How to Make a Gnome Cup Cozy with a Cricut

Edited to Add 12/21- This is a Merry Maker-mas Throwback post to Gnome Takeover Week of 2019. ❤️🍄

Welcome to the Gnome Craft Party Takeover! A week-long event where I’m letting my gnome friends take over the blog for their own craft party. Of course, they assured me that each day this week will feature a new Gnome-themed project or crafting file that we’ll LOVE. These freebies will help you get ready for the holiday season ahead in Gnome style. So get out your scissors and get ready to craft with your Gnomies ALL. WEEK. LONG! But first, here’s today’s project, how to make a SUPER cute Gnome cup cozy for your morning coffee (with bonus mug cozy)!

Make It with a Cricut or Without

The cozy is a super simple sewing project I think you’ll really enjoy. There are two ways to make it.

To Cut Felt By Hand- I include a free printable PDF pattern for both the cup and mug cozy in my Creative Resource Library. So that you can use them to trace and cut the fabric for the cozy’s by hand. You’ll find instructions for how to use the PDF below.

To Cut With a Cricut- My YouTube tutorial below will show you how super easy it is to use a Cricut to cut the fabric. I also have instructions for how to do this in the tutorial below!

Watch the YouTube Video for All the Steps to make a Gnome Cup Cozy

In the YouTube video below, I also show all the other steps to making this Gnome Cup Cozy. Like how to iron on the interfacing and sew the cozy and the button. And, of course, how to make the gnome to add to your cozy.

How to Make a Gnome Cup Cozy (with Bonus Mug Cozy)

Tools and Materials

For the Patterns-

Coffee To-Go Cup and Mug Cozy Printable PDF Patterns from my Creative Resource Library

or Coffee To-Go Cup Cozy SVG to use with Cricut Cutting Machine (w/ mat and transfer tape) found in the Creative Resource Library

To Cut the Fabric-

To Iron On the Fusible Interfacing-

To Sew the Cozy-

To Make the Gnome-

This post has affiliate links. This means I may get a small commission if you purchase through these links. Thank you for your support- it makes tutorials like this possible!

Simple To-Go Cup Cozy Pattern | Easy Gnome Crafts Project| Christmas Gnome Craft
Can’t wait to show this off at the coffee shop!

Part One: Cutting the Fabric

Instructions for Using the Cricut

Step One: Download the Cup Cozy SVG

In the Creative Resource Library, locate the SVG file under the Project Templates section. Click on it and download it to your computer.

Upload the Gnome Cozy SVG File into Cricut Design Space | How to Upload image in Design Space
Upload SVG and Insert Image into Canvas.

Step 2- Upload the SVG file to Cricut Design Space

From a new canvas, click on the “Upload” button on the toolbar on the left-hand side of the screen. This will take you to the uploaded images page. From there, click on the “Browse” button and then choose the Cup Cozy file. Then, once it’s been uploaded, select it and click on “Insert Images” in the lower right-hand side of the screen.

How to change the size of a file in Cricut Design Space | Use Size and Ungroup functions in Design Space.
Adjust the size and then Ungroup the images.

Step 3- Change the Size and Ungroup.

You can size the selected design to 10.5” by changing the width in the top toolbar. Then choose the “Ungroup” option in the Layers panel at the top right of the screen. You now have two seperate layers.

Change the Color of your Images and Choose DuplIcate Image | How to Adjust size of image in Cricut Design Space
Change the image colors and Duplicate the larger image.

Step 4- Change the Image Colors and Duplicate the Larger Image

Select the top image and by the Cut Linetype at the top left of the toolbar change the color to white. Then select the bottom image and repeat but change the color to red. Or any color other than white. This tells Cricut that they belong on two seperate mats when it’s time to cut. With the larger image selected, click on the “Duplicate” option at the top of the Layers panel. You should now have two of the bottom image. If you like, you can save your project. You should be ready now to hit the “Make It” in the top right corner. Whoo-hoo!!!

Pro-tip: If you want to cut multiples of the cup cozy you would “Select All” and then duplicate until you get the number of sets that you want. If you’re really in the groove and making multiples you can switch to the 12″ x 24″ mat.

Gnome Cozy Make it Page
“Make it” and then cut the interfacing then fabric.

Step 5- Cut your Fabric

If it all looks good- the awesome! Now it’s time to prep your materials. First, using a rotary cutter, mat, and ruler, cut the fusible fleece approx. 10.5″ w. x 3″ h.

Then cut a piece approximately 11″ w. x 10″ h for the flannel piece.

