Crafter Holiday Wish List Ideas + Free Printable

It’s that time of year again! I mean yes, it’s Christmas but it’s also the time when my husband looks at me and says he has “no idea of what to get me for Christmas” and needs some suggestions.

And since I’m a snoop, and love these wish lists when other bloggers publish them, I thought I’d put out a list of things I’d like, and that I imagine you might like as well. And if someone you know is in the same situation as my husband, feel free to send them a link to this post!

And to make it even easier (and a little tongue-in-cheek) I’ve created a FREE Printable Christmas List that has fillable fields so that you can drop in the URL link from below and email it to the recipient (or recipients) of your choice. Or you can just print it out and fill it in yourself. You can find the download in the Well Crafted Studio Free Library.     Get the Password for the Free Library Here

How to Add Links to this Fillable PDF

To fill in the fields, you download the zip file and then open it as you normally would. Then, you can either choose Form Filling from the top menu (this works in Safari) or you can open it in Adobe Acrobat if you have that installed. Then copy and paste the links of what you’d like.

When you’re finished, go ahead and either email it, or print it out and hand it to whoever the lucky recipient is!


Table of Contents

Free Printable Christmas List

Download this Fillable PDF from the Free Library and Just Copy + Paste the Links Below! 

Check out my Amazon Wish Idea Lists here!

Crafting Tools

Clear Ruler-$

I depend on my clear acrylic rulers so much that I actually wonder if I could craft without them. I think I would stop and tear my room apart first looking for it. And by it, I mean I have three. 😂

Cricut Brayer-$

This is a simple tool that really is a must buy– it’s so much easier to get your paper or vinyl to stick to the Cricut mats when you’re using a Brayer. Honestly, one of the things I would buy in a heartbeat for anyone who gets a new Cricut machine. 

Pen Weeder-$

This is THE perfect stocking stuffer for the crafters on your list. You’d think you were fine weeding vinyl without these until you have one of these sparkly pen weeding tools in your hands. Then you’ll be glad they came in sets of two!

craft mat example

Glass Craft Mat- $$

Okay, yes, these Glass Craft Mats are a thing of beauty if you’re a crafter who tends to get ink, paint, glue etc. on her workspace. The tempered glass make this a work surface you can easily clean up. They’re also magnetic which is nice when you’re trying to hold your vinyl in place as you weed, or trying to stamp a card with precision. BUT the coolest thing? You can customize these with your OWN ARTWORK or PHOTOS. Oh, and get 25% off for Black Friday when you use the code WELLCRAFTED25. Beautiful, right?

Cricut True Control Knife-$

Yeah, it’s suspiciously close to an X-Acto Knife… but I really do like the ergonomic additions to this Cricut version of the classic. 

Guillotine Paper Cutter-$$

For straight cuts in paper or thin metals (I use this with aluminum flashing) guillotine cutters are super nice to have!

Craft Supplies

Bearly Precision Glue-$

Bearly Glue is a really good glue that comes with its own precision applicator tips as well as a pin to keep it all clean. 

Glue Pens-$

When I started making my own layered designs I tried a bunch of different adhesives. And one I’m super happy I discovered, is the Zig Glue Pen. I bought a set for me, and then one for my mom too!

Let's Resin UV Starter's Kit-$$

I’ve got LOTS of plans to do Resin crafts in 2023 so this starter kit with the lamp and resin looks like a good place to start. I’ve also heard good things about Counter Culture’s resin but it’s a little more expensive. Still- it might be a good idea to start with this kit instead.

IkonArt Stencil Kit 3.0- $$$

So I haven’t tried this yet, but I really want to. It’s using photo-sensitive stencil film to make reusable stencils. Of course, I’m itching to use my Procreate designs with this! Oh, and I would check their website for other deals.

Love anything sublimation right now, and these dual-tip sublimation markers are amazing. They have 1.0 and .4 size tips. And I love the color selection. These were on my Wish List last year and this year I bought them for my Holiday Workshop!

cordless glue gun

Oooh- want me one of these this Christmas! And since it’s a gift I think I want this one that has the charging station that also holds it and it’s drips. Oh, and that comes with fun colored glue sticks. 

Procreate Gifts

Procreate App- $

Love love love this design app for the iPad! Seriously, because of this digital art app I totally rediscovered my love of drawing. And because it’s digital- I use it to create art for my Cricut and Glowforge projects all the time. 

Paper-feel Screen Protector- $

Another tip for making your sketchbook feel more like an iPad is to get a paper-like screen protector. This is a textured surface that adds a slight friction and resistance to your strokes when you draw with a stylus. This keeps your hand from slipping across the screen, which makes your strokes more natural, and keeps your hand from getting sore from gripping too hard. 

Removable Screen Protector- $$

So this is a new thing I found in my FB feed that I haven’t looked into a ton, but if you’re someone who likes the glossy glass of the tablet for sometimes, but wants to be able to have the textured paper-like surface for drawing, you can get the best of both worlds with this removable magnetic screen protector. 

iPad Case- $$

Yeah, if you’re going to buy the tablet, a protective case is super helpful in “protecting your investment”. I like to look for one that will hold my Apple Pencil with it and will let me charge it wirelessly. It has to have the level of protection that I need, and it has to look cute. Yup- I went there. Looks do matter. You can find my iPad recommendations in this post. 

