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Thank you for wanting to know more about Well Crafted Studio. You and me, we were both made to be creative, crafty people. We loved art class as kids, we were happy with something as simple as a pencil and paper, or maybe even a rock and some dirt to draw in. We just like to make stuff. But as we grow older we realize that life requires more. It likes meal plans and clean clothes. So we decided to grow up and be an adult. Crafting makes us feel awesome; but is kind of self indulgent. So we do it AFTER we do the other stuff. If we have the time, or the energy. or the cash.

What happens when you try not to be you

That’s what I did, that’s how I thought. And I was tired, miserable, and felt like I wasn’t me any more. But in that darkness I found out some pretty brilliant truths. I was created to be creative. I’m supposed to be this way. It’s actually a gift to be creative. AND my creativity can be used by God to make a radical difference in our world. It was ALL on purpose for His purposes. We were crafted well, and we are well crafted.

The Good Stuff You’ll Find Here

But maybe you’re not quite THERE yet. That’s totally ok. So here, at Well Crafted Studio, you’ll find projects and tutorials to encourage you to be a little more creative every day. You’ll have the chance to fill up your creative well with projects, and ideas you’ll want to try. You will also find posts that will help you understand your creative gifts and help you to find, and keep inspiration. Posts about the basics of how to be a functioning creative in a world that would rather you just not. AND the info and inspiration you might need to create with purpose. I have a LOT of plans, and I’m just getting started.

“Always Making Something”

Jennifer Swift

About the Author: My name is Jen Swift, and I am a wife, mom, artist, author, and all-around crafty girl. Creativity has always been a defining aspect of my life. I was often described as “always making (or reading) something.” Drawing, doodling, painting, playing, anything and everything creative wasn’t just what I loved to do, but what I knew I needed to do. Like seriously, give me 5 min. and a box of kleenexes when I was 8; and your Barbie had an all-new art couture wardrobe. 

We All Get Lost- (But Especially Me)

There were times through the years that I lost that part of myself. I have a lot of the “typical” creative person setbacks; like depression, bipolar disorder, elements of ADHD and more. There were months where I couldn’t do anything. Days when I would sit down with a pencil and sketchpad, and just stare at my blank page. It felt like my well had gone dry.

Finding my way back from that place has been a journey, and a huge part of that journey was realizing that my creative inspiration can come from my Creator. I’ve found it doesn’t matter who you are, or what you’ve done (or not done), or where you are in your faith journey. You were made to be creative. Your creativity is a gift given you, by your Maker, that you can then use for kingdom purposes. The Holy Spirit is a well that we can draw from for inspiration.

How to….. Live Inspired

So none of us have time to sit in front of an easel and paint every day. Few of us will ever get a gallery show, or see our work on products. Yet ALL of us need to be creative. It’s part of how we were created. That’s where I want to help- by posting easy to make projects, inspirational posts, and advice on how to live creatively. You can fill your well here.

How to….. Create with Purpose

One of the biggest disconnects I still had after my personal epiphany was that although I knew I was made to be creative ( that I was given the desire, and passion to create); I couldn’t see how that could make a difference for good in the world.

I wanted to use my gifts for Kingdom purposes, but couldn’t see how. Which honestly made me feel like I wasn’t worth much. I wasn’t a doctor that could fight illness and poverty, or a finance guy that could make millions and fund an orphanage, or anything that seemed like it mattered. I made pretty things.

What it looks like to create with purpose

simple sewn handmade wall banner
Make projects and products that inspire you and them!

But over the years I was given opportunities to use my gifts for God’s purposes. Over and over again. And even better, I’ve gotten to meet others who are doing the same.

So part of the reason for making this blog is so that I can inspire and equip others to value and use their gifts too. I’ll also be posting more business type posts that will help you to develop your creative gifts in a way that you can use for Kingdom purposes. This may mean selling your work, donating your work, creating products on your own, or in community. It may mean tapping into your local church, or your moms circle, or bringing projects to your sons school. You were created on purpose, and you can create with purpose.

How to…Get all the good stuff

(and there’s a lot of good stuff!)

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Still Reading? Want to know more about me?

Magazine article by Jen Swift in Sew Stampington
Sew Somerset Article by Jen Swift

Umm… I wrote a book (Creative Bloom). I was the product designer, and then creative director for a christian creativity non-profit. At the same time I worked with co-ops of artisans both locally, and in Peru. I’ve been published enough times in art and craft publications that I stopped counting….There was a blog for 4 years before this one. I’ve designed, made, taught, sold, and pushed crafts and art on everyone I’ve ever met. True.

Ask Me More

Have a question or comment? Feel free to contact me. Thanks so much for joining me on this creative journey!

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