How to Make a Mandala in Procreate

How to Easily Make a Mandala in Procreate Using Symmetry

Looking for an easy introduction to the symmetry tool in the Procreate app? Or do you just LOVE mandalas? This tutorial will walk you through the 8 simple steps to make a perfectly zen mandala (or kaleidoscope) in Procreate. Last weekend, I showed my 9-year-old niece how to make mandalas in Procreate with perfect symmetry. And after I did, I had a hard time getting my iPad back from her. (She was mandala-drawing obsessed). Personally, I love how meditative and relaxing this Procreate project can be. And using the symmetry tool in Procreate is pretty magical, no matter your age!

New to Procreate?

Procreate is a drawing app available for iPad only. It has artists around the world falling in love with digital art. Using it to make digital mandalas is an easy, beginner-level introduction to Procreate. AND I have a free Mandala brushset to download as well as mandala templates in a zip file with shapes you can stamp to make this super quick and fun.

Rather watch than read? I have a Youtube video that you can watch at the end of this tutorial!

Wondering What the Procreate Symmetry Tool Is?

Think Etch-a-Sketch. No, really! This Procreate setting in the Drawing Guide will automatically mirror whatever mark you make on your Procreate canvas. You can also play with additional symmetry settings like radial symmetry, quadrant symmetry, etc. I’ve used it in the past to make snowflakes, but it works perfectly for mandalas too!

Can I Make Layered Mandalas in Procreate?

Yes! But that requires each part of your mandala is on a separate layer that can be cut out of paper with an electronic cutting machine like a Cricut. In Procreate, under Actions and the Share icon, choose Share as Layers. Then upload these layers into Cricut Design Space to cut them out.

In this Tutorial on How to Make Mandalas in Procreate, You’ll Learn-

  1. To Turn on and Edit the Drawing Guide
  2. How to use the Radial Symmetry Drawing Guide
  3. Download and Use Mandala Templates
  4. Use Stamp Brushes in Procreate
  5. Use Assisted Drawing
  6. Add Color with Automatic Selection Like ✨Magic✨
  7. Export Your Mandala so You Can Make it a Coloring Pager

Tutorial: How to Make a Mandala in Procreate Using Symmetry

Tools for Making Mandalas

Apple iPad or iPad Pro- Wondering which iPad to get? I have a post that totally simplifies this!

Apple Pencil or Third-Party Compatible Stylus- Optional since you can just use your finger. But I like to link to the Apple Pencil because it really does create an amazing user experience when combined with Procreate.

Paper- Like Screen Protector- This is also optional but I love mine so much and really think it makes a HUGE difference in both the smoothness of my lines and my hand fatigue.

Downloads for this Tutorial

Procreate– This digital drawing app is the best around, however, it is only available for iPad*. You can find it in the Apple App store.

Get the FREE Mandala template and Procreate Stamp Set – Don’t think you can draw a straight line? These are the downloads I use in this tutorial and you can get them free when you sign up for my email list. You’ll get the password to my Free Library where I have a ton of great resources, including more Procreate brushsets!

*There is a variation for Procreate for iPhone called Procreate Pocket app. This tutorial is for Procreate, but you could probably use the same steps on mobile.


Step One: Create a New Canvas

On the top, far right of the Gallery Page is the Canvas options. Tap on the plus at the top of the menu to open the new custom canvas options.

How to Create a New Custom Canvas in Procreate

Change from pixels to inches, and make the canvas 10″ x 10″ at 300 dpi. Save and then it will open automatically.

Settings to Create a 10" Square Custom Canvas in Procreate

Step Two: Upload the Free Mandala Template from the Free Resource Library @ Well Crafted Studio.

Go to the Free Creative Library and scroll down to Procreate Goodies. Click on the title to download the zip file and then open it on your iPad. Save to your Photo Gallery.

Where to Find the Free Mandala Brush and Stamp Set on Well Crafted Studio

Back on your canvas in Procreate go to the Action Panel (wrench icon) on the top In the top toolbar at the left of the screen, tap the wrench tool. Tap Add and then choose Insert Photo from the drop-down menu. Click on the mandala template to insert it into your canvas.

With the template layer selected, tap the move arrow (top toolbar) and with the snapping and magnetics on, find the center of your canvas. You’ll see a gold vertical and a gold horizontal appear when you’ve found the center.

Tip: You can make the template bigger or smaller.

Centering a Image in Procreate Using Snapping

Step Three: Turn on Drawing Assist

At the top right toolbar tap on the wrench icon (Actions panel). Then, under the canvas option toggle on the switch next to Drawing Guide.

How to Turn on the Drawing Guide in Procreate

Step Four: Edit the Drawing Guide/ Symmetry Setting

Next, Edit the Drawing Guide- that’s the option right below the drawing guide in the Action Panel.

Choose Symmetry from the menu options and then under Options choose the Radial. Try playing with Rotational Symmetry on.

Now, when you hit Done (top right corner) and go back to your canvas you’ll see that the center of the radial lines is the center of your template.

How to Set up the Symmetry Tool in Procreate

Step Five: Draw Your Mandala Using the Template

Create a new layer and tap on it to turn on Assisted Drawing. Use any brushes you like, or you can play with those that I included in my Mandala Stamp and Brushset. This is again free for subscribers at my blog,

Free Procreate Brushes and Stamps for Mandala Making

Now you can see the way the template works to help you decide on the size and direction of your stamps or lines. Change the direction of your canvas by tapping with two fingers and then rotating, to change the direction of the stamps. Create different layers for different parts of the design.

How to Pinch to Merge the Layers in Procreate

Tip: Draw circles as divisions if desired between the concentric circles. This is easy with Quick Shape, Just draw a circle, and keep your stylus tip on the screen to activate Quick Shape.

