How To Make a Glittered Mason Jar Tumbler

I’ve spent a large part of my time these last twelve months on a quest to find balance. Balance between work and home, between healthy and not healthy, between sustainable and not sustainable. Of course, because it’s me, I decided to make some fun, crafty improvements to my daily life; one’s that would help me to live a healthier lifestyle. One of those projects was this DIY glittered mason jar tumbler. You know, ’cause glitter makes you drink more water, right?

(I know I’m hearing a “Yes, sister!” from the glitter girls out there. ? This one’s for you. ?)

Supplies and Tools

How to Make a Mason Jar To-Go Glass | Craft Tutorial | Glitter | DIY | Crafts to make and sell | Free SVG
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Directions to Make a Glittered Mason Jar Tumbler

Step One: Prep the Mason Jar

Remove the kids and bands and set aside. Wash jar and dry. Then, using the tape put a strip around the jar about 2-3” from bottom. Rub it down with your fingers to make sure it sticks down.

How to Get a Crisp Glitter Line | How to Make a Mason Jar Tumbler

Step Two: Add Glue, Glitter, and an insane amount of time

Roll the dishwasher safe Modge Podge back and forth a few times to gently mix it (read the instructions on the jar). Using a foam brush, start to brush on the Modge Podge. If you start on the tape and brush down then you are less likely to bleed under the tape. Once you have a solid layer of Modge Podge, hold the jar over the tray or a piece of paper with a fold in it. Shake glitter onto the jar, covering the entire surface. Set aside and let it dry until it’s no longer tacky.

Add a second coat by gently tapping over the first layer. Avoid brushing it on, because it would cause build up on the edge of the glitter pieces and give it a rougher feeling. The goal is to completely encase the glitter in a smooth surface, so sometimes I add 3-5 coats. The bigger the pieces of glitter the smoother the feel as well. You may get a few pieces that stick up. Try to gently pull them off during a second coat. Remove the tape. Set jar aside for 28 days to let the Modge Podge completely cure.

Seal the Glitter with Mod Podge

Pro Tip: if you do several at once put them in a box and write the date they’re cured by on it.

Step Three: Create the To-Go Lid

Lastly, take your the lids and mark the center of each with a sharpie. Place right side up on top of a piece of scrap wood. Fit the step drill bit (the type of drill bit makes or breaks this) on your drill and holding drill straight up and down, slowly start to drill through the lid. Drill until you have a hole approx. 5/8” in diameter. Set drill aside. I use this bit because I get a much smoother hole in the lid. Using regular 5/8” bit gave me really jagged edges. Wash and dry the lid.

Use a stepped drill bit to create a smooth hole.
How to drill a hole in a canning jar lid
Tip: Hold the lid down tight against the wood block as you drill and get a nice crisp hole.

Add a grommet to your lid. This will be hard to get in, but you get a nice tight seal then!

It’s not easy to fit them into the hole but it works great once it’s in!
Woo-hoo finished! Make sure you get a straw that’s BPA free!

Pro Tip: Consider sealing the lids with a thin coat of the Modge Podge. The hole in the lid will rust with use, this might not bother you at all. I don’t mind it. But it’s an option that will help you get a truly pro product.

Step Four: Finish and Assemble

Finally! After 28 days pull out the mason jar, wash and assemble with straw, lid, jar, and band. And do a happy dance… AND try not to preen too obviously when people compliment your awesome glittered mason jar tumbler!

Tip: There are some great examples of similar products on Etsy that will help you visualize the different options as far as glitter, decals, etc. I’ve also included free a couple of .svg files I made. You can find them in my Free Creative Resource Library. IF you choose to add decals to your to-go glass make sure you swab the surface with some alcohol and let it dry first.

Go Ahead Make a Box Full!

Okay. Seriously. This is the best gift ever. I’ve given it to a few people and they love it. My son actually prefers these to other glasses we have. Which is a total win- because he drinks way more water now. I’ve created these to sell, and they do really well. You can add decals which really give them a fun personality, or suggest they buyer maybe tuck in a gift card, or an infused water recipe.

How to make a glittered mason jar to go glass!!! Includes video tutorial, sources, and svg files...
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To make your world extra happy, make sure you grab the free SVG files I made to go with this glittered mason jar tumbler! You can find them in my Creative Resources Library. The library is password protected but anyone can join for free in one of the opt in’s on this page. Take a look and ENJOY!

For more inspiration…

If you’d like more ideas about things to create and sell I have a collection of my articles about Creating with Purpose in a special category here on the blog. I also have a Crafts to Make and Sell Pinterest Board where I’ve been collecting ideas.

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DIY How to Tutorial for making a mason jar glittered tumbler | Mason Jar Crafts | DIY| Free SVG | Free Cut Files
Want to remember this project?
Pin it to your favorite Pinterest Board (the one with all the good ideas!)

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