just around the drawn image, so it needs to be able to see where that white border is. Choose “Art Supplies 1.png” and upload it to Cricut Design Space.

Step Three: Process the .png image file

Design Space will open the file and a screen will appear that will start the image upload process for a printed image file. First, it will ask you how detailed the image is. Choose Complex.

Cricut Design Space Image File
Select the Image Type: Moderately Complex

Then it will take you to a screen where you can clean up the image. If we were not using a .png file with a transparent background then this would be the time to erase the background. EVEN if you are using a .png file I would still click on the magic wand tool to select it and then click once on the checkered background. This just gets any stray little spots that may be there.

Screenshot of Cricut Design Space that shows select and erase function.

Click Continue, and then you will be able to choose between a “print then cut” option or a “cut” option. Choose the print then cut. And your image is ready to be saved in your uploads. Save. This process may take a few seconds.

choose print and cut option
Choose Print then Cut

Step Four: Repeat for the second .png stickers file

Now select Upload again and choose the file “Art Supplies Stickers 2.” Repeat the process of preparing the image as a Print then Cut and complete the upload as before. 

Step Five: Insert the files onto a canvas, rotate, and size the images.

In uploads library select both files and insert into canvas.
Select both files and insert into the canvas.

Next, select both sticker files and then click Insert Images at the bottom right of the page. That will open up the images on your canvas. Your images will load onto your canvas larger than we need them to be. Drag your cursor to select both images. In the toolbar at the top of your page, choose to Rotate by 90 degrees. Then, in the Size box, adjust the width to 6.16″. Because the proportion is locked it will automagically adjust to the correct length.

rotate and resize
Select both, rotate , and size images.

Step Six: Align the images and attach them

Click and drag one of the sticker sheets to the top right corner and then select the second sheet and align it at 9” on the left side ruler and make sure it is snug up against the left side of the page. It will be beneath the first sticker sheet but there will be a space between the two. Select both images by clicking and dragging again, and then click on Attach at the bottom right side of the screen.

Select both and attach

Step Seven: Save as a project

Before you click Make it, go ahead and save your project by choosing the word Save at the top right side of your screen. This will now be stored under My Projects and if you were to look for this a second time, you’ll find it on the home page under categories and My Projects on the web. 

Save project
Save as a project.

Step Eight: Load your sticker paper in your printer.

Make sure you have sticker paper loaded into your printer in the correct cassette. Remember to load it upside down if that’s how your printer works. I’m using sticker paper for an inkjet printer. If you have a laser printer then you’ll need to make sure your sticker paper is laser compatible. As far as options go, you can choose glossy or mat sticker papers. I prefer glossy, but many of my friends have said they prefer matte. So I included links in the supplies for my recommendations for both.

Step Nine: Click “Make it”

In Design Space click Make it in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will take you to the Mat Preview Page, which will show you your images positioned on a mat. There is a black line around your piece that wasn’t there before. This is the registration box. It helps the machine sensors know where the boundaries of the design are. Select Next.

Shows the files positioned on a mat with registration marks
New page shows the suggested position on the mat with the registration box around it.

Step Ten: Print your design

At this point, Cricut will give you a numbered step-by-step. It will tell you to connect your machine if you haven’t done so yet. Then it will prompt you to print your design. When the print window pops up it may give you the option of printing with the bleed on or off. I noticed the app didn’t have this feature.* You want the bleed OFF. Choose a single sheet and color, then print. This sends it to your home printer.

Be aware that the glossy paper will still be wet and so when you retrieve it from your printer, don’t touch the ink. Let it sit for a few minutes and let it dry.

*I do have a post on how to make stickers in the mobile Design Space.

Next, we’ll take our printed sticker paper and cut it with the Cricut.

Step Eleven: Align and load your printed sticker paper

To cut my sticker paper I’m using a Cricut Maker and a light blue mat. This is a low tack mat. That means it is less sticky than the standard green mats. I’ve found that for paper projects the light blue mats are the way to go.

Place your printed sticker paper on your mat, aligning it as shown on the screen. Then load your mat by pressing the load/unload button on the Cricut. 

Shows the files positioned on a mat with registration marks
Page alignment on the mat.

Step Twelve: Select your material and pressure setting

Continue to follow the prompts on the screen. I usually select “premium vinyl” and change the pressure setting to “less.” I like a “kiss cut,” meaning the stickers are cut, but still on the backing paper. That’s how you get sticker sheets. I found when I chose “sticker paper” as the material it was cutting through the paper and I was getting a die-cut instead. After playing around, choosing the “premium vinyl” setting and changing the default pressure to “less” seemed to do the trick.

Note: Many people also recommend the Sticky Note setting.

