How to Use Silhouette Studio to Make SVG's with Procreate

3 Best Ways to Make SVG Files From Procreate Designs

If you’re a crafter who wants to use Procreate to create your own designs then you may be wondering how you could turn those into SVG files. Maybe you’ve been just uploading into Cricut Design Space as a cut file, but now you want to be able to share or sell your Procreate designs as SVG’s. This post will give you several options (for both iPad and desktop) for how to convert your Procreate designs into SVG’s. And will explain why you can’t do that right in Procreate.

Why Can’t You Export a Design as an SVG in Procreate?

Offering SVG as an export option is what we’d all like to see from Procreate, but there are some very good reasons why this isn’t an option. To really understand this, or any of the info below you first need to know that Procreate is a raster-based program.

What are Different Types of Raster File Formats?

There are many different file formats for raster images. The most popular are PNG, TIFF, EPS, JPEG, PDF. Cricut does accept all of these file formats except EPS (this is an Adobe photoshop file format.)

What is SVG vs. PNG?

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphic.

SVG’s are made up of lines that have little nodes (dots) on them that you can move to change the size and shape of the design. The reason people LOVE SVG’s is that they are lossless when they change size. That means you can make them bigger without losing any image quality.

PNG stands for Portable Network Graphic.

PNG’s are a type of Raster image. Raster images are composed of small squares called pixels. One of the awesome things about a PNG is that you can have a transparent background for your design. Which makes creating free-floating logos, stickers, and specialty shapes for Cricut Design Space a snap.

Did You Know?

You don’t have to convert your work to an SVG to upload it into Cricut Design Space as a cut shape.

In the photo below, I drew the leaves as shapes in Procreate and then uploaded them into Cricut Design Space to cut.

To see about exporting a PNG from Procreate directly into Cricut Design Space (without converting it first) check out my post, How to Upload Procreate Designs into Cricut Design Space.

How to Cut Leather to Make a Fall Leaf Garland | Fall Decor Cricut Projects | Make a leather leaf garland for your home.| Simple sewing projects with Cricut.
The Cricut Maker makes it easy to cut leather into any shape!

Single vs. Double Line Designs

Single line designs are what most SVG’s look like when you upload them into Cricut Design Space. They are basically closed shapes.

Single line designs are great for engraving, drawing, cutting, etc.

Some design applications and mobile apps will let you trace a raster image and do the converting for you. This may result in a double trace line (or outline), as it traces both sides of your image.

Getting rid of this outline can take a little work. But fortunately, there are some options below that make it much easier!

How to Make SVG Files From Procreate Designs- 3 Different Ways + Best Options for Each

Option 1) iPad Design Apps

There are several converter apps, but the one I found that I like the best is Adobe Capture. It’s a free app, and you don’t have to be an Adobe subscriber to use it.

Tip: I do have a FB Live video that demos Adobe Capture as well as introduces other SVG conversion options.

Other converter apps that are popular are Vector Q (formerly imaengine), and Vector Converter.

Option 2) Desktop Design Programs

I recommend Silhouette Studio, Adobe Illustrator, or Inkscape as graphic design programs you can use to easily turn your Procreate art into SVG designs.

1. Silhouette Studio

Personally, I use Silhouette Studio all the time because I feel like it’s a really good intermediate program for new designers. It really does a lot.

The BEST thing about Silhouette Studio is that unlike other design programs it was actually designed for crafters who use cutting machines.

And if you were wondering, you do NOT have to own a Silhouette machine to use this software. I use it for my Cricut designs all the time.

Layered Paper Sunflower with iPad and Laptop

One of the best features of Silhouette Studio is the trace function. This makes converting your work feel a little bit like magic. It’s also easy to do fine editing using their points tools.

The caveat is that with Silhouette Studio’s free Basic Edition software you can’t export your design as an SVG. You have to save it in a different file format and then use one of the online converters I mention below.

However, if you have the Silhouette Studio Business Edition upgrade you can save it as an SVG. I have more about this in my post, How to Use Silhouette Studio to Make SVG’s with Your Procreate Designs.

2. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a well-known program and I know it also has a trace feature. But it is a monthly subscription. They do have a free trial that you can use to see if this program is for you and of course, as a subscription you can cancel at any time!

3. Inkscape

And Inkscape’s claim to fame is that it’s an extremely robust free design program. However, if you haven’t used it in the past, it can seem complicated.

It does have a centerline trace extension that you can install which is handy for single line writing designs as well as creating SVG designs.

Option 3) Online File Converters

Online converters are usually web pages that allow you to upload your design, press a button on your screen, and save it as an SVG. These are for ease and convenience.

The con is that usually, you don’t have much control over the process. And with most of these, you can’t manipulate the edit points after you’re done.

Some of the most recommended converters are Vector Magic (subscription), Cute Cutter, and Cloud Convert (free up to 25 conversions a day). I’ve only tried Cute Cutter so far.

I’d love to hear your suggestions and feedback!

Want to Know More About Making SVG’s from Your Procreate Designs?

I have a post on How to use Silhouette Studio to make your Procreate designs into SVG’s.

Layered Paper Sunflower with iPad and Laptop
Get this FREE .studio file with the tutorial How to Use Silhouette Studio to Make SVG’s from Procreate Designs

For More Inspiration

Wondering what you can make with Procreate designs? I have a post, 23 Projects You Can Make with Procreate + Cricut.

And if you’d like a great intro to this app, my Beginner’s Guide to Procreate is for you!

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