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Have you ever seen the movie Princess Bride? Is it sad that I can’t think the words “true love” without hearing it in the voice of the clergyman, intoning “Twooo luvvvv”? Like a lot of people, when I got married I thought “true love” was caring more about that person than I’d ever cared for anyone else. Later, I thought it was caring more about that person than for myself. After my husband and I crawled limping out of a spiral in our marriage that peaked with the “stay/don’t stay” moment of decision, I had a whole different definition. Twenty years later, this is “true love” redefined. And I would love to have you grab this “True Love” Quote- as a Free Download!

True love is making the choice to be true to the one you love.

Redefining What I Thought to be True About Love

True love is making the choice to be true to the one you love. I don’t mean the choice to stay or divorce, or anything else that people face in a marriage, but the choice to be present in the marriage. It’s the choice to recommit to my husband, knowing full well how flawed we both were, and how difficult it could be. I honestly don’t know if I felt I had a choice 20 years ago. My emotions kind of dragged me along, and I made the decision to say “yes” based on the whirlwind of feelings that being with him triggered in me.

Now, I would say that true love comes with time and transparency. It comes with authentically showing up day after day. It comes with growing together, and making the commitment to stay together knowing what the reality of “life together” looks like.

The pic at the top of this post is of my true love waiting for me to do my thing at the coffee shop. It’s a “happily ever after” moment for our now. That’s “true love” redefined for me. I like our now.

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I would love to know what your definition of “true love” is, or if you agree with mine. Maybe, if you have one, share what a “happily ever after” moment looks like for you in the comments below. I’d also LOVE to have you share the Pinterest image below. If you found this post helpful, others might too! Thank you!

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