PYD Life 2 in 1 Tumbler Press

PYD Life 2-in-1 Tumbler Press Review

So you want to make tumblers… and you’re wondering what’s the best way to do that. You can use a tumbler press, a mug press (if you’re creative), or a convection oven. This post will give you the benefits and disadvantages of using the PYD Life 2 in 1 Tumbler Press to make custom tumblers at home. If you’re a beginner or a pro, this press is simple to use and will give you great, professional results in less time. I’ve really enjoyed playing with it and can’t wait to share my thoughts on this PYD Life 2 in 1 Tumbler Press review with you- especially if you’re thinking about purchasing a tumbler press.

This PYD LIfe 2-in-1 Tumbler Press was given to me to review. I’ve been making things for weeks so I can really show you what you can do with it! I also have some advice on how to set it up and how to do your first press.

PYD Life 2-in-1 Tumbler Press Basic Info

Just some basic info to start- the tumbler press machine is 750 W, 110 V. And its temperature range is 0 to 482 F. The time range is 0-999 S. To find the suggested temp and time for your sublimation blank; you can download my free cheat sheet (see below).

It comes with two heater attachments. One for a 30 oz size tumbler and one for skinny tumblers. More on what it can press below + examples of what I’ve tried so far.

You can set the time/temp and change between Celsius and Fahrenheit using the integrated control panel on the front of the machine. (I like that it isn’t separate and hanging off the side.)

It measures 16.14″ x 11.69″ x 14.49″ inches and is a pretty mint green/teal color. It’s actually my favorite color!

The tumbler press’s regular price is $439. US, but it’s currently priced at $399 US on Amazon.

SO that’s basic info- now, let’s get into the good stuff and talk about the pros and cons!

Get the Cheat Sheet for Temp/Time/ and Template Sizes

To go with this post, I created a handy dandy cheat sheet for many of the most popular PYD Life sublimation blanks. It has the suggested time, temp, and template sizes so you can create your own sublimation designs in Procreate or another graphic design program.

You can download this cheat sheet free from my Free Library on this blog.

Note: I used Procreate for all of the sublimation designs I give away in my Free Library as well.

Download this free cheat sheet!

PYD Life 2 in 1 Tumbler Press Pros and Cons

What I Really Like About the PYD Life 2-in-1 Tumbler Press

Let’s start with the pros- what makes this press easy to use and a great tool to have in your craft room…

Some of the testing I’ve done with the PYD Life glass tumblers

1) It Can Do Glass!

If you’ve seen the super awesome glass tumblers, and you’re a DIY-er, you may have wondered how to safely make them yourself. This tumbler press is one of those ways. Another is using a convection oven devoted solely to sublimation.

2) No Flipping Necessary

Because of the width of the machine, you don’t have to flip your taller sublimation blanks to get an even press. And, it’s even wide enough that you can sometimes press two blanks at once!

Testing the Pressure in the PYD LIfe 2-in-1 Tumbler Press
Testing the Pressure in the PYD LIfe 2-in-1 Tumbler Press

3) Takes Less Time to Press

To press a full tumbler once it takes 50-240 seconds, depending on the material you’re pressing.

If you’re doing a full wrap, then you will need to rotate the tumbler and press a second time to avoid a seam. So that doubles the time to about 2- 8 minutes per tumbler. However, depending on the size of the tumbler, you can do two at once.

In comparison, the Cricut Mug Press can take up to 6-8 minutes per press, and you have to flip it for tumblers. This means a minimum of 24 minutes per tumbler for a full wrap.

Note: You can find the temp and heat settings in the product descriptions for many of the PYD LIfe sublimation blanks. So even if you’re using other brands, you’ll get an idea of how long to press and the temp to use.

Set the Time and Temp with the Front Control Panel

4) It Comes with Two Sizes of Heaters

The 2-in-1 Tumbler Press comes with two different heater sizes. This means you can do a variety of sizes and types of tumblers. I list all of them below.

Tumbler Press heater attachments
Two sizes of heaters mean lots of possibilities for what you can make

These heaters are easy to change out, just kind of a pain because of the little screws, but you can see how easy it is in the review video.

