Gnome Wood Burned with a Cricut

How to Wood Burn Tags with Cricut

This is another Gnome craft I’ve been holding on to JUST for Gnome Week 2020 (this week)! The idea came to me last spring when I saw the scorch marker. It’s a chemical marker that you draw on wood with, and when you heat it, you get this cool wood burned look. It took a bit to figure out how to fit it in my Cricut- and by the time I thought I would run with it, I saw the Singe Quill. We-R-Memory Makers packaged two different widths together, and once you have the adapter, you can totally use this with a Cricut. Six months and an engraving book later, and my little Gnome buddies had had enough. “Get it done!” SO- I present how to wood burn tags with a Cricut and the Singe Quill!

Before we get into how to wood burn tags with a Cricut, I wanted to let you know that at the bottom of this post, I have a couple of other SUPER cute Gnome tags to show you! These are free gnome crafts from two of my blogger friends, and I know that you guys will love them! So check out the links below this tutorial!

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Make Gnome Stickers with Cricut Print then Cut

My Best FREE Gnome Stickers and Designs

Welcome to Gnome Week! If you LOVE Gnomes this is for you. Don’t love Gnomes? I’m going to categorize you as a “not yet” or “was traumatized by Santa’s Elves at a young age). Because, well, GNOMES! I’ve yet to do a Gnome Round-Up post. It’s time. Almost a year has passed since I first drew my Christmas Gnome Stickers. They were so much fun that I turned them into gift tags, memo pads, and so. many. other. stickers. Which made me think that it’s about time I did a gnome round-up post so that you could see ALL the gnomes. The designs are all in my Freebie Library and if you subscribe to my blog, you can get the password to these and LOTS of other free digital designs. In the meantime, here are my best free Gnome stickers and designs!

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How to Make Gnome Sticker Gift Tags with Cricut

Oh yes, I did! For the second year in a row (that makes it annual now!) I invited some crafty little gnome friends back to the blog to do a takeover craft party here at Well Crafted Studio. So for the next week, there will be Gnomes, Gnomes, and MORE Gnome projects. And to make it even MORE awesome, I have 5 other blogging friends that are going to be doing the same thing at their blog this week. Each of us contributed one project to feature and the projects they sent legitimately made my jaw drop- So I hope you’ll click on the links below and check each of these 5 projects out. And then I hope you’ll come back here for more Gnomish fun! But first, let’s make some Christmas Gnome Gift Tag Stickers!

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Get a Free Engraving Design Every Day for the Rest of November

Let’s throw some glitter at the next two months and start crafting! Let’s face it- 2020 disappointed a lot of us. But I decided it didn’t have to end that way! So for the next two months, you’ll find all kinds of fun, sparkly, and unique projects here at Well Crafted Studio that are sure to inspire you. And to make it EXTRA fun, I decided to celebrate by giving away ONE FREE ENGRAVING DESIGN EACH DAY until the end of November (starting Friday, November 13th).

11/17/2020 Edited to Add:

Because of the CRAZY number of people who are excited to get these Free Engraving Designs, our servers repeatedly crashed yesterday. SO to create a workaround, I’m going to post each daily design for free for 24 hours in my Well Crafted Studio Shop. This actually works pretty well because if you missed a design I’ll already have it in the shop for sale.

22 Designs Tweaked for Great Engraving Results

Most designs you’ll find are meant to be cut. Which means they engrave as a line. This can be hard to see, and so I took my own SVG and PNG designs and pre-filled them with patterns so that they are MUCH easier to see.

engraving design
Just one of the designs you’ll get!

Want to know how this works?

Each day I’ll post an image of that day’s design. If you’d like it just hit the button that says “unwrap my gift” and it will download directly to your computer. I’ll post a new design in the Shop each day at 10 am and you’ll have 24 hours to get it for FREE.

What if I miss a day?

I want this to be fun, so to make it SUPER easy to remember, I’ll be sending out a super short reminder each day to my email subscribers. Of course, if you don’t need the reminder, you can opt-out of these at any time! And if you miss a free file, email subscribers will have the opportunity to purchase the designs at the end of the month. You can now purchase these in the shop as soon as the 24 hours is up. ❤️

What can I make with these designs?

