How to Engrave Infusible Ink Coasters

If you’ve never tried engraving gifts with the Cricut Maker, this tutorial may be the push you need to give it a try. Using a simple shape template (more on that later) we can engrave through infusible ink, making the engraving stand out clearly against a vivid, colorful backdrop. To make the image even more visible, I have four free designs that have line fill already added so your text and shapes look solid (not just outlined) giving you the engraved look you’d hoped for. That makes these coasters the PERFECT first engraving project if you just received your Maker for Christmas and can’t wait to jump right in!

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How to Engrave Infusible Ink Coasters

Tools and Materials

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Directions for How to Engrave Infusible Ink Coasters with a Cricut

Step One: Get the Free Downloads!

You can find these four free designs in a zip file that you can download from my Free Library. It’s linked under the Engraving Designs section.

Step Two: Create a Stack for the Infusible Ink

First, pre-heat your heat press or Easy Press with the times/temps given in the Cricut Heat Guide.

We’re using the Cricut Infusible Ink Coaster Blanks for this project. Because they are white they give us a super vivid transfer. I’m also using infusible ink sheets by Xinpocut because they have more patterns than Cricut has.

See the tools and materials above for links to these supplies.

The Cricut Heat Guide instructs us on how to create a “stack” that will give us the best results when using the Infusible Ink on Aluminum. From Top to bottom…

  1. Easy Press
  2. Butcher Paper
  3. Transfer sheet (ink side down)
  4. Aluminum Sheet (coated side up)
  5. Cardstock 
  6. Easy Press Mat (or ironing blanket)

Place the coasters on your card stock. Then, use the Cricut heat-resistant tape to tape down the transfer sheet onto the cardstock on all four sides. This helps the coasters stay in place and avoid shifting.

Step Three: Press the Coasters

Once you’ve assembled everything, carefully place the Easy Press on top of your stack (and avoid moving it).

Start the timer. When done, pick up the Easy Press and set it in its cradle. 

Check the transfer. If it didn’t transfer all the way, or go ahead and apply the Easy Press again, just be careful not to move anything or your transfer will be off. You can see how much of the ink was removed from the paper in the picture below. If yours still seems to have a lot of ink on it, and the blank looks faded or not as bright, you’ll need to heat it again. Go ahead and do another 40 seconds- they won’t burn.

Set aside and let them cool, then remove the transfer sheet and tape. You’re ready to engrave!

Step Four: Create a New Canvas in Cricut Design Space + Upload Engraving Designs

Open a new canvas in Cricut Design Space and click on the Upload icon on the left side toolbar. Hit browse and grab your design. Repeat for all four engraving designs.

Click on ONE of the designs in your Image Uploads to select it and then click on the Add to Canvas button in the lower right corner of your screen to insert it into your canvas.

Step Five: Make a Simple Shape Template and Size the Design

Note: A template will help you align your design on your blank once you get to the Mat Preview Page. After you use it to align your design you’ll hide it. It’s a quick step that really helps you align your design correctly on your blank!

Click the Shapes icon on the left side toolbar and select a rounded rectangle to add it to the screen.

In the Size in the top toolbar, change the height to 3.75″. If your lock is on, that should automagically change the width too.

Next, drag your design into the square and use the anchors to drag it to the size you want.

Once you’re happy, select both the square and the design and in the top toolbar, click on the Align icon. In the drop-down menu choose Center Align. Then Attach both.

Finally, in the top toolbar under Operations, choose Pen and change the color in the box next to it to a red. You’ve got your Simple Shape Template!

Step Six: Duplicate the Design and Change Operation to Engrave

Next, in the Layers Panel click on the design to select it, then click the Duplicate icon at the top of the Layers Panel.

Click on the duplicated design to select it and then in the Operations menu choose Engrave. And you’re ready to go!

Step Seven: Save the Design + Make it!

Next, you can save the project in the top toolbar and then click the Make it! button in the top right toolbar.

Step Eight: Align the Design, Prep Your Mat and Hide the Template

You’re now on the Mat Preview Page where you can drag the template to the position on the mat that you want to place your blank, I like to position mine towards the middle of the mat.

On your cutting mat, place your coaster blank in the same position as it’s shown on the Mat Preview Page. I like to align mine to the bottom left corner and have it at the 4″ and 7″ grid lines.

Tip: Make the screen bigger by clicking on the zoom percentage in the lower left corner of the canvas. This helps you be precise with your alignment.

Use the blue painter’s tape to tape all four edges.

Then, in Cricut Design Space drag the engraving design OVER the template. This should cover up the red. Then, click on the three dots for the template and “hide” the template.

To finish, click Continue.

Step Nine- Prep to Engrave and Engrave!

The next screen will ask you to choose your Material Setting. Select Aluminum Sheets and then follow the directions to load your mat and press the “go” arrow button on your Cricut to start engraving!

Note: If you’re using my Christmas Coffee Engraving Designs they actually each take a little over 2 hours to engrave. I set it up, set a timer, and walk away for 2 hours.

Step Ten- Finish Engrave the Infusible Ink Coasters

Once the engraving is finished, unload the mat. Then, remove the tape and use it to pick up the debris on the surface of your coaster.

Set aside and repeat with the other three designs and coasters!

Get ALL the Filled Engraving Designs in the Free Library

Filled designs show up best when you engrave, and my Free Library has dozens of pre-filled engraving designs for you to play with!

Love this Tutorial on How to Engrave Infusible Ink Coasters?

I have SO many tutorials like this, here on Well Crafted Studio. You’ll also find posts with tips on engraving, how to get started engraving, and how to engrave through infusible ink. AND I just posted a tutorial video on how to make engraved infusible ink keychains that is super similar to this project. So if you’d rather watch than read click below!

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6 thoughts on “How to Engrave Infusible Ink Coasters”

  1. I can’t tell you enough, how much I enjoyed your tutorials. I’ve learned so much. Still in the very early learning mode. Finding time to do them is at times, very hard to achieve. My confidence level needs to improve, a lot.

    1. Thank you Mary!!! That means a lot. And I know you’ll get there- learning and planning are the first steps to doing so you’re already on your way! I totally believe you can do it. ❤️

  2. Thank you for this project, I did miss it but glad I came back to look at it. I can’t believe that you can engrave the coasters! I’m in shock and awe at the same time. I can’t wait to buy these coasters as right now I only have the ceramic coasters. Thank you again and hopefully I’ll find this post when I have the coasters!

  3. I’m very confused. You say you are using Cricut infusible ink coasters and then you start talking about applying ink and engraving on aluminum sheets. Are those coasters aluminum? I thought they were ceramic. There are no aluminum sheets in your supply list.

    1. Great questions! So the coasters themselves are aluminum sheets covered with a white coating and then backed with cork. Cricut has these coasters as well as some round ceramic ones. I’ll check my supply list but I think that’s where I might have lost you. I’ll make sure that’s clearer in the post. Thanks for your comment! -Jen

  4. Hi Jen, Well you’ve gone and done it again. Made another project that is stunning. I have an Explore Air 2, so I will admire from a distance. But if I ever decide to upgrade to a Maker, I know where I will be going for my projects. Straight to Well Crafted!!! You are a joy and a positive creative force. I can definitely take your ideas to my platform and use them. Thanks.

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