How to Make a Pumpkin Throw Pillow

How to Make a Stitched Pumpkin Throw Pillow

With fall it’s easy to run for the maple leaf reds, the golden yellows, and the burnt oranges when decorating your home. But sometimes less is more. Without the bright colors, the imagery of fall can really stand out. This stitched pumpkin pillow is all neutrals and perfectly complements the farmhouse trend. Better than being trendy, is how extremely simple this is to make. You don’t need mad sewing skills to make one of these pillows. In fact, the messy stitching only adds to the handmade look. The materials are easy to find and inexpensive, and if you don’t have a sewing machine, you can either skip that step altogether or add hand stitching.

How to Make a Stitched Pumpkin Throw Pillow



Downloadable Pumpkin Applique Pattern Template
Download this Free Pattern from the Creative Resource Library.

Step One: Download and Print the Template

In the Creative Resource Library find the pumpkin PDF template. Download and then print it out. If you’d like to make it bigger you can and then just tape the overlapping pieces together.

Use the pattern to cut the fabric to size for the appliqué. | Free Downloadable pattern is going to look great with Buffalo Check Fabric.
Use the pattern to cut a piece of fabric to size and then repeat with the fusible interfacing.

Step Two: Back the Fabric with Iron On Interfacing

Cut a piece of canvas fabric large enough for your pumpkin. Then cut a piece of interfacing to cover the back of it. Using an iron and following the directions for the interfacing you purchased, adhere it to the fabric. Canvas fabric doesn’t have a printed front, so it’s really fine to use either side.

With the flannel and other fabrics, you can usually tell if there’s a front or back by looking at it. Keep the paper backing of the fusible iron-on interfacing in place as you iron.

Trace and then cut out the appliqué pattern for the stitched pumpkin throw pillow. | How to make a pumpkin sofa pillow | Buffalo Check Pumpkins
Trace the pumpkin and cut it out.

Step Three: Cut and Trace the Template

Cut out the pumpkin shape. Don’t cut out the pieces yet. Put it on the paper backing of the fabric and trace around it. I like to use a ballpoint pen so it glides a bit. Cut the traced pumpkin from the fabric. Heat your iron if it is no longer warm.

Step Four: Prep the Pillowcase

Using the hot iron, press the wrinkles out of the pillowcase. Make sure you have your pillowcase situated so that the bottom is nearest to you. Then fold it in half and press a small line at the top and bottom. This is your centerline and will help you position the fabric pieces.

Cut and arrange the pieces of pumpkin appliqué pattern on the pillowcase.
Hold the pattern on top of the cut out and cut along the dotted line to get the individual pieces.

Step Five: Cut and Arrange the Pieces

Then using the paper template as a guide (you can hold it over the tracing) cut along the dotted lines.

Peel off the paper backing of the interfacing.
Once the pieces are cut, peel off the paper and assemble all the pieces in place.

Arrange them, front side up, on your pillowcase along that center line and check your placement. I like mine slightly lower on the pillow rather than smack in the middle. Keep in mind though that the pillow will be puffier with the insert in it. Then remove all the pieces except the middle section.

How to use the Cricut Easy Press to iron-on the appliqué pattern.
Use the Cricut Easy Press to iron-on the cut out pumpkin pieces.

Step Six: Iron on the Pumpkin Pieces

Remove the paper backing of the middle piece and iron it in place. Follow the instructions for the iron-on interfacing that you purchased. Keep your iron moving across the entire part. Then do the same with the piece on either side, moving out from that center part. Then do the stem.

Sew Around the pumpkin appliqué pieces. | how to use buffalo plaid to decorate everything.
Using a straight stitch go around all the pieces several times.

Step Seven: Sew around the Pieces

Open the pillowcase. Insert the top layer only onto the arm of your sewing machine. Usually part of the arm slides off so that you can more easily do smaller diameter items like shirt cuffs. The trickiest thing about sewing pillowcases is to make sure you’re only sewing through one layer.

Then, using a contrasting thread, start to sew around the pieces. Do a straight stitch and get close to the edges. I like to do messy stitching and go over my lines around each piece several times. I do not start and stop with each piece. I continue sewing from one piece to the next. It’s fun to think of this as if you were sketching a line drawing that’s all one line.

Don’t be afraid to manhandle the fabric a bit. To move it, put your needle down into the fabric, lift up your presser foot and pivot the material. Then fold over the extra, bunch it to the side, whatever you need to do to make sure you only sew through the top layer of fabric. When done, clip the threads.

Pro-Tip: You don’t have to pull the pieces out after each piece is sewn. Simply backstitch and then move your pillowcase (without cutting the threads or removing the pillowcase) so you can start directly on the next section.

How to make a stitched pumpkin throw pillow tutorial | How to make this throw pillow.
Adding a fun and fresh touch to our seasonal decor!

Step Eight: Add the Insert

Press the pillow with the iron and then put the pillow insert (or cushion) into the pillowcase. Fluff and add to your fall décor!

I have my pumpkin pillow on my couch. I love that it adds this noticeable fall element to the decor, but it does it in a way that complements the rest of the room.

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PS- For Cricut Users

If you have a Cricut and would like to cut this appliqué with your cutting machine I’ve added a .png file (that does not have the dotted lines) to my Creative Resource Library. This would be suitable for uploading to Cricut Design Space, just process it as a simple image and then as a cut file. Voila! You have your own pumpkin cut file.

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