SO many things! Some of the designs would be perfect for engraving on a cookie spatula, or an ornament, or as wall decor. In my daily email I’ll include a suggestion of how this might be used and a link to a helpful tutorial. For instance, one design would be perfect for a cookie spatula, so I’ll include a link to a tutorial on engraving cookie spatulas.

Also, just a reminder but all of my designs come with a limited commercial license. This means that you can go ahead and make up to 100 physical units and sell them without my consent. I want to help small makers succeed!

I hope you enjoy the files!!!

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Engraved Snow Globe Photo Ornaments with a Cricut Maker

How to Make an Engraved Snow Globe Ornament with Cricut

Although I can get lost in designing, I know that it’s the techniques I teach that have the most value to my readers. I like to think of it as everyone has a toolbox of their own skills and experiences, and every time you learn a new technique, you add to that toolbox. In this post, I build on the techniques you already learned in my Engraved Photo Cards with a Cricut Maker tutorial and expanded on it to show you how to cut custom metal shapes and manipulate your print then cut photos to look like they fit inside the globe. I also tell you how to glue and layer metal to create a two-toned version as an optional tweak after you make an engraved snow globe ornament or two!

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Cricut Engraved Photo Cards for Christmas

How to Make a Cricut Engraved Photo Card

Yes, there’s the food, the gifts, and the Christmas Carols, but what I like best about the season is the Christmas crafting. This year, I actually started working on this Holiday MakerFest Christmas project in July. I knew what I wanted the final products to be, but I had no idea how to get there. So it was weeks of testing and failing and developing new techniques. That crazy rollercoaster experience you get as you’re inventing something new. BUT, I was able to come out on the other side with THREE amazing new projects. I plan to publish all three projects as tutorials here, but I really recommend you go grab your free ticket for the workshop. Then you can watch how I make a Cricut engraved photo card for Christmas!

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Engrave mailable metal photo cards for Christmas with a Cricut

How to Spray Paint Metal for Engraving with the Cricut Maker

One of the biggest challenges with engraving on metal with your Cricut Maker is that it can be hard to see your design. You may think it needs to be deeper, but what you need is contrast. Usually, you would do that by adding black ink or enamel to darken the engraved area. But there is a flip solution, which darkens the metal around your engraving. In this post, I give the full step-by-step to spray paint metal for engraving with a Cricut so that you know what happens if you don’t let it dry long enough, how to test your dry times, and what to do to prep the metal so it bonds to your metal.

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what metals engrave with a Cricut Maker

The Best Tools and Supplies for Engraving with Your Cricut

The Cricut Engraving Tool allows you to do all kinds of projects with your Cricut Maker that you may never have dreamed are possible. It can engrave acrylic, wood, and my favorite, metals. I love engraving metals SO much, I just spent the summer writing a book all about it. And in the process of experimenting and crafting, I discovered what I think are the best tools and supplies for engraving with your Cricut Maker.

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Glitter Stickers for Halloween with snarky seasonal sayings.

How to Make Glitter Stickers with the Cricut Mobile App

Have you seen the new printable Glitter Sticker Paper from Silhouette? It’s a white sticker paper that well… glitters. I was curious what this paper looked like once we printed on it so I brewed up some fun and spooky gnome stickers on Procreate to test with it. Then I used my iPad and Cricut Design Space Mobile to print and cut them with my Cricut machine. If you read below you’ll find out how to make our own custom material setting in Cricut Design Space and how to upload, print and cut these stickers on an iPad. So read on and figure out how to make glitter stickers with an iPad and a Cricut!

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DIY Custom Engraved Desk Signs Well Crafted Studio Cricut

How to Make Engraved Desk Signs with a Cricut Maker

If you aren’t working from home yourself, you probably know someone who is. Remote work or online school, many of us are setting up our home offices right now. Liven up your space with these custom engraved (and a little snarky) desk signs that you can make with a Cricut. This tutorial will walk you through what to spray the metal with, how to cut and bend the metal, and how to engrave it. Once you see how easy creating these engraved desk signs with a Cricut Maker is, I KNOW you’ll want to make one for every at home worker or student, you know!

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