If you choose to use more than one pattern of the flannel you’ll have to cut two different pieces that are approx. 11″w. x 5″h. This is instead of the larger piece.

Step 6- Prep your Mats

With all your pieces cut and ready for the Cricut, it’s time to prep your mats!

You can just place your fabric right side up on the mat. Then smooth it down to make sure there is an overall adhesion.

However, when I cut it like this my mat looked like a fuzzy mess when it was done.

So I recommend you cut a piece of transfer tape 12″ x 12″ and put it backing side up on your mat.

If you try this hack, just rub it securely and then pull off the backing. Place your fabric on this sticky surface and you’ll get no fuzzy residue on your mat! Peel it up and throw it away after you finish cutting all the pieces.

Pro-tip: If you are using two different patterns of flannel you will need more space between the images. An easy fix is to click on the mat and then click on the bottom image. Move it so that it lines up with where you placed the fabric on the mat.

How to Cut Fabric with a Cricut | Cut flannel with Cricut | Use Cricut to Cut Flannel
Cut the fabric on the mat OR check out the transfer tape tip in the video to keep your mat fuzz-free!

Step 7- Select your Materials and Cut!

When you have your mat prepped, go ahead and click Continue. This will take you to the next screen where you will be prompted to Select Your Materials.

Choose Fusible Fleece. and then load your mat and press the “Go” button on your machine as prompted. Make sure you have the rotary blade in your machine.

Unload when completed, and then before the flannel pieces, click on the Select your Materials heading again and this time change your setting to Flannel.

Switch out the fleece for the flannel on your mat and load your mat again.

Then press the “Go” button again when you’re ready to cut. Unload your mat when the cut is done. Whoo-hoo done!!!

Instructions for Using the Printable PDF Pattern

Download the PDF patterns for the Coffee To- Go Cup and Mug Cozy from the Creative Resource Library. Print them, and cut the pattern out along the dotted line. Lay the pattern down on the wrong side of your flannel fabric.

Using a piece of tailor’s chalk, trace around the pattern. Repeat for a second piece. Then, using a scissor, cut the paper pattern again, this time around the solid line. Place this on the fusible fleece and pin it to the fleece, and cut around it.

Or using a fabric marker, trace around the pattern and THEN cut the fusible fleece according to the pattern.

Assemble the cut fabric pieces to sew
Layer the pieces and ready them to sew!

Part Two: Iron-On the Fusible Fleece

Step One: Position the Fusible Fleece and Heat Up the Iron

Place the Fusible Fleece rough side down on the wrong side (back) of the piece of flannel you’ve chosen to be the front of the cozy. Put it in the very middle. Then heat up your iron. If you’re using the Mini Easy Press you’ll want to press the thermometer to turn it on, then press the temp setting twice to get to the middle line. The thermometer light will turn green when the iron is ready to press.

Step Two: Use the Cricut Mini Easy Press to Bond the Fleece to the Flannel

You can substitute the Cricut Mini Easy Press for a regular household iron. The mini did work really well. It’s a really good size for this project- and it’s fun to use!

Place a piece of parchment on top of the stacked fabric and fleece. Using firm pressure and moving over the piece, iron on the fusible fleece. You can check to see if it bonded by lifting up a corner of the fabric and checking it.

If it’s not ready, you can either do it again, or you can choose to up the heat on the iron and then try it again.

Assemble the cut fabric pieces to sew
Layer the pieces and ready them to sew!

Part Three: Sew the Cozy

Step One: Stack the Layers and Prep for Sewing.

Have ready a small ponytail binder that you’ll lay between the layers of fabric at one end of the stack. This is the easiest to see in the video. Make sure your sewing machine is set up with the proper thread and bobbin.

Stack the two pieces of flannel, wrong sides together. Make sure that you have both pieces lined up together.

Step Two: Sew Around the Cozy

Position the presser foot starting just before the corner at one end of the fabric stack to start. Give yourself either a 1/4″ or 1/8″ seam allowance.

Then straight stitch around the cozy as shown in the video.

Go halfway, and then at the other end from where you started, insert the ponytail holder in the middle of the end edge. Only about 1/4 of the elastic hair accessory should be sticking out from the end. Most of it will be between the layers. Carefully sew over the elastic holder.

Then, continue sewing around the cozy until you get to the end that you started on. Stop sewing almost right away when you round that last corner. You want to make sure you give yourself enough of an opening to turn the piece.

Using a scissor trim the corners.