What I Don’t Like About the PYD 2-in-1 Tumbler Press

I also promised to let you in on what I didn’t love about this machine! And really, as I look at this list, these are nit-picky things. You might decide they don’t bother you, that they don’t outweigh the pros, or that having a high-quality machine that gives consistently good results is worth it.

Or they might make it or break it for you as you decide whether you want to get a tumbler press. I’d love to know your thoughts, so leave a comment below!

1) It Has An Industrial Look

So this machine is not one I’m going to stick on a shelf and coo about how cute it is. This is an industrial-looking machine. The pretty teal color helps a lot, though.

2) It Takes Up More Space to Use and Store Between Uses

Although it’s more compact than some machines because it has the controls in the front of it instead of off to the side, it’s still a fairly large machine.

So finding a place to store this will be a little more difficult. This means I’ll have to find a spot that’s a little out of the way and get it out each time to use it.

The machine measures roughly 16.14″ x 11.69″ x 14.49″ inches.

It also takes more space to use it. I do most of my sublimating outside because I don’t have good ventilation in my house, so the space isn’t a big deal for me. But it may be for you.

3) The Tumbler Heaters Need to Be Changed Out

This isn’t hard to do but is kind of a pain to do.

The heaters are the heating element that wraps and heats the tumbler and causes the sublimation dye to release. This tumbler press comes with two different size heaters, so you can press a wide variety of drinkware.

Both because you have to unscrew a bunch of little screws, and you’ll have to wait until the machine cools to make the switch.

Switching it out is a manual process and is not a super quick release. There’s nothing automatic about it. But changing out the size of the heaters is what makes this machine more flexible than, say, a mug press.

Remove the Screws and Unhook the Side Connector to Change the Heaters

4) The Little Screws Are Awkward to Remove and Easily Lost

I dropped the little screws each time I changed out the heater. Fortunately, I didn’t lose them, but it’s a thing I struggled with.

Lose some pieces on your PYD LIFE Tumbler Press? I should mention here that PYD Life sends replacement parts in your tumbler’s box, so be sure to look for that bag taped to the box with the second heater.

5) It isn’t Automatic- Pressing Mugs with the Tumbler Press

When I did a side-by-side with my Cricut Mug Press using mugs in the tumbler press, the Cricut Mug Press did a lot better.

So I had to do a little tweaking with the temp to get as good of a transfer with the tumbler press as I got automatically with the mug press.

Watch the PYD Life 2-in-1 Tumbler Press Review Video on YouTube!

Rather watch than read? I have a YouTube video on my Well Crafted Studio YouTube Channel that reviews this machine and demos the set up too!

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FAQ- Want to Know More About this 2-in-1 Tumbler Press?

Still have questions? I tried to answer all the questions I could, but you can also check the product description on Amazon for all the details.

Is this Press for Beginners or Just Professionals?

I’m a beginner, and I found this simple to use. It’s not entirely automatic; some adjustments can be made (like tightening some knobs to fit the width of your blank).

But I found this super easy to do. And it’s by hand, not something you need to have the technical experience to do.

But having the ability to make adjustments for different-size blanks makes this a lot more flexible machine.

As far as tumblers go, I think it’s actually easier for a beginner to get good results with this press.

What Can I Make with the PYD Life 2-in-1 Tumbler Press?

Besides metal and glass tumblers, you can also make ceramic mugs, enamel mugs, and water bottles. I’ve tried many things and will keep trying more blanks as I get them!

What Sizes Can I Press with the PYD LIfe 2-in-1 Tumbler Press?

According to the PYD Life website, this machine can do the following-

  • Full print for 20oz straight tumbler
  • Full print for 30oz straight tumbler
  • 2pcs of 11oz Ceramic mug print at 1 time
  • 2pcs of 15oz ceramic mug print at 1 time
  • All other 11oz-30oz straight skinny items 

Where Can I Buy the Sublimation Tumblers for this Press?

You can buy all kinds of awesome sublimation blanks through the PYD LIfe Shop on Amazon. I’ve been using their blanks for my mug press for the last year and really love their quality and selection.

FYI- The PYD Life Glass Can Tumblers + Skinny Tumblers come with a trendy bamboo cover and glass straws. And some sizes even come with BPA-safe plastic straws as well!

State Fair Photo Op for the 18 oz Glass Can Tumbler (with a metal straw I added).