Apple Pencil 2nd Gen- $$$

Do you need an Apple Pencil to use Procreate? I get asked that all the time. And no, you don’t need an Apple Pencil, but your experience is going to be so much richer if you have one! There are all kinds of benefits to getting an Apple stylus, and you can learn more in this post.

iPad + iPad Air- $$$

Did you know you can get a 2021 iPad as low as $269? If you’ve been holding back from trying digital art because you needed an iPad... just add it to the list already. And be sure to check out this post to see all the comparisons!

iPad Pro- $$$$

Oh how beautiful you are! My husband got this for me for Christmas in 2018 and I use it Which makes the 12.9″ screen super nice to have. And bc it’s an iPad Pro, there are a couple of nice little bonuses in Procreate that you can read more about in my post, the Best iPads for Procreate. 

Silhouette Studio Business Edition- $$$

Silhouette Studio is a fabulous free software program for the newbie to graphic design that’s just becoming frustrated with the limitations of Design Space and wants to be able to do more. When you upgrade to Silhouette Studio’s Business Edition you can convert PNGs to SVGs,  auto trace, edit nodes, and more. It’s also a snap to add Line Fills for Engraving!

Procreate + Cricut Holiday Workshop- $$

JUST RELEASED! This would make a fabulous gift for yourself, or someone who’s Procreate-curious and you’d love to help them get on the holiday train to Procreate-land. 

In it, I show how to draw a design in Procreate using the stamps I’ve provided and then tweak it to do 3 different Cricut Projects. 

Sublimation Supplies

Heat Resistant Tape Dispenser- $

Wow. These aren’t pricey but man are they necessary. I mean, once you have one you’ll wonder how you EVER got along without one of these tape dispensers that both feed and cut the tape into strips. Best stocking stuffer ever if you’re new to sublimation or don’t have one yet!

PS- Be sure to get some Heat-Resistant Tape if you’re giving this as a gift this year!

Epson Eco-Tank Printer- $$$

Print your own sublimation designs for less with an Epson Eco-Tank that you’ve converted with sublimation inks. It’s what I have and you can get them on Amazon, Costco, or Target for Black Friday!


Sublimation Drinkware Blanks- $$

If you’re going all in on the sublimation this Christmas it’s nice to have a selection of blanks to play with. I love the PYD Life brand and have a free printable PDF of the different types of PYD Life blanks and their template sizes for Procreate. You can grab it in the Free Library!

Sublimation Paper- $

To get a great sublimation transfer you need a paper that will both hold the dye ink and release it well once heated. I love the A-Sub paper but have had really good results with the PYD Life brand of sublimation paper too!

PYD Life Tumbler Press- $$$

This tumbler heat press has two sizes of heaters, so it can press both regular-size mugs and glasses as well as the skinny tumblers and glassware that are so popular. You can see more about it in this post. 

PYD Life Oven- $$$

I don’t have this sublimation oven but it is on my list of things to get and to try in 2023. Like a convection oven, this works for many different sizes of sublimation blank. Because you place the blank in the oven for the heat part of this, you have to add the “press” by wrapping the blank tightly in shrink wrap and using a heat gun to shrink it tight. 

Sublimation Inks- $

Sublimation inks are dye inks that turn into gas when you heat them. So you can’t just use any type of ink to sublimate. Do your homework and find a brand that works with your type of printer. I use the Cosmos Sublimation Inks with my Epson Eco-Tank because they make refills easy and the color profile is engineered to closely match that of my Epson. Other popular brands are Hiipoo and Printer Jack’s. 

Crafting Machines & Blades

cricut explore close up

Cricut Explore 3-$$$

A great machine for the beginner Cricut crafter, it does vinyl and stickers with ease. The Cricut Explore 3 is Cricut’s mid-level machine and is a pretty smooth operator. And with its updated sensor, I definitely prefer it for print then cut over my Maker. 

Cricut Maker 3-$$$

Cricut’s latest and great top-of-the-line crafting machine. The Cricut Maker 3 will engrave, deboss, score, and pretty much do everything EXCEPT cook your dinner. 

Cricut Maker OG-$$

I love the original Cricut Maker machine, and with the new Cricut Maker 3 now taking its place at the top of the Cricut product lineup, it’s now less expensive than you’d think! It’s really a great deal, and honestly, there are some things I like better about the Original vs. the 3. Like the fact that the mat doesn’t feed all the way into the Original like it does with the Maker 3. This gives you more room to engrave at the bottom of the mat. I also feel like the Original Maker actually engraves FASTER than the Maker 3. Combine that with a price tag that’s a couple of hundred dollars cheaper, and it’s enough to make me wonder if I shouldn’t buy a spare while I still can. 

Cricut Joy Extra-$$

It’s just so little and CUTE! This mini crafting machine will cut vinyl, labels, faux leather, cardstock, and EVEN PRINT THEN CUT just like the big boys. But, she’s petite enough for travel, dorm rooms, and classrooms. My husband calls it the Cricut Toy and I have to admit there is a feeling of wonder similar to cooking with an easy-bake oven when you use it!