Step Thirteen: Make the cut

When prompted press the flashing green “go” button on your Cricut. This will start the machine. First, it will find the registration lines. Then it will check the tool and begin the cut. When the cut is over, the screen will read 100% and then prompt you to click “finish” and unload the mat. Press the load/unload button. Flip the mat over and peel up the mat off the paper. This is a little backward seeming, but the paper curls less this way. 

Step Fourteen: Trim into two sheets

Using a small trimmer, cut off the black lines and then cut your image in half. They should fit nicely into an envelope to store or gift. AND they make killer additions to your planner, notebook cover, or even on your computer or Cricut. Each time I create a new sticker, I place it on my machine. It’s a super fun way to personalize.

Want to See It? Check out the YouTube Tutorial for this post on How to Make Stickers with a Cricut too!

It walks you through step-by-step through the same tutorial BUT you get to see it happen. ❤️

You’ve Successfully Earned an “A” in How to Print and Cut Stickers Using a Cricut!

I hope you LOVE these stickers as much as I (and my friends) do. And if you have any questions about how to make stickers with a Cricut, or anything else, I’d love to have you ask!

Using your handmade stickers | how to make stickers | print then cut in Cricut Design Space
Honestly, I’m not sure how they ended up EVERYWHERE! (wink)

About the Trapper Keeper and more back-to-school inspiration…

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I even have a free Procreate Sticker Border Brush that I created to help me make better borders around my stickers and you can get for free in my Creative Resource Library.

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Art Supply Stickers and Memo Pad
Maybe a little matchy matchy but I LOVE it!

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Thanks for reading! I’d love to know what you think about the video, your favorite school supplies, or if you like stickers. Just leave a comment below, and if you found this helpful don’t forget to save the pin image below to your favorite Pinterest Board, or share this with a friend!

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Stickers to print and cut on your Cricut- free printable stickers


  1. Lianda Print

    Back to school shopping with children is kinda fun for me! This print and cut stickers guide was really helpful to me and I am sure that a lot of people would have found this helpful!


    1. Jennifer Swift

      Hi Lianda! I JUST saw this comment! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this. I love that you’re actually using the freebies in my Resource Library. I always make them hoping people will have your reaction!!! I’ll continue to make things so I hope you’ll keep checking back!!!❤️


  2. Deana

    Hi, thanks for the sticker tutorial. Do you recommend any way to keep the sticker from moisture, wetness, etc. A spray sealer, laminate sheet? Thanks!


    1. Jennifer Swift

      Hi Deana-
      I’m glad you liked it! Depending on what the sticker is on you could probably seal it, but I think I would try using sticker paper that is water-resistant or is a vinyl sticker paper. Online labels have some like that but you have to look to see if it’s for laser or inkjet. It seems easier then coating them with a spray or sealer. I do know that some people print the stickers, cover them with a laminate sheet and then cut them.
      I guess it would depend on the situation/what you’re sticking them on. But I’d say try it if you’re curious! I just got the vinyl sticker paper because I wanted to test it. Thanks for your comment and O hope that helps. ❤️


  3. Nathan

    Hey, just wondering if you ever have an issue with the cricut reading the registration marks with glossy paper? I bought a cricut explore air 2 and whenever I try to use glossy sticker paper the cricut can’t read the registration marks. I really want to make glossy stickers and was wondering if there’s a way around this, Thanks!


    1. Jennifer Swift

      Hi Nathan,
      I haven’t but I have heard from others that this can be a problem. I know Cricut does mention on their troubleshooting page that glossy paper can interfere with the sensor. I guess I would try a different type of glossy paper if that’s the case. But I have used two different types of glossy ad didn’t have a problem with either.
      There is a calibration feature for the print then cut that may help as well. https://help.cricut.com/hc/en-us/articles/360009424974-Calibrating-your-machine-for-Print-Then-Cut
      Sorry if this doesn’t really help!


  4. Nathan

    Hey Jennifer,
    Thank for your reply! It’s all good I bought some clear magic tape which has a sort of matte finish and taped over the registration marks and it worked! Cheering!


  5. Maria

    Hi there! What type of Cricut blade do you use for the sticker sheets? I just purchased a cricut so am new to all of this!


    1. Jennifer Swift

      Hi Maria!
      I use a fine point blade- it’s one of the ones that come with your Cricut. I use the Premium Vinyl setting but usually change the default to Less (on the material settings page). That’s a really good question- I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned what blade I’m using! I’ll have to go back and add that. Thank you! And if you have any more questions just comment here or email me!


  6. Sarah

    Woohoo, thanks for sharing the file and how to, I’ve made my first stickers! Easy Peasy!
    Now to work out how to do it myself to make name stickers!!!!


    1. Jennifer Swift

      I LOVE this comment! Thanks so much. Did you see the video on how to make stickers in Procreate? And it’s crazy but I was just working on name stickers too. ❤️


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