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Welcome to Well Crafted Studio! My name is Jen, and I’m over-the-top excited (whoo-hoo!) to have this platform to encourage you and to provide you with creative inspiration. I believe having that well filled is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves.

Just so we can get to know each other better, I’d like to tell you a bit about myself. One major thing you’ll notice soon is that I’m visual. I often think (and write) in craft metaphors. SO, as we prepare to throw open the doors to this website, here’s your first craft metaphor. Imagine a skein of yarn, and as you start to pull the end from the center of a skein it’s straight and taut, but as you continue to pull it starts to gather into a loopy kind of messed up pile. Yeah, it started ten years ago like that, with a blog.

Incredible Beginnings

I was a stay-at-home mom, and I really just wanted community with other creative people like me, so that I wouldn’t lose the creative part of myself. But as I pulled more yarn out of the skein, the more it started to pile into something so much more than I’d ever dreamed. An Etsy shop, a part-time gig writing magazine articles, super cool awesome people, conferences, and (wait for it…) a book with a major craft publisher. Seriously!!! And then life shifted in 2012. Everything changed. My pile of yarn got picked up off the table and tossed up in the air. When it landed, everything was different.

Unforeseen Change in Direction

There was no blog. No Etsy. No writing career. But there was a non-profit creativity ministry in a gift shop a couple miles from my home. And they needed someone with ideas for products to make. And there was a group of like-hearted women willing to work with me. Seriously amazing. I picked up my yarn again and started to knit.

Over the next six years, I got a crash course on using my creativity in ways I’d never envisioned, and a frontrow seat in how offering up whatever skills and gifts I’ve been given can (in God’s hands) literally change the world. We had an artisan co-op in Peru, and a weekly volunteer group – women willing to make whatever I dreamed up. There were retail venues willing to sell what we made and momentum kept building. I was feeling pretty confident that I had found my life’s purpose. In fact, it was knitting up so pretty that I ignored all the signs of burnout, and just kept on clicking those needles.

How I Found My Way Here

Then last year, life happened, and I crashed mentally, physically, and emotionally. My yarn went airborne once again, and it fell again into one big mess. When you no longer have what you thought was your life’s purpose, you feel loss. And loss, regardless of how it happens, or whether it was your choice to walk away or not, still leads to grief. God’s been good though, and after a couple months of couching it, and a couple more months of zero self-expectations, I started to feel better. I started to dream again, and started to create again. I started to envision THIS site. 

Welcome to Well Crafted Studio!

 It’s a place, conveniently located online, where you can come over with your coffee or tea. You can sit and pick a project, and we’ll figure out how to make it. And as we make it, we’ll talk about creativity, and how it can make everything more vivid, and exciting, and beautiful. Then you’ll start to dream too.

You’ll dream up ways to make your house prettier, your heart happier, your soul fuller, and eventually we’ll share ideas for using that creativity to make a difference in the world.

I’ll be here to teach, validate, and encourage you.  And then maybe, as we play, I’ll get to introduce you to some crafty friends who are learning to use their creativity to make a difference in the world.

Do I have an actual pattern for this creative project? Yes! Do I have any idea how it will all look when we’re done? Absolutely not. But isn’t that part of the joy of creating?

To create along with me, sign up for email updates and get projects and inspiration delivered straight to your inbox by subscribing below. Once again, welcome to Well Crafted Studio!

11 thoughts on “Welcome to Well Crafted Studio”

    1. Thanks Auntie Connie!! I’m going to enjoy writing again! Thanks for your comment. It made me smile!!! Love you!

    1. Thanks Kari!!! I am super thrilled to see people connecting with what I wrote! I appreciate you taking the time to “whoo-hoo!!” with me. We should have coffee soon!

  1. Wow! Your mom is like a sister to me—we met in college. This sounds amazing. I am not creative, but will certainly enjoy following your story.

    1. Hi jean! You ARE like a sister, and when she talks about you it’s like she saw you the day before. I love how some friendships pick up wherever they left off. Thanks for leaving a comment! I am seriously thrilled with the opportunity this is giving me to connect with people!!! Crafty or not I hope you keep reading (and maybe we’ll slyly convince you to try some projects….).

    2. Looking back, Jeannie, I can see God was gifting me the best possible roomie:). We had a lot of fun but we stayed true to our heritage as well.

  2. Just thinking how proud your grandma would be that you’re teaching though be it using tools (technology) that made her decide it was time to retire:)! So proud, honey!

  3. Dearest Jen Jen,
    So proud of you! It looks great but even more so reading your words feels great!
    It makes my heart happy knowing how many artists are being strengthened and encouraged by your words! Can’t wait to see where this new adventure leads you and so grateful I get to tag a long.❤️

  4. I recently retired and my family gave me a Cricut for Christmas. I am looking forward to making home decor and gifts for family and friends.

    1. That’s awesome! My mom got a Cricut soon after she retired and she loves making cards and gifts. I hope you have a blast and PLEASE let me know if you have questions as you get started. ❤️

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