Where Can I Find the Suggested Time and Temp for My Project?

Again, you can check the product description on Amazon, or you can sneak a peek at the PYD Life Tumbler Press PDF Cheat Sheet with the times/temps/template sizes for different sublimation blanks! (Download from my Free Library).

How Much is the PYD Life 2-in-1 Tumbler Press and Where Can I Buy It?

The suggested list price for the PYD Life 2-in-1 Tumbler Press is $439 on Amazon. However, it seems to be on sale for $399 fairly frequently. And if you’re a Prime member, you won’t pay for shipping!

You can also purchase this machine through the PYD Life website. However, you will need to ask for a quote to see their current price.

Are There Other Heater Attachments for Purchase?

Yes! Right now, you can find a 40 oz. attachment on Amazon for this press. But if you visit the PYD Life website, you’ll find heaters for tapered tumblers and shot glasses.

Make sure that whatever you purchase has the same 5 pronged attachment cable.

Can I Do Shot Glasses in the 2-in-1 Tumbler Press?

Not without buying a separate attachment. More on that above.

Is it Only for Glass or Can I Use Metal Tumblers Too?

You can use glass, metal, and ceramic in the PYD Life 2-in-1 Tumbler Press. I did a ceramic mug, and one thing I noticed is that the design started to fade around the handle, and the transfer wasn’t as dark. So I probably should make the design less wide next time. I’ll play some more with the temp for mugs and let you know. It might just be an adjustment thing.

What Size Should My Designs Be? Is There a Template to Use?

Yes! A great way to know what size your designs should be is to look in the product description for the tumblers you’re purchasing. They will usually give you a suggested temp and time for that blank.

So, for instance, you can see the product description for the PYD Life 20 oz. Metal Tumblers below tells me exactly what size a full wrap sublimation design should be for the Skinny Tumblers.

Find the EXACT size for your template for the sublimation blank you’re using in the product description on Amazon.

OR, you could download the FREE PYD Life Tumbler Press Cheat Sheet PDF that I created with all of the PYD Life Sublimation Blanks that you can use in the press. This cheat sheet has the time/temp/ and template sizes for their most popular blanks.

Download this from the Free Library here at Well Crafted Studio!

Keep in mind that if you create a sublimation design, you won’t be able to see the whole design without turning the tumbler. So if you’d like your focal point to be visible, you’ll have to size it to fit the front of the tumbler.

Where Can I Find Sublimation Designs for Tumblers or Mugs?

RIght here! I have several designs that you can download for free from my Free Library. Including several that are sized exactly for the PYD Life Glass Can Tumblers and the Skinny Tumblers.

Look under Sublimation Designs in the Free Library, and you’ll find many of the designs featured in this post. Including the Pink Flower, Sunflower, and Kind Words designs I used for the Skinny Tumblers.

You’ll also find the Puppy Love design and State Fair design for the Glass Can Tumblers. As well as other sublimation designs that are free to use.

You can also make your own design using a program like Procreate, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, Affinity Design, or even Cricut Design Space.

Need the password? Just sign up for my email list, and you’ll get the password emailed directly to you!

You can also purchase sublimation designs on Creative Market, Design Bundles, or Etsy. These are usually .PNG designs that you can size using a design program.

What Other Supplies Would I Need to Sublimate Tumblers with this Press?

For any sublimation project, you’ll need the following-

  • Sublimation Blank (like a tumbler)- This has a special coating to absorb the sublimation ink once it’s been heated and turned into a gas form. I have links to ones I’ve tested in my post, Sublimation Blanks for the Cricut Mug Press.
  • Sublimation Design- This requires the use of a printer that has sublimation dye ink. You also need to print on to sublimation paper. PYD LIfe does have a nice sublimation paper that you may want to try.
  • Paper Cutter– To trim the design once you’ve printed it.
  • Heat Resistant Tape- I love the PYD Life Heat Resistant tape and how it perfectly fits into my tape dispenser.
  • Heat Resistant Gloves- These are necessary if you don’t want to risk burning yourself.
  • Unwaxed Butcher Paper or a Silicone Release Paper- You can find this on Amazon; just be sure to buy unwaxed, or the wax will melt in the press and coat your heater. Just no.
  • Silicone Mats or Silicone Potholder- This is totally optional if you have a heat-resistant surface to place your tumbler on while it cools. But if you don’t, these are easy to find and cheap.

