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Join the Spring Upcycled Cricut Engraving Challenge

It’s here! The April Upcycled Cricut Engraving Challenge! All month long we’ll be trying new things. And to make it a little more fun we split the month into 3 different challenge themes. To join the challenge just pop over to the Engraving Metals Facebook Group (link below) and check out the #engravingchallenge posts. I’ll be going live during the month with different projects, quick tips, and to share FREE SVG designs. In this post, I’ll have more info on the themes, answer your questions, and share resources for the challenge! I honestly, can’t wait to see what you try!

What does Upcycled Mean?

To upcycle something you’re reimagining an objects intended use and giving it more value by remaking it into something else. Often you’re using something that’s used or recycled. But you can still use things you purchase new (like at a Hardware or Home Improvement Store).

Where Do I Find Engraving Blanks? Everywhere!

One of the main questions I get asked is “where do I find engraving blanks?”. So one of the goals of this challenge is to help you look at the world a little differently and find your craft supplies in completely new places.

As a plus, it will challenge you to reuse and repurpose what you already have, or something someone else may have thrown away.

Where do I Get the Free Downloads?

You can find the free engraving designs that we demo during this challenge in my Free Library here on the blog. In the Free Library you’ll find over 190+ original designs that you an create with. Absolutely free for my email subscribers.

Need the password? Just sign up for my email list, and you’ll get the password emailed directly to you!

How Do I Participate? And is there a Cost?

There is no sign up, no cost, and no expectations other than that you check out the Facebook Group and maybe try something new. Crafting can be a total adventure, and want to encourage you to join us in the fun.

To join the challenge all you have to do is join the Engraving Metals Facebook Group and check out the posts for the challenge.

If you want to follow along and try our featured projects that’s awesome. Or try your own thing- either way be sure to share a pic and add the #engravingchallenge tag!

Additionally, I have a list of tutorial posts and links below on engraving with a Cricut that will help you participate in the challenge.

What if I’m Brand New to Cricut Engraving? Can I Still Participate?

Yes!!! We LOVE having new people with us and trying new things! And if you’d like a good post to get you started on your Cricut Engraving adventure I have a post that will answer a lot of your initial questions.

The post is How to Start Engraving with a Cricut. I also have a Quick Start Guide to Engraving, as well as my very own e-book. You can take a peek at Engraving Metals with Your Cricut Maker here!

Drumroll… Here are the Three Upcyled Cricut Engraving Challenge Themes!

  1. Thrift Store/Garage Sale (April 3- 12)
  2. Hardware Store (April 13- 22)
  3. Recycling Bin (April 23- 31)

1. Thrift Store

For this challenge, we’ll be heading out to our local thrift stores. And although we’re looking for metal to engrave, keep an eye out for things you can use to mount or display your engraving as well.

For instance, although you can’t engrave an old leather belt or purse, you can use the leather for a cuff and then rivet a piece of engraved metal to it. Or old books can make great photo frames if you’d like to try engraving photos on metal.

Different things to look for at the Thrift Store or Garage Sales:

Metal lunch trays, cookie tins, silver plate silverware, old jewelry, etc.

2. Hardware or Home Improvement Store

For this challenge, we’ll be wandering the aisles at your favorite hardware store, nursery, or home improvement store. Many of us are already using aluminum sheeting in our engraving so this shouldn’t be a huge stretch.

But challenge yourself to find new things to engrave.

Different things to look for at the Hardware Store:

Try pre-painted aluminum flashing, garden stakes, or maybe grab some key blanks and washers to play with.

3. Recycling Bin

Time to dumpster dive in that recycling bin before you take it out to the curb. Look close at any of the metal things and ask yourself if you can cut it, or flatten it, so it can be engraved.

And although I titled this “recycling bin” you can also check out recycling centers like Habitat for Humanity’s ReUse Stores.

Different things to look for in the Recycling Bin:

Mason jar lids, cut up soda cans, pop bottle lids (flattened first), etc.

Join the Engraving Metals Facebook Group

Why join? During the Upcycled Engraving Challenge, we’ll be posting mini-challenges, tips, Live workshops, and free SVG designs. Plus, you’ll get to see all the awesome amazing things that other people are doing and see their questions, fails, and wins.

You can also participate by posting your OWN upcycle engraving projects! (Spoiler: We promise to love it no matter how it turned out because YOU tried something new!)

Questions? Tag either me (Jen Swift) or Karen Lentz (my co-coordinator and designer) and we’ll do our best to help!

See handy tips like this one in the Facebook Group during the Upcycled Engraving Challenge!

Love this? Share it!

If you love the idea of this Spring Upcycled Cricut Engraving Challenge go ahead and share it with some friends! Maybe to celebrate Earth Day you can have a craft party and all pool your upcycling finds to create something new.

Thanks for Reading,

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