How to Make an Engraving Design on Procreate for Cricut

One area of crafting that I LOVE using Procreate to design for is engraving metal. With Procreate, I can add patterns to my design in selective areas making the design itself visible and really stand out. Just imagine how much cooler your engraving would look if you could add shading (like to the sides of a coffee mug design to make it seem rounded). The finished look of your engraving is much more professional! But even better- what if you could fill in the engraving with ANY pattern, not just lines or crosshatching? THEN, you engrave that design on jewelry, key fobs, cake servers, or other metal items. When you know how to make an engraving design on Procreate for Cricut, all of this is easy to achieve!

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Use a card and tape to apply a vinyl laptop skin | print then cut laptop skin project with a cricut application methods

How to Make a DIY Laptop Skin with Cricut (for Beginners)

With everyone working at home, the demand for tech and tech-related accessories is on the rise! It’s fun to add a little personality and customization to these electronic devices we use every day with colorful laptop skins. But why buy something when you have a Cricut and can quickly and easily make your own custom laptop skin at home? In this tutorial, you’ll see how simple it is to make your own DIY laptop skin with Cricut, and its Print then Cut feature. I provide several free original designs that you can customize, but you could easily make your own in Procreate!

Printable Vinyl vs. Sticker Paper

For this project, you need to use Printable Vinyl. It’s made of a different material than paper-based sticker paper that is easier to peel off and reposition. No one wants a laptop decal that isn’t removable or damages the surface of their tech!

Not sure if you want to put printable vinyl on your laptop? You could try a scrap of vinyl or a small vinyl decal on the bottom of your laptop first. But I tested the “removability” and had zero issues when I used the printable vinyl. But to be totally transparent I did not test this with other laptop models- just the MacBook air and the Macbook pro that I had available.

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How to Make Name Stickers on Procreate (With a Retro 80’s Vibe)

Love Stickers? Then you may be a child of the ’80s. Stickers were legal tender in the classroom where kids would trade the really cool stickers for other stickers or even lunch. Recently, I discovered some name stickers that I had squirreled away somewhere from elementary school. The stickers feature unicorns and rainbows, and it took me back right to my childhood to see them again. And when I also happened on Silhouette’s new Holographic Dots sticker paper, I knew exactly what to do with it- make my own Personalized 80’s Name Stickers on Procreate! And with this tutorial, I’ll show you how easy it can be to create your own. I hope you have fun with this flashback challenge!

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Sticker that says, my happy place in front of iPad Pro

How to Make 3D Layered Stickers on Procreate with Cricut

Ever searching for new and cool sticker projects, today’s DIY is how to make stickers that really stand out. (Get it?) Although they take stickers to another level, (sorry couldn’t help that pun either) they’re actually pretty simple to make. I spent an afternoon drawing an entire sheet of stickers (that you can pick up free in my Creative Resource Library) but for the tutorial and video below I’ll just demo how to make a couple of designs to show you how it works. This project, how to make layered stickers on Procreate with Cricut, demos both the design and the making of the stickers– my first post/video to walk you through the entire process at once.

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How to Make Borders for Stickers – Super Fast (Procreate 5X)

Making stickers is one of my absolute favorite ways to use my Procreate digital art. I know a lot of you love to do this too. And although it’s fun to draw the stickers, adding each sticker’s borders was pretty tedious. So when I saw a different way of adding borders to my stickers on Tik Tok that was SUPER fast, I sat down and tried to figure it out. And honestly, I was a little bummed because it worked great with some stickers and not so great with others. BUT it was SO QUICK, I really wanted it to work. So I tested this method with different variables, and in this post, I’ll give you the info you need to know to make this method work. I also made a step-by-step tutorial and a YouTube video on using this method to make borders for stickers- super fast with Procreate!

