Get the Look of Galvanized Metal with Craft Paints

Have you noticed the big upswing in galvanized metal goods in home decor lately? This week I popped around to my favorite craft store and looked around for a galvanized frame I wanted for a project I had in mind. Searching high and low, I nevertheless couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. But I knew I wanted to get the look of galvanized metal. So I thought… “what’s a crafty girl to do?” If you answered, “make it herself”; then we are so on the same wavelength. Here’s how to get the look of galvanized metal with craft paints.

I gave it a shot with some supplies I had on hand, and think the results look great. To help you see the process I put together a quick video. Video and I are having relationship issues right now, but I’m determined to give you as much help as possible- so video it is. Please let me know if you have questions.

I also wrote a how-to tutorial for you, and linked to all the supplies and tools below. Now, the next time you want the “look” of galvanized metal- all you have to do is grab your craft paints and some basic supplies and fake it!

Supplies and tools needed to get a galvanized metal look on a wood frame with craft paints.

Supplies and Tools


Step One: Mask and paint your frame black

Flip over the Wood Canvas Board and set on your work surfaces. Using a straight edge or painters tape, mask off the center panel. Then, using the black home decor (or chalk) paint, paint the wood frame around the center panel. Let dry. You may need a couple of coats to fully cover, let dry between coats. Gently sand.

Step Two: Paint diagonal strokes across the frame with silver paint

Using the silver paint and a foam brush, paint with diagonal strokes across the black of the frame. First all in one direction, and then another, until all the black is covered. Tip: Alternate with stroke and dab strokes and you get a little more textured surface.

Step Three: Sand the edges and wipe with a bit of black paint

Sand edges back and wipe carefully with a bit of black. You might need to tone down the black edge but lightly dabbing some of the silver over it. Layering is often pushing back or covering one area, and then pulling up or accentuating another, and then repeating the process until you have a coverage that feels right.

Step Four: Mix light pink with silver paint and dab in different directions

Mix a little bit of the multi surface light pink paint into the silver paint and dab lightly in different directions across the surface to imitate the galvanized look of metal. Let dry. If you mixed in too much, and your highlight seems too light once dried, then go ahead and add some of the silver dabbed on top of the light layer.

Step Five: Create “seams” with black paint and a straight edge

Using a small detail brush and a straight edge create “seams” in the metal near the corners. Metal doesn’t wrap super well in real life so creating imitation “cut” marks or “seams” helps to trick the eye and mind into thinking it’s seeing actual metal. To finish the look, you can go ahead and wipe a wax over the frame, lightly sand back and then buff for a subtle shine. I didn’t do that though and it looks great.

So that’s how one would go about getting the look of a galvanized metal frame with craft paints! Now, you can either tuck that into your back pocket for when you need it; or, if you would like to finish your piece as shown, you can follow the next directions.

Optional: To finish like shown…

First, mask off the frame from the center so that you don’t get any paint on your shiny new frame. Then, using a cream home decor (or chalk paint) go ahead and paint the center panel of the piece. You will probably need to let it dry, sand the layer back lightly, and then paint a second coat. Again, let that coat dry, and then sand it back lightly once again.

Next, cut a vinyl stencil from the .svg file (Resource Library), OR use a pre-made stencil in a design you like from the craft store. Place it centered on the panel, and if it is a pre-made stencil you might want to tape it down. Get a little bit of paint on a flat stencil brush, and dab off some to side so you don’t get build up. Then, using a straight up and down motion (so you don’t get paint bleed underneath the stencil), apply the black home decor paint to your piece.

Finally, let dry slightly, and remove the stencil. Continue to let dry completely. After it’s dried, you can choose to sand it back lightly, or keep it as is. Once you’re done, use the clear wax and lightly wipe it onto your piece to seal.

Create a framed piece of art with a galvanized metal look using craft paints. The art looks great displayed in your home.


You did it! You now have a wood frame for your art that looks like galvanized metal. But ,you may be asking, what else can I get this amazing look on? Almost anything! The multi surface paints are totally multi surface. That means glass, ceramic, leather, and paper are all options; basically whatever you want to look galvanized, can.

Love me a freebie! Or two!!!

If you want to know how to create wall art (without using a cutting machine); I have a short video and post under the projects category on my home page. Additionally, so you know….you’ll also find most posts on this site have some type of free download that’s used. I have them available in my FREE Creative Resource Library. You can get the password when you subscribe for free with your email. Take a look at all the cool stuff and feel free to unsubscribe at any time.

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  1. Susan Matheos

    Hi. Jennifer maker showed me your site. I’m so excited to find you. You have great ideals. My son is getting married in October an outside wedding. They want a rustic wedding. Do you have any ideas for us. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Susan,
      I apologize that I didn’t get back to you right away. My mind blanked and I though if I cam back to this a little later I might have something awesome and creative to tell you then. ? Rustic usually means wood slices and jars and vintage-y elements. I did help a friends daughter gather ideas on Pinterest a few years ago but it’s been awhile. Here’s the link to the board- Maybe that will help. I LOVE Jennifer. She’s been the absolute best!❤️ And thanks for your comment- I wish I could help you more!

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