Just remember to tap one finger to the screen to make your shape a perfect circle vs. an ellipse.

Step Six: Duplicate the Canvas

Make it easy to color your mandala without worrying about which layer you’re on and without making destructive changes to your art by duplicating your canvas.

Create a copy of your entire canvas by going back out to the Procreate Gallery and then swiping left on the title of your mandala and then tapping Duplicate.

Duplicating a Canvas in the Procreate Gallery

Open up this new copy and in the Layers panel turn off the template layer and then combine your other layers.

This makes it easy to color your mandala without worrying about which layer you’re on.

Step Seven: Color Your Mandala

Create a palette by tapping the color dot in the upper right corner of your screen. Deciding on the colors you’ll use before you begin coloring helps to keep the colors consistent.

Creating a Custom Color Palette in Procreate

To Use Color Drop:

Set your Stylus tip on the circle of color in the corner of your screen. Without picking up your stylus or finger, pull the color to the place you want it in your design. Then, lift up the stylus to “drop” the color in.

Adding Color to a Mandala Design in Procreate

About Color Threshold:

Sometimes the color doesn’t fill the entire area, but leaves a little space next to the lines. To adjust your color threshold, simply keep your stylus on your screen and then slide it back and forth across the screen. You can see a bar at the top of the screen change percentages as you do this.

To Use Automatic Selection to Color:

Another way to color is by using the automatic selection tool. Just tap the area you want to fill and that will select it. Then you can go ahead and fill just those areas with color all at once.

Tip: Duplicate your layer and alpha lock it. Then, create new layers by duplicating the design and playing with them. This gives you a way to try different color choices in a non-destructive way.

Step Eight: Sharing Your Mandala

Once you’ve finished coloring your mandala, you can export it by going back to the wrench option and choosing the SHARE icon.

Share as a PNG: If you plan to use your design as a sticker, sublimation design, or with Print then Cut then you’ll want to turn off the background layer before you explore. This makes the background transparent so you don’t have to remove it later.

Share as a JPEG or PDF: If you plan to make a print of your design then you may choose to export it as a JPEG or PNG. If you’d like to print your mandala as a coloring page or on an 8.5″ x 11″ format then choosing PDF works well.

How to Export Your Design from Procreate

***Once in the Library, you’ll scroll down and find these Procreate freebies (+more) under the Procreate Resources section. To get the password, sign up with your email below!

This page does contain affiliate links and I get a small commission on any purchase you make through the links, at no extra cost to you. Thank you!

Watch the YouTube Video for How to Make a Mandala with Symmetry Tool in Procreate!

Like to Learn More About Procreate?

I’d love to have you check out the Procreate tutorials and projects here, or my playlist on Youtube!

Is Procreate Just for Artists? Or is it for Crafters Too?

If you’re a crafter who hasn’t tried Procreate yet, this is a GREAT (and simple) alternative to using pro-graphic design programs, like Adobe Illustrator, to create your own designs. AND it’s ONLY a one-time cost of $9.99. It is, however, currently only available for the iPad, iPad Pro, or iPhone. Personally, I LOVE making stickers in Procreate and cutting them with my Cricut Maker.

Can I Make Dot Mandalas in Procreate?

Yes! There are dot mandala illustration brushes that you can purchase. Check Etsy or another online marketplace for Procreate brushsets like this. Or you can just use a circle stamp and change the size of your stamp.

Do I Have to Know How to Draw to Use Procreate?

No! That’s kind of the beautiful thing about drawing digital mandalas. Because of the digital brushes and stamps, you can play and enjoy yourself.

If you’d like to draw images and don’t think you can even freehand lines, Procreate has options like QuickShape which will help you create shapes and perfect lines.

Procreate also makes tracing super easy. And after you’ve tried drawing with layers and a two-finger tap to undo you’ll never want to go back to regular drawing. Many people who don’t think they can draw find that with Procreate they are a lot better than they thought they could be!

Wondering Which iPad to Get for Procreate?

My husband, the software designer, wrote a great introduction to the best iPads for Procreate (I added my tips for my favorite accessories too!).

Crafts You Can Make with Mandala Designs

  • Turn it into an iron-on for a T-Shirt or Market Bag
  • Create coloring cards to give away (or keep!)
  • Make your own coloring book
  • Create stickers or printable magnets (maybe add an inspirational quote)
  • Make mugs with the new Cricut Mug Press

For More Inspiration…

Would you like to see some mandalas for inspiration? I love as a resource for images that are copyright-free.

And if you found this tutorial helpful, I’d love to have you share it on social media! Just be sure to tag #wellcraftedstudio when you post!

Thanks for Reading,

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How to Make a Mandala in Procreate

How to Make a Mandala in Procreate

Use the Symmetry Tool in Procreate to create complex-looking Mandalas in just minutes! It's simple with the FREE Mandala Template, Brushes, and Stamps - so make sure you download them before you begin!

Prep Time 2 minutes
Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 12 minutes
Difficulty Beginner


  • Mandala Template, a free download from the Well Crafted Studio Free Library
  • Mandala Stamps and Brush Set for Procreate, also free in the Library (link above)


  • Procreate, an iPad digital illustration app
  • Apple Pencil or Stylus, optional


  1. Step One: Create a New Canvas
  2. Upload the Free Mandala Template from the Free Resource Library @ Well Crafted Studio.
  3. Turn on Drawing Assist
  4. Edit the Drawing Guide/ Symmetry Options
  5. Draw Your Mandala Using the Template
  6. Duplicate the Canvas
  7. Color Your Mandala
  8. Exporting Your Mandala


These mandalas are super fun (and therapeutic) to make. But, they also make GREAT designs for coloring books, sublimation designs, and more.

You can even try making layered mandalas to cut with a Cricut if you export each layer separately.

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