Step Three: Turn the Cozy Right Side Out and Press the Open Edge In

Use the opening at the end of the cozy turn the cozy right side out. Use a blunt pointy object like a knitting needle of the end of a paintbrush to poke out the corners. Then, use the iron to press the cut edges of the opening so that they are on the inside of the opening- ready to sew.

Pro-tip: This will instantly make your piece look better- press all the way around the piece so the edges are straight and crisp. It’s crazy how much better this step combined with top stitching will make your finished piece look.

Step Four: Sew The Open Edge Closed as you Top Stitch

Topstitching is the best. It always makes my product look crisp and tailored. To close the open edge, topstitch over the open end of the cozy. Then continue stitching around the entire cozy, leaving less than a 1/8″ from the edge.

Sew a button onto a Cup Cozy | How to make a gnome cup cozy.
Sew on the button with a needle and some thread.

Step Five: Sew on the Button

Thread the needle then pull the thread through and cut the end. Pull the thread through until the ends are even. Tie a knot at the end.

Then hold the button where you want it to be. Starting on the top (right side) of the cozy, do a stitch to anchor it. Then go through the holes in the button several times.

When you’re sure it’s sewed on good and tight you can give it a yank to test it. Then knot, tie off, and clip the ends beneath the button as you did at the start.

Mug Cozy with Pom Pom
The bonus mug cozy is even easier than the Cup Cozy and is so so cute!

To Make the Mug Cozy you follow the same basic directions for the Coffee To-Go Cup Cozy. You leave off the gnome though and add a pom-pom!

Supplies to Make a Gnome | How to Make a Mini Gnome
Start the Gnome by assembling the supplies, then cut the hat from felt.

Part Four: Make the Gnome

Step One: Cut a Triangle of Felt for the Hat

Using a scissor cut a triangle of felt. Then shape it into a cone shape by overlapping the two sides. This will show you where you need to cut it to get a straight brim. Trim the excess.

Step Two: Hot Glue, Baby! Make a Gnome Hat

Use a hot glue gun to glue down the tip at the end of our Gnome hat. Then roll the edges towards each other. Lay another line of hot glue along one edge of the hat and overlap the edges and press together.

Step Three: Create the Pom-Pom Beard

Then, either make a pom-pom or cut a pom-pom from the pom-pom yarn for the beard. Make SURE that you leave some of the yarn on either side. The pom-pom WILL unravel if you aren’t careful about leaving those ends. To stop the unraveling you can apply a little bit of hot glue to the yarn. Or you can kind of tie them together.

Step Four: Glue the Gnome to the Cozy

So where on the cozy you want to place the Gnome is up to you. I suggest you hold the cozy around a to-go cup and see where your hand feels the best. Then glue the hat (seam in the back ) to that place on the cozy. Glue the pom-pom slightly inside the cone of the hat.

Step Five: Add a Gnome Nose

Use a wood button cap for a dowel to give the Gnome a nose.

I found that you can use an axel peg that’s been cut down. Which is a cute nose as well. But I think I like the little button nose best. It’s good to have options!

Hot glue the nose into the pom-pom beard directly beneath the hat.


Gnome Coffee Cozy and Mug Cozy Pattern | How to make a Coffee Cozy | How to make a Mug Cozy
Super SImple to Sew a Gnome Coffee To-Go Cup Cozy and Mug Cozy.

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Gnome Coffee Cozy and Mug Cozy Pattern | How to make a Coffee Cozy | How to make a Mug Cozy
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  1. Love all these projects. I made the Gnome box and the stickers. I cut apart the stickers and store them in my Gnome box! Perfect fit. I think I made the box slightly larger than it came in on design space to accommodate the stickers. Right now I printed out the 10 pages for the tear off notepad, cannot wait to see how that will turn out! I am hoping I have everything within reason to make the cute Gnome coffee cozy! Thank you for all these ideas!

    1. Thank you SO MUCH for your feedback! I really really love hearing that you tried these. I kind of wonder sometimes so to get this comment has me smiling right now. Putting the stickers in the box is such a good idea! The notepad was super easy and fun. Yay!!! ❤️ And it’s absolutely my pleasure to do this! Whoo-hoo!!!!

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    1. Hi Debra! Thanks for asking. Some SVG files are grouped so that you can just “ungroup” them. To do this you upload it into Cricut Design Space and then find the “ungroup” button in the top right edit panel. If they can’t be “ungrouped” then you can either use the “contour function” or the “slice function” to seperate the different parts of the design. If you email me then I can send you a screenshot of where the different things are in Cricut Design Space. Or work through it with you! Yay!! I love answering questions!

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