Instructions How to Set Up the Tumbler Press + Do Your First Press

Step One: Unbox the Press

Open the shipping box and remove the press. Be sure to locate the box with the extra heater as well as the bag of replacement screws and bolts. Remove the plastic film on the front panel. You’ll also find the black power cord in the box.

Step Two: Plug in and Turn On the Tumbler Press

Plug in your press with the black power cord (it attaches to the left side of the control panel). Then, turn on the power switch on the control panel’s right side.

Step Three: Set the Temp on the Control Panel

Use the control panel to set both the temp and the time. To do this, push the Set button on the front left of the control panel. When it shows an SP, you can adjust the temp by using the up or down arrows on the control panel. The hit the Set button again.

IF YOU CAN NOT SET THE TEMP or TIME- This can’t be done while the handle is down. So open the machine back up and try again. I was trying to figure out why I couldn’t change them, and it legit took me ten minutes to figure this out. 🙄

Step Four: Set the Time on the Control Panel

Next, set the time for your project by pushing the Set button until the SP turns to ST. Then, you can use the same up and down arrow buttons to adjust the timer. Push Set again. Be sure the machine is open.

Note: Whenever you close the machine, it will automatically start counting down.

Step Five: Prep Your Sublimation Tumbler

First, clean your tumbler’s surface with a lint roller or rubbing alcohol.

Next, wrap your printed and trimmed sublimation design around your blank (image side pressed against the tumbler) and tape it thoroughly, so none of the gas escapes.

Then, wrap a sheet of unwaxed butcher paper or a silicon release sheet around your blank. Tape into place.

Step Six: Test the Pressure + Adjust with Knobs

Place your tumbler in the machine and carefully start to clamp the machine around the tumbler. It should fit snugly but not be too hard to close. If it needs to be adjusted, you can use the two knobs at the back of the press to loosen or tighten the heaters until it fits your blank just right. Open the machine up again.

Important Safety Tip– Remember that even though the front of the machine may be cool to the touch, the heaters are not. Be careful around the heating elements or you might be burned. You may want to adjust the machine before you turn it on.

Step Seven: Sublimate Your Sublimation Tumbler Blank

Insert your tumbler and close the clamp. This will start the timer counting down. When it beeps after it counts down, open it with the handle.

Step Eight: Rotate the Tumbler (if necessary) and Press Again

IF you have a design that wraps all the way around, you will probably need to rotate the tumbler and press a second time for an even press.

Important Safety Tip- BE SURE to wear your heat-resistant gloves and don’t touch the heater.

Step Nine: Remove the Tumbler From the Press and Let Cool

When the tumbler press beeps, open it up and slide out the tumbler. Place it on a heat-resistant surface to cool.

Once cool, unwrap the tumbler, and voila! It’s sublimation magic!

Skinny Glass Tumblers Made with the PYD Life Tumbler Press

Should You Buy the PYD Life Tumbler Press?

After I’ve played around with this for a few weeks and made a TON of tumblers, I would say that this press is definitely worth it if you plan to make tumblers. It does a great job with the metal as well as glass tumblers and I love the width of it. It’s so wide that doing two at once works a lot of the time.

And I do think it’s a quality product. I know with companies you may not be familiar with, this is a big deal. But I’ve been recommending PYD LIfe’s blanks for some time now.

But, if you’re short on space, love the cute and compact alternatives, or only want to do mugs. Then you might want to purchase a mug press.

If you’d like a machine that saves you time and you can use to safely sublimate glass tumblers, then you’ll want to purchase the tumbler press.

Still Have Questions?

I hope I have answered your questions, and of course, please feel free to contact me if you have additional questions.

Although, I’ll say that if they’re technical questions, you might want to check the Amazon listing for an answer first. Or contact PYD Life directly.

Troubleshooting Your Tumbler Press Projects

If you’re having trouble getting a good transfer with your tumbler press check the troubleshooting section in my post, How to Sublimate Glass Tumblers.

For More Inspiration

If you’d like to read more about sublimation, I have several tutorials for you! Here are a few, including my post for sublimation beginners- Sublimation Made Simple for Cricut Crafters.

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