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Examples of How to Print Christmas Cards

How to Make Christmas Cards from Your Procreate Art

Can you hear those sleigh bells jingle? It’s almost Christmas and my Gnome friends have taken over my blog for their Crafty Party. Five days of Crafty Gnome Projects and 5 BONUS Gnome projects that some blogging friends of mine have posted as well! In fact, at the end of this post, I’m going to feature one of their projects so that you can see how super cute it is! Today’s post is how to make Christmas cards from your Procreate art, but even if you don’t use Procreate you can still print out and use the card designs I have below.

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How to Draw Snowflakes Using the Symmetry Tool in Procreate | Draw Your Own Snowflakes in Procreate to Cut with Your Cricut

How to Draw Snowflakes in Procreate

If you walked in my door yesterday, you would have found me in the kitchen baking with my iPad propped up on the counter. Instead of a cooking video, though, I watching a Skillshare class about the iPad drawing app Procreate. As soon as the video started, I did one of those involuntary sighs of happiness that slip out when we feel content at the moment. Like that first sip of coffee in the morning- sip, relax into the moment and siiighhh. The moment kind of surprised me. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed watching my Procreate videos until then. Do you have something like that? Something that you’re interested in and your mind will go to when it’s stuck in the carpool line? Something that you’re interested in and has no real practical application to your role as a wife, mother, grandmother, or chauffeur? My brain seems to unconsciously be circling around Procreate and design lately even when I’m focused on the other have-to-do-them things. For example, as I was thinking of Christmas projects, it was an easy mind jump to snowflakes, and from there to Procreate. Because Procreate is my fun thing right now. I was thinking about how hard it is to find snowflake designs that don’t look like your “typical” snowflakes. Snowflakes are unique, and should look unique. So I decided I was going to design my own one-of-a-kind snowflakes. And wouldn’t you know it was SO easy (and fun) to draw snowflakes in Procreate using the Symmetry Tool! Whoo-hoo fun in fact!

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How to draw stickers | how to use Procreate to make stickers | make stickers with Procreate and Cricut

How to Make Stickers on Procreate the Easy Way- Trace Photos!

Seriously, this sticker-making hack is a game-changer for anyone who has ideas but doesn’t feel confident in their drawing skills. In fact, one of the best things about Procreate is that you don’t have to know how to draw to create your own sticker designs! It’s really a little magical. The other day a friend of mine literally gasped with amazement when I showed her this trick for drawing stickers. Ready for it? Here you gohow to trace photos to make stickers on Procreate.

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Creative Bloom Set of Sticker Sheets | Learn how to draw stickers in Procreate | Learn to sketch stickers | Make your own stickers | Printable Sunflower Stickers

How to Draw Stickers on Procreate to Cut with Your Cricut

Making stickers is seriously THE BEST. A few weeks ago I posted on How to Make Stickers on the Cricut. It was all about how I print and then cut my stickers. It got a great response, but I started to get questions on how I draw my stickers. So I made this step-by-step post, as well as a YouTube video. In them, I’ll show you how to draw the stickers, add the white border around the stickers, and save them as a download that you can upload into Cricut Design Space (or a Silhouette Cameo) to cut. I also give you a free copy of the file I make in the video so that you can download it and see what the stickers look like as a file. As an extra freebie, I have the Procreate brush I made for creating the white borders around my images, so make sure you grab that!

Why Procreate?

I waited a long time for a user experience that would work for my sketching and I am crazy about everything Procreate can do. It’s not the same as drawing in life, but it’s similar enough that it feels natural. The pencil is weighted like a pencil and I use a screen protector with a paper-like surface ( I link to that in the Materials list below). In the video below you’ll see all the additional features that make drawing on the iPad well worth exploring. Plus, did I mention it was fun?

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How to Print and Cut Stickers with Cricut Made Easy!

Did you use to love stickers in elementary school? They’re making a comeback! In this post, I’ll show you step-by-step how easy it is to make your own print and cut stickers with a Cricut. If you’ve been frustrated because your paper didn’t cut through, or the cut was off then I promise this post will help. Print then Cut seems tricky, but I walk you through the material settings, and what sticker papers I like best. I promise after this lesson you’re sure to get an “A++”.

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