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What's your Why? Do you Know? Understand how your Why relates to your What and How to Create with Purpose

Create with Purpose by Knowing Your WHY

This is a post I wrote last year about this time. But many of my readers are new and I thought it would be helpful for those that are looking for a purpose in what they’re doing. And this article, Create with Purpose by Knowing your Why is a good read. 😉

I love books, and they seem to find me as if they were on their own special journey. One recent such book, that my husband literally dropped on my lap, is called Start with Why, by Simon Sinek. In it, Simon explains that much of the world starts with WHAT they’re going to do or make. End of story. Instead, what Simon is proposing is that we should start with the WHY (the reason for doing or making what you’re making). Starting with WHY can bring forth purpose, which means you can create with purpose by knowing your WHY.

Move Away From Starting with WHAT

For instance, as someone with a handmade product to sell (the WHAT), we may stress that it’s one of a kind and only available for purchase through us. We appeal to the customer’s desire for trendy things because that’s fun and much more likely to sell. These are tried and true marketing techniques, and we should be aware of their importance, but if we focus on getting people to buy our WHAT, then we miss the opportunity to inspire them with our WHY.

Why Start with WHY?

Our WHY is to encourage others to dream big, to thrill them, and to connect with them on different levels.

Handmade is about recognizing the value in making things by hand, by seeing the value in something that’s been designed and crafted to be individual and unique.

It’s about something that was not mass-produced so it isn’t the same as everyone else’s. Choosing something handmade can help others connect with and celebrate their uniqueness of them.

The inspiration, the encouragement, and the customer experience that leads to loyalty and enrichment come if we start with WHY.

Back to the Book

On the back cover of the book, it says, “WHY is not about money or profits – they are the results. WHY is important, and is the reason we get out of bed in the morning.”

Our WHY is our purpose or belief. Simon argues that the WHY is so important that we all need to start with it.

…if we focus on getting people to buy our WHAT then we miss the opportunity to inspire them with our WHY, to encourage them to dream big, to thrill them, and to connect with them on a personal level.

-Jen Swift 😂

Change Your Focus

The most powerful personal WHY’s are focused on other people. If our WHY is all about lifting ourselves up, then we miss the opportunity to inspire, encourage, and equip others.

In the book, Simon uses people and companies as examples of starting with a clear WHY. It’s a great read, especially if you’re thinking about starting a business. It’s so easy to focus on the WHAT of your endeavor. This website is my WHAT.

How Your What Can Lead You to Your How and Why.

So you may come to this website because you really want to learn to create something awesome.

✅ This WHAT (the project) will appeal to you because you want to learn new skills and techniques so that you can create something that makes you feel good and maybe you can sell.

✅ The HOW is the new skills and experience you gain. And in the how, you realize that the time you spend creating is actually pretty good for you and worth the time, effort, and money. Hopefully, you’ll find encouragement here to live a more creative life.

✅ This leads to your WHY. It’s your desire to create combined with your reason for creating. And this can lead you to your purpose for being a creative type of person. It all flows together like ripples in a well – one leading into another. That’s Your WHY.

FYI- This is an Amazon affiliate link.

Next Step- Share it.

So spend a little time this week and think about your WHY, WHAT, and HOW. Look at how you can Create with Purpose by knowing your WHY. Then I would love to have you share it here or on my Facebook page for Well Crafted Studio!

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2 thoughts on “Create with Purpose by Knowing Your WHY”

    1. I LOVE this Why!!! As a little girl I drew princess dresses all the time and my favorite book was The Little Princess. So that’s a why I totally can get behind. Thanks so much for sharing it!

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