Glowforge Aura-$$$$

Get $200 off a Gloworge Aura  with this referral code! This came out a few months ago and I swear the crafting world lit up with that little “go” button on this crafters version of the Glowforge! If you don’t follow their Instagram page you’re for sure going to want to!

X-Tool M1-$$$$

So I can’t really speak to if this is something great or not as I haven’t tried it, and it’s new enough that a lot of the reviews are still coming in. However, I’m intrigued enough to put it on this list. The interesting thing about this machine? It’s a combo laser machine AND a craft-cutting machine. Call it the   glow-icut and you’ll get the visual of what it’s designed to do. So yeah…. call me intrigued and check out this crafting machine on Amazon!

Glowforge Plus-$$$$

Get $250 off a Gloworge Plus and up to $500 on a Pro with this referral code! So this was my birthday, anniversary, and Christmas gift this year- but it’s SO worth it! I’ve loved having something new to learn, and it’s been a blast using new materials (like acrylic and rubber) in my crafting. And since you’ll never take the stamper out of this girl- making my own rubber stamps is a dream come true. 

Next year, I’m asking for the  matching air filter. ✅

X-Tool P2- $$$$$$

Okay, so this baby is pretty sweet- and some friends of mine that are Laser Pros said they would get this one over the Glowforge if you plan to make a business with it. It has an automatic pass-through which means no feeding the big boards through your machine. It also will engrave round objects as easily as flat with the rotary attachment. .See the X-Tool P2 Everything Bundle here! And for Black Friday they have a $1050 coupon that makes this a smidge more doable.  (PS Santa I really kind of want this!)

Cricut Mug Press-$$$

The Cricut Mug Press won a best design award the year it came out, and it’s not hard to see why. With its sleek look, and ease of use, this machine does mugs very very well. It also can do tumblers if you flip them over and press a second time. AND if you watch my video, you can even do water bottles in the Cricut Mug Press. This makes it much more versatile than you’d first think. However, I feel like I should mention that although they make it easy to get great results- if you feel limited by the size of the press you may want to look at the PYD LIfe tumbler press or even the sublimation oven that I’ve linked to above. It also takes quite a bit longer to press a mug, and you can’t do glass. All reasons to think about the tumbler press, if you’re looking to do more than mugs. 

Cricut Easy Press Mini-$$

Have to say I LOVE my Easy Press Mini because it makes small projects so simple. Before I bought it, I really wasn’t sure how much use it would get, but I’ve used it for doing infusible ink keychains, sublimation pins, and magnets, as well as detailed htv projects. And with it on sale for around $40 that’s a pretty amazing little gift!

Crafter's Printer-$$$

Although it’s a Canon Pixma, this printer model is called the Crafter’s Printer because it’s literally designed for crafters to use in their print projects. It comes pre-loaded with 12″ x 12″ scrapbook paper patterns that it can print borderless, but it also has a rear-feed which means you can use thicker papers like cardstock and not worry about paper-jams

HTVRONT Auto Heat Press-$$$

I’d like to put the Cricut Auto Press on my Christmas list, but even if the extremely high price tag didn’t matter, it’s hard to pass up this alternative heat press by HTV Ront. Not only is it about $700 cheaper, but it has a larger heating plate, is safer to use, and takes up less space on my shelf.

For an EXTRA $40 0ff use the code BFAFFA on the HTVRONT website.

HTVRONT Auto Tumbler Heat Press

Just launched in time for the holiday season, the NEW HTVRONT Auto Tumbler Heat Press is a fun new find! I just got mine and made these super cute sublimated glasses. What I like is that you can do glass, the pressure is set automagically, and it’s long enough to do a tumbler, or to do two mugs at once. You do have to one turn to avoid a seam, and not all diameters fit the machine- so check your specs. I love how small and sleek this machine is compared to other presses, as well as the auto adjust and auto open features!

HTVRont Black Friday deals get an EXTRA $40 off their low Black Friday $ with the code BFAFFT!

Black Friday Deals!

This is my wish list, but now that the Black Friday deals are coming out I’ll start listing them too! So keep checking back over the next week!

  • HTVRont Black Friday deals include their best-selling Auto Heat Press 20% off and other product discounts too! REMEMBER use the code BFAFFA for an extra $40 off the Amazon low price on the auto heat machine! And if you’re interested in their NEW Auto Tumbler Press you can get the same deal on that with the code BFAFFT!
  •  Here are the PYD Life Black Friday Deals on both their presses AND sublimation blanks!
  • The X-Tool D1 (their newest laser that does a ton of different metals) is 20% off. 
  •  The Apple Pencil Second Gen is only $89 right now on Amazon. This is a fabulous price for this iPad accessory! And they also have a NEW Apple Pencil that is at a lower price point. This one does not have the pressure sensitivity though. 

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Remember you can go ahead and share this post, or use the FREE Christmas Wish List in the Creative PDFs section of my Free Library to pass along your list in a fun way. These are affiliate links so I do get a small commission when you purchase anything, so thank you!

And Merry Almost Christmas!

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