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Printable Gnome Gift Tags | Free Download Gnome Gift tags for Christmas

How to Make Free Printable Gnome Gift Tags

Free is a word I actually like a great deal. I like to give gifts, like these printable gift tags. Gnomes like to give gifts too. They’re actually pretty well known for secretly doing chores around your garden. Which is definitely the kind of gift a girl appreciates. And since this is GNOME Craft Party Takeover Week here at Well Crafted Studio, I thought some FREE Printable Gnome Gift Tags would be an awesome idea.

🎄This is another Merry Maker-mas throwback to a Gnome Week post! Enjoy!🎄

ETA- I updated this Gnome Christmas Gift Tags project with a Cricut-friendly version. You can find them in my Free Creative Resource Library!

For these, you would upload the design into Cricut Design Space and save them as a Print then Cut design. Then Print then Cut them!

Never used Print then Cut? I have a post that gets you started- How to Print then Cut for Beginners.


If you’ve been following along with the Gnome fun so far this week, you may have seen that we’ve already had a Gnome Coffee Cozy tutorial, and Gnome Stickers to print then cut.

Simple To-Go Cup Cozy Pattern | Easy Gnome Crafts Project| Christmas Gnome Craft
Gnome Cup Cozy- Another project that can be done with or without a Cricut!

It’s been a pretty rocking week so far. And I hope that you’ll take a minute to download today’s Printable Gnome Gift Tags! They’re super cute and are a great way to add original, hand-drawn designs to your holiday gift-giving this year.

Although I have seen some pretty cool designs at Target already, how much cooler is it to use something that this artsy and unique?

Something no one else will have seen, I mean, unless you shared this blog.

And then they’ll recognize it, high five handmade with you, and get what you’re so excited about. Total gnome bonding moment.

Gnome the Possibilities.

These tags were created entirely in Procreate with the PNG files that I gave you yesterday for the Gnome Holiday Stickers. So, that means that you could take those same PNG files and create your own gift tags, gift wrap, t-shirts, etc. The possibilities are immense.

If you’d like to know more about Procreate then I would LOVE to have you check out any of my Procreate tutorials on my YouTube channel.

How to Make Printable Gnome Gift Tags

Printable Gnome Gift Tags | Free Download Gnome Gift tags for Christmas
Wrap your gifts with one-of-a-kind printable art tags.

Supplies and Materials

  • Gnome Tags PDF’s- Front, and Back from my Creative Resource Library
  • Cardstock
  • Printer– I like my Canon Crafter’s Printer because it has a rear feed tray and I can use heavier cardstock or other materials.
  • Scissors and Hole Punch, or a Cricut (if you’re using the Print then Cut Red 2020 version)
  • Twine or String

These are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase through one of these links I may make a small commission. At no additional cost to you. Thank you!


Step One: Download the Design Files

You’ll find them in the Creative Resource Library on this site under PDF’s. Make sure you grab the Front and the Back of the Gift Tags.

Note: You’ll notice the tag shape on the file for the Back of the tags isn’t as defined as it is on the Front. I did that on purpose. 🙂 When I did print tests at home I realized that many home printers can’t do a double-sided print with perfect front-to-back alignment. This way they cut great every time.

Step Two: Print Them Out

Insert white cardstock into your printer tray. Use the double-sided option in your printer settings. Then do a double-side color print of the Gnome Gift Tags Front and Back.

Note: IF you’re using the updated Print then Cut designs they are not double-sided.

Step Three: Cut Them Out

For this step, you can just go ahead and use scissors and a hole punch to cut out the tag shapes from the front of the design.

Remember- I do have the updated Cricut versions of these tags that are Print and Cut.

Step Four: Add the String or Twine

Cut a piece of the twine or string about 5″ or so and fold it in half. Insert the folded part in the middle of the string through the hole in the tag.

Then take the ends of the string and insert it through the looped part of the string (that you put through the tag’s hole). Pull securely on the ends to tighten around the paper. SO CUTE RIGHT???

Love this? Share it!

If you love these little gnome dudes then they would love you back if you took a minute to share this post on social media! It really does make a huge difference. Thank you!

Thanks for Reading,

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Gnome Gift Tags | Free Printable Gnome Gift Tags
Gnome Gift Tag Free Printable to Download!

8 thoughts on “How to Make Free Printable Gnome Gift Tags”

  1. Did you add the instructions to the post to cut with a Cricut? If not would you mind? Thank you so much! The gnome stickers were my first attempt at stickers and print and cut with my cricut.

  2. Firstly, I love your gnomes!!! But, how do I print double-sided if they are two separate pdf files? How do I put the two separate files as one so that I can choose to print it double-sided?

    1. Hi Michelle! Great question and honestly when I was creating these last year I knew a lot less then I do now. So as part of Gnome Week this year I was planning to update the files. What I think I did last year was just print one side and then flip it over and print the next. 😳 Are you subscribed to my email? We’re currently in the middle of gnome week 2020 so I’m sending out updates every couple of days.

      1. Yes, I’m getting your emails, that’s how I found myself here 🙂 That was what I was planning on doing, flipping the paper over. I’m hoping to find some time to make these tags tomorrow. So many projects, so little time.

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