How to Make a Simple Paper Scandinavian Christmas Garland

Although it’s made for a quiet, homey Christmas, this garland can stay up throughout the winter. With its woodland characters and all-white theme, it adds just a touch of decoration to its surroundings. More an embellishment than something overtly decorative. So after Christmas when I’m less inclined to keep up the glitter and metallic, this simple paper Scandinavian garland will continue to make me happy and keep the winter months from getting too dark and dreary feeling.

This garland is the featured craft project for Day 5 of Merry Maker-mas! You can find a link to more on this 12-day event + the giveaway prizes at the bottom of this post.

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How to Make a Scandinavian Christmas Garland

Tools and Materials

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Step One: Get the Free Scandinavian Garland Design

To download this free design hop on over to my Free Library and you’ll find it under SVG designs. Click to download.

Step Two: Upload the Design SVG into a Cricut Design Space Canvas

Open a new canvas in Cricut Design Space and in the left side toolbar tap the Upload icon. Then, choose Upload and grab the free file.

Click to select and then Add to Canvas in the lower right corner.

Step Three: Size the Designs and Change the Color to White

With the group selected, go to the Size in the top toolbar, and with the Lock ON, change the width of all to 11.5″. Then change the color to white (the square next to Operations). You don’t need to change the color since we’re sending it right to cut in the next step, but it helps me visualize a bit, so that’s what I did.

Step Four: Save the Designs and Make It!

Save the project in the top toolbar, name it and add it to any collections. Then tap the Make It button in the top right corner of the screen.

Step Five: Prep the Mat and Get Ready to Cut

This takes you to the Mat Preview Page and you can see all the layers are separated and ready to be cut. Remember each design (ornament) has 4 layers and which means there will be about 40 pieces on 5 mats to cut.

And depending on what machine you’re using you may see this screen asking you to choose your mat. Choose 12″ x 12″ bc of the size of the cardstock, and then Confirm.

Tip: You can change the paper size to 8.5″ x 11″ on the Mat Preview Page and Cricut will position the designs on the mats to match.

Step Six: Choose the Material Setting, Load the Mat, and Press Go

On the next screen choose the material setting for your paper. I used the Cardstock (intricate cut) setting. Follow the prompts on the screen to load your mat and press go on your machine to start the cut.

Step Seven: Remove the Cut Pieces Without Bending Them

Once the Cricut has finished cutting a mat, it will prompt you to unload it.

To remove the cut paper designs (without bending them) flip the mat upside down. Then, gently and slowly peel back the mat, keeping the paper as flat as possible.

Remove any pieces sticking to the mat. Then, add a new sheet of paper and start the process again for the next mat.

Tip: To make things go a little quicker, you can save the material settings.

Step Eight: Add Strings Between Two Largest Layers

Cut pieces of twine about 11″ each and fold in half. Then hot glue to the front of one of the two largest layers for each layered design.

Then, use a glue stick to attach the second matching layer on top. Press well.

Step Nine: Assemble the Decorative Paper Designs with Glue Dots

With foam dots, adhere the top layer to the second layer. Then adhere that to the bottom layer that has the string.

Here’s what they look like fully assembled.

Step Ten: Make the Tassels (optional)

Wrap the twine around your fingers to make loops like shown in the photo. Then thread a cut piece through the loops and tie them together. Use scissors to cut the loops on the bottom to create tassels.

Then, use hot glue to wrap another piece of string around the top of the tassel.

Step Eleven: Assemble the Garland

Tie the strings on the ornaments together to create hanging loops and set them aside.

Then cut a piece of string to about 48″. Tie a knot on one side. Thread a few wood beads onto the string. Then tie on one of the garlands. Alternate beads and ornament designs.

Tip: To thread the beads more easily, I put a drop of hot glue on the tip of my twine, then let it cool for a few seconds, and then twirled the end so it was tight. Worked like a charm!

To finish, add the other tassel and three more beads. Tie off.

Tip: To keep your ornaments from sliding on your garland you can use a bit of hot glue to fix them in place.

And DONE! There are 10 total ornaments- I hope you have fun with them!

Day Five of Merry Maker-mas Giveaway Event

This post is part of a 12-day holiday crafting event that I’m currently hosting, called Merry Maker-mas. As part of the event, I’ll be giving away a Cricut Maker 3 + Everything Bundle, a Cricut Mug Press, and an Apple Pencil. As well as copies of my ebook, How to Engrave Metals with Your Cricut Maker. I’d love to have you check out all the projects on the Merry Maker-mas page!

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  1. Love this project. Will need to hang this after the Christmas decorations all come down. Will be so pretty hanging somewhere! I have it all cut out and assembled. Just need to pick up some wooden beads next time that I am in a craft store! Thank you.

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