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Crafty Finds- Prime Day Deals You Won’t Want to Miss [2021]

EVERY YEAR- it taunts me. Prime day. It seems like there should be a ton of good stuff on sale…and then there’s really not. Yes, there’s a lot on sale but it’s not on things that I would normally want to buy. I mean really, last year I saw a meat tenderizer shaped like Thor’s hammer.

Actually, my son kind of wanted that but he doesn’t cook so…

But this year, I went to purchase some of the shampoo we like and happened to glance at my “Saved for Later” list.

And guess what… there were craft supplies that I’d LOVE to get on sale!!! So OF COURSE, I wanted to share them with you.

My List of Amazon Prime Day Picks

Cricut Deals-

So right away here’s the Cricut heavy hitter deals for Prime Day. These are good, but I think you’ll like the other stuff I found more! So read on for the more obscure Prime Day Deals!

Cricut Maker Bundle- This is $279 and comes with a whole bunch of extra stuff. You have to decide if it’s stuff you’ll use and if it’s worth it to get this deal. It may be the best buy you make today!

Cricut Explore Air 2- For only $169 this deal is a sweet one. Keep in mind though, that you can’t use the Cricut Engraving Tool with this machine. BUT, for vinyl, sticker paper, and card stock this one is a winner. And FYI this is not the newest model of Explore.

Cricut Machine Carrying Case- Have Cricut Will Travel. Eventually, at some point in your Cricut-ting you’ll want to take it somewhere. This case will help you transport your machine safely- and it comes with cool storage compartments so you’re organized as well!

Cricut EasyPress Carrying Case- For the same reasons as above (plus the floral pattern of this is super cute!)

For Sublimation

PYD Stainless Steel Coffee Mugs– These look like they fit the Cricut Mug Press (that I just got for my birthday) 🎉 .

PYD Stainless Steel Straight Tumblers– I saw a video where the gal used these in the Cricut Mug Press, but flipped it upside down after pressing the bottom so that she could press the top. Genius!

PYD Glitter Straight Tumbler– The same as the tumblers above except in glitter. They also had plain stainless steel tumblers as well. But so far sublimation shows up a lot better on the white for me.

PYD Mason Jar Tumblers- A friend just sent me pics of one of these she did in the Cricut Mug Press. It’s SO CUTE!!! And it’s a Prime Day Deal!

Edited to Add: I got the Mason Jar Tumblers AND the Stainless Steel Coffee Mugs and they worked great in my Cricut Mug Press! You can see the results below!

VEGOND Straight Tumbler- Just another option for the tumblers.

Sodeno 11 or 15 oz. Ceramic Mugs (set of 6)– These are the classic mugs for sublimation, but I really like the 15 oz. size.

Sodeno Ceramic Mugs with Rounded Bottom- The rounded bottom on these really adds perceived value. They look more expensive and unusual- which makes your product or gift look that way too!

For Engraving + Sublimation

Keychain Bottle Opener for Engraving- The little disk in these is made of metal so you can sublimate and then engrave these great little gifts!

Ebamaz Metal Business Cards for Sublimation/Engraving (.045 thickness)- These are the thicker business cards and they come in gold, silver, pearl white, decorative edges, and even a sampler pack. See pic below for color differences!

Ebamaz Metal Business Cards- EVEN THICKER! These .5 mil are the thickest of the metal business cards that I’ve seen. This makes them great for non-business card uses like tags or hanging garden markers.

— These go great with the metal business cards- Peel and Stick Magnet Sheets in Business Card Size!

Ebamaz Sublimation Metal Signs- 8″ x 12″- These are pretty cool! They come with drilled corners and you can get them in different colors and thicknesses. These might be a good option if you’re looking for larger pieces for sublimation and engraving, or if you want to cut them into smaller pieces for bookmarks or coasters.

A-Sub Sublimation Paper- I just purchased this (doh!) but figure I’ll stock up and grab a second one. So far, I’ve been really pleased with the results that I’m getting. Make sure you get the right size for your sublimation printer.

Sublimation Set of Tape and Teflon Sheets- Some extra supplies that make getting good sublimation results easier to achieve.

T-Shirt Alignment Pack of Rulers- These look handy, and I’d meant to get some. Plus, they come well-reviewed!

gold and white business cards for engraving
Gold on the left and White on the right- Same Image!

For Straight Up Awesome Engraving Projects!

RMP Stamping Aluminum Circle Pendants- This is a brand I’ve purchased from many times and I’m always happy with the results. These are not for sublimation but they make great blanks for engraving!

RMP Stamping Ring Blanks- These are so much fun. If you’d like to see a cool way to finish the rings with a little bling I have a project in my Engraving Metals Book!

engraved ring

Dog Bone Shaped Dog Tags- Probably the cutest engraveable dog tags that I’ve seen online….

Rectangle Hole-Punched Stamping Blanks – These have two holes, one on each end which makes them great as pendants with a single dangle, as bar necklaces, OR if you curve them with a bracelet bender they make accents sewn to a leather cuff or as a chain bracelet.

LED Acrylic Light Base with Blank Acrylic Circle- Okay, so I haven’t tried engraving these yet so I really don’t know if this is a good find or not. BUT, this 2-pack is cheap enough that I think I’ll give it a whirl!

Heart Shaped Acrylic Sheets for the LED Light Bases- Because who doesn’t looooovveee a good heart project.

4″ Round Acrylic Discs- These can easily work as Christmas Ornaments and come as a 20 pack! Perfect timing for you early achievers.

3″ Round Acrylic Discs- Slightly smaller, these come in a 20 pack.

Acrylic Keychain Blanks (30 pack of assorted hearts, circles, and rectangles). Maybe you’ve seen the videos where people apply vinyl and then add glittered resin. These would be perfect- but I’d love to see these engraved first!

DIYIT Off-Brand Strong Grip Mats- I’ve tried other off-brand mats and been pleasantly surprised. This isn’t one of the brands I’ve tried, but it has good reviews so I thought I’d include it here.

For Procreate Users-

Yes! There are Prime Day Deals for YOU too!

Paper-feel Screen Protector- This is the brand I’ve purchased in the past. It comes in a 2-pack so if it’s the first time you’ve installed these, you’ll have the added assurance that you’ll have more than one shot at it. Plus, they come with super clear instructions and everything you need to for a smooth application.

Laptop Adjustable Tray/Table- I got one of these recently as a gift and it works great as a sidecar when I’m working with both my laptop and my iPad.

Printable Frosty Clear Vinyl- This is one of the brands I use and I really like it. And it’s a Prime Day Deal!

And that’s it so far… Oh, except for those Cricut/Resin crafters check these Prime Day Deals for you! And if you’re a fan of my friend Amy Romeu’s awesome faux leather earrings, here’s a sampler pack that’s perfect for the 4th of July that I really couldn’t help posting. I tried. Really. But they’d be SOOOO CUTE!

Woohoo! I’m going to keep looking for more deals, but wanted to get this posted quickly so you don’t miss these steals!

Found something you want to share? Post it in my Engraving Metals Facebook Group OR in the comments below! Thanks!

This page has a list of affiliate links for Amazon Prime Deals- As an affiliate for Amazon I receive a small commission on your purchases, at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

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