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My Best FREE Gnome Stickers and Designs

If you LOVE Gnomes this is for you. Don’t love Gnomes? I’m going to categorize you as a “not yet” or “was traumatized by Santa’s Elves at a young age). Because, well, GNOMES! I’ve yet to do a Gnome Round-Up post. It’s time. Almost a year has passed since I first drew my Christmas Gnome Stickers. They were so much fun that I turned them into gift tags, memo pads, and so. many. other. stickers. Which made me think that it’s about time I did a gnome round-up post so that you could see ALL the gnomes. The designs are all in my Freebie Library and if you subscribe to my blog, you can get the password to these and LOTS of other free digital designs. In the meantime, here are my best free Gnome stickers and designs!

My Gnome Round- Up of Stickers and Free Gnome Designs

Free Gnome Sticker Sheets

Of course I have stickers! After I drew the Christmas Gnomes the Valentine’s Gnomes just HAD to be made. And then in March, my Leprechaun Gnomes were feeling lucky so I had to give them their own sticker sheets as well! And then… well, seriously, how cute are these Halloween Gnomes?

Christmas Gnome Party Stickers

Free Gnome Stickers to Print and Cut for the Holidays | Print and Cut these Gnome Stickers with the Cricut | How to Print and Cut Stickers

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I ❤️ Gnomes Valentine Stickers

Make Gnome Stickers with a Cricut

Use your Cricut to make these sweet gnome stickers for Valentine’s Day!
Lucky Day! Gnome Stickers

NEW Gnomes in Bloom- Spring Gnome Stickers

Christmas Gnome Gift Tags and Memo Pad

Once you have a digital design a lot of the fun is finding new ways of using the design. So those first Christmas Gnomes became gift tags, stickers tags, calendar pages, memo pads and more. And of course, Valentine’s Cards!

Gnome Printable Valentine Cards

Great beginner Cricut project for Valentine’s Day.

Gnome Printable Christmas Cards

Gnome Printable Gift Tags

Gnome Gift Tags | Free Printable Gnome Gift Tags

Gnome Gift Tag Free Printable to Download!

And a Christmas Gnome Memo Pad

Gnome Crafts

Gnome Cup Cozy and Mug Cozy

Gnome Coffee Cozy and Mug Cozy Pattern | How to make a Coffee Cozy | How to make a Mug Cozy

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Gnome Wood Burned Tag with a Singe Quill

Gnome Wood Burned with a Cricut

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Make a Gnome of Your Own

Don't Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle Gnome with Sign | How to Make a Tinsel in a Tangle Sign | How to Make a Gnome

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Engraved Gnome Ornament

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ARE these the Best Gnome Stickers and Designs?

What do you think?

Remember, if you don’t LOVE gnomes you’re either a “not yet” or a “traumatized by elves at a young age” because Gnomes are WAY too awesome for you to be ambivalent!

AND to make this SUPER COOL- I’ve added a NEW Gnome Printable Calendar Page for the Month of December to my Free Resource Library!

Find this Printable Gnome Calendar in my Free Resource Library!

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Thanks for checking out my round-up of Gnome Craft Projects! I hope you’ll come back soon as I’ll definitely be adding to it! If you found something you like it would be amazing if you would take the time to share it. My Gnome buddies appreciate it and so do I!

BONUS Gnome Crafts You Have to See!

Projects from some of my very best blogging friends- designed exclusively for our Gnome Week 2020 Event.

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