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How to Make a Layered Paper Design with Cricut

If you’ve never seen these layered paper projects before you’re in for a treat- or perched at the edge of a precipice you didn’t know was there. It’s SO easy to get sucked into this type of project. Really great layered paper designs are simple to cut out with a Cricut machine, but they look really difficult. And this layered paper design of a girl with a mug is a GREAT project to start with!

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How to Make a Layered Paper Design with Cricut

Tools and Materials

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Step One: Upload the Free Design

You’ll find this design in my Free Library- it’s free for subscribers. To subscribe click here, and you’ll get the password emailed to you. Then, in Cricut Design Space click on a new canvas. On the far left toolbar click on the Upload icon.

Because this is an SVG design it will not give you the option of Print then Cut.

Step Two: Insert Into a New Canvas in Cricut Design Space

Click to select and insert into a canvas.

Step Three: Size the Design

This depends on what size you want your design. You can go up to 11.5″ x 11.5″ on a regular mat. Any larger and you’ll have to either slice your design or use a longer mat.

For the 8″ square shadowbox frame that I have, I need a design that is about 7″ high. Select ALL and change the Size in the top toolbar. And that’s it!

Step Four: Save Your Project and Make it!

In the top right of your toolbar tap the Save button to name and save your project. Then hit the Make it button!

Step Five: Prep Your Mat

Gather the cardstock you plan to use, and be sure to choose whether you’ll be using 8.5″x 11″ or 12″ x 12″.

The size needed will vary from mat to mat. Place your first sheet of paper on your mat as shown on the Mat Preview Page. This project has 11 different mats to cut.

Step Six: Cut Your Layered Paper Design

Follow the prompts on the screen and choose the Material Setting that matches your type of paper.

I’m using Medium Cardstock with my Echo Park Paper Pad. Although for the layer with the crazy cut-out details I used Cardstock (Intricate Cuts.)

Tip for removing paper from the mat… Flip the mat upside down and peel it away.

When it’s finished unload that mat and load and cut the next color of mat. Continue until all of the mats have been cut.

Note: The top scarf layer is super intricate. I thought about removing it, but I really like the way it looks- even if it’s rough. So I’ll leave it up to you to decide if you want to keep it or not.

Step Seven: Assemble the Layered Paper Design

Use the dual adhesive foam dots to attach the various layers together that you’d like to be raised up. There were a couple of times that I didn’t use the dots but just glued the paper layers together. I did this to avoid some parts being way taller than others.

For instance, the hat has something like 5 layers. It would stick up way too high if you used the foam dots between each layer. So I glued the last two layers.

I asked what kind of glue is best for intricate areas in my Facebook Group and they suggested either a glue pen or a bottle of glue with a precision tip. I have some recommendations for these in the materials list above.

Use the black outline image to position the different layers. I glued to the backside of the top piece to help me with placement.

Step Eight: Frame It (optional)

You may have other plans for your layered design, but you could frame it. You could also add other elements like snowflakes, or a saying like “hug in a mug” or “coffee=love”. But feel free to make this design your own!

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2 thoughts on “How to Make a Layered Paper Design with Cricut”

  1. I love this design so much, Jennifer.

    And the detail on the scarf is magnificent. It really makes the design.

    Thank you for all the layered tips!


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