How to Find Purpose in Your Creativity

Part of having my very own blog and website is that I get the opportunity to share things about my life and experiences. Am I going to spend time telling you all about my cute dog? Only if the cuteness of the dog somehow works to illustrate the stated mission of this site. As the stated mission of this site is to encourage and validate creativity… it’s a stretch. But we can all hope I work it in someday. (Oh- wait I just did! You can see her pic over on Instagram .) Today I will spend time telling (or showing) how you can find purpose in what you do.

What I want to share today is actually a video. Take a couple minutes to watch. You’ll be glad you did. Maybe you’ll watch it a couple of times. I did. When you’ve finished, meet me below the link.


You are more than just a _____

Do you see yourself as “just a ______?” Are you just a mom? Just a volunteer? Just someone unemployed, or somehow marginalized? Maybe you think, “I used to be somebody, but now I’m just a _______.” I’d love to hear what you think when you watch this. So please take a moment and share your thoughts below. And then share this. It’s a powerful video. Let’s start changing the way we, and those around us, see their value. I hope you find purpose in what you do.

Just a … treat! Here is the .svg file I created for the quote artwork in the first photo. You’re welcome to use it to create your own piece.❤️ If you do, I would love to have you post a pic on my Well Crafted Facebook Page! And for those who’d rather just print it out, I added the PDF file as well.

2 thoughts on “How to Find Purpose in Your Creativity”

  1. I don’t see myself as anyone special. But I am special to a few people special to me. That was a beautiful video and made me feel good and renews my faith in humanity.

    1. That was beautifully said! I wanted to argue when you said you don’t see yourself as anyone special, but I really like how you put that in context. And when I thought about it, I don’t really see myself as anything special either. I guess it’s a little bit like saying those who know us, know our worth. I like that. I’d rather not be flashy and seem like I’m more then I am. Thanks for the thought!!! I hope you continue to share- it’s fun!

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