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Sublimation Camp Welcome Page

Welcome Sublimation Camp Crafters!

I'm SO glad you're here and I can't wait to share my Sublimation Camp workshop with you! It will be on Day 2