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Engrave a Cookie Spatula for Christmas with the Cricut Maker's Engraving Tip

How to Make Engraved Cookie Spatulas with a Cricut Maker- 2020 Update!

It really is a perfect gift for the neighbor or coworker who you’d love to give something nice to but you don’t want to put a huge amount of time, energy, or money into it. Fortunately, you have a Cricut Maker and because you do- you can make all kinds of handmade gifts that are quick, easy, and don’t break the bank with the cost of the supplies. And if you love gifts that are little kits, the cookie spatula pairs really well with a baking mitt, wooden spoon, and a maybe a jar or bag of cookie mix! This tutorial will make it simple for you to take your own designs or mine and make engraved cookies spatulas with a Cricut Maker.

If this design or project feels familiar, it’s because a little over a year ago this project was a guest post on Jennifer Maker’s blog. She included it in her 25 Days of Crafting and created a video to go with it. At the time my design went with the guest post, but the deal was that after a year I could add it to my own site. SO not only can you get the original SVG design now, but I’ve added a second, updated gingerbread boy with pattern fill so that you get a more visible engraving. You can get both in my Creative Resource Library!

Get the FREE 2020 Gingerbread Boy with Pattern Fill

How to Make Engraved Cookie Spatulas with a Cricut Maker Engraving Tool

Supplies and Tools


Step One: Get the free SVG download and updated PNG design from my Creative Resource Library!

You can use your OWN Christmas design or you can download the free designs I have for you in my Free Library. I actually have 3 designs in the zip file. One is the original, the second is a variation of that one, and the third is a PNG with pattern fill of just the gingerbread boy.

Step Two: Upload the SVG to Cricut Design Space

Upload the designs into Cricut Design Space by opening up a new canvas and then clicking on the Upload icon in the left toolbar. Choose the Gingerbread Man Design from your uploaded images and click on Insert Images to upload it to your canvas.

How to Upload an SVG into Cricut Design Space.
Upload Your Image

Step Three: Duplicate, Align and Attach the Design

To get a deeper engraving, use the Duplicate button in the layers panel and duplicate the design 2-3 times. Select all, and from the drop-down options under Align in the edit panel, choose Center. The images will now stack perfectly. 

NOTE: This tip is for the line drawing version of this design from 2019. If you’re using the 2020 version with the pattern fill you probably don’t need to duplicate it at all, or only want to duplicate it 2x.

Tip for how to duplicate and attach designs for a deeper engraving.

Step Four: Change the Linetype to Engrave, Size the Design, and Rotate it

With all still selected, click the Attach at the lower right side of your screen. Change the Linetype from Cut to Engrave.

The spatula we’re using has an engravable surface that is about 2.25″ x 2.25″. Because of the room that the roller needs, Cricut automatically limits us from placing a design any closer to the edge of the grid than 11.75″. So those are the two restrictions you have when you size your image.

I found that this design fits best if we change its height to 1.6″. When we do this, the width will change automatically to stay in proportion. The last thing to do before we are ready to go is to rotate the design upside down. Rotate in the top toolbar 180 degrees, and the design turns perfectly into position. And we’re ready to cut!

Go ahead and click on the Make it button in the upper right corner of your canvas! Now it’s time to get the mat ready. 

Cricut Design Space screenshot for the Engraved Cookie Spatula project.

Step Five: Tape the Spatula to the Edge of your Mat Upside Down

This is the part where we talk about the handle. The typical handle jams the rollers, but the flat metal part of a server or spatula can go through so I figured out that since the Cricut machine doesn’t feed the entire mat through the rollers we can engrave the flat part.

The solution is to position our object so that the handle hangs off the bottom edge of the mat, so only the part we want to engrave on actually goes through the machine. SO FUN!

So with this project, you’ll want to place your spatula’s top edge so that it’s at the 10″ horizontal grid line and then center it on the 6″ vertical line. If you don’t want to eyeball the center, you can use a small tip sharpie and a ruler to find and mark the center of your spatula. Center and position the spatula as shown. The Sharpie will rub off as soon as you’re done.

NOTE: Be ABSOLUTELY sure that the bend of the spatula is 1/2″ from the bottom of the grid. This gives the right amount of room for the rollers. To help me remember this I used a Sharpie to draw a line 1/2″ from the bottom of the grid.

Example of how the Cookie Spatula should be taped at the bottom of the mat for engraving with a Cricut Maker.

Press down on the spatula’s surface, so you get a strong adhesion to the mat. Then use some painter’s tape and tape just along the edges. You don’t want to engrave through the tape as this will gum up the engraver. It’s not terrible when this happens but…. it’s better if not.

Step Six: Move the Design to the Center and Bottom Edge of the Screen 

On the next screen (the Mat Preview Page), you’ll see a representation of the mat with your design on it. Drag your design to the very bottom of this mat image until it hits the red margin line, and then center it on the 6″ vertical line. With this design, it’s easy to see how to position it, because we can line up the center grid line with the buttons on our Gingerbread man. 

Now just double-check that the spatula’s position on the mat matches the location of the image on the screen. Finally, select the Continue button on the lower-right corner of the screen. Almost done now!!! 

Screenshot for how to rotate a design in Cricut Design Space so that it can be engraved onto a cookie spatula.

Step Seven: Prepare to Make Engraved Cookie Spatulas with a Cricut Maker!

Turn on your machine and move the star wheels all the way to the right side of the roller. Load your mat into your Maker. Follow the prompts on the screen, Choose Stainless Steel as your material setting. Make sure you’ve inserted your engraving tip.

Step Eight: Engrave your Cookie Spatula!

When prompted, press the flashing Go button on your Cricut Maker. This will start the engraving. Because it’s going over the design 3 times, it will take a little longer than you may be used to. Now watch it engrave! Once it’s finished, you can unload your mat and then peel off the tape. Use the adhesive side of the tape to press on the engraving to remove the surface metal shavings.

How to make engraved cookie spatulas at home with a Cricut Maker means putting your spatula at the bottom of the mat.

And That’s It! Now You Can Make Engraved Cookie Spatulas with a Cricut Maker as Easy Holiday Gifts!

How to Engrave a Cookie Spatula for DIY Christmas Gifts with the Cricut Maker | Simple Engraving Tutorial to Make a Christmas Spatula
DIY your own Christmas Cookie Spatula for holiday baking or gifting this holiday season with this Cricut tutorial.

If you’d like to see how this all works I have a YouTube video, How to Engrave Stainless Steel Servers that shows you EXACTLY how to do all the techniques in this post. It helps if you’re a visual learner. ❤️


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7 thoughts on “How to Make Engraved Cookie Spatulas with a Cricut Maker- 2020 Update!”

  1. Do you still recommend duplicating the 2020 version several times for engraving. Thanks. So cute. I am becoming addicted to engraving!

    1. Hi Margarete! I actually just posted some resources on this in my Engraving Metals Facebook group. I’ll copy and paste the post for you. ❤️ I use the Silhouette Studio option a lot but Kay Hall’s new method is gold. For the updated gingerbread boy I used the Procreate Method. If you’d like to join the FB group there are a lot of people that are learning this right now.

      🏷 Kay Hall’s NEW cool method uses Design Space-
      🏷 Abbi Kirsten’s Pattern Slice method is Design Space-
      🏷 Karley Hall’s Silhouette Studio Business Edition- This is a super easy way to add a fill in minutes.
      🏷 My Procreate Method- This is a selective pattern that’s Raster based. I can post a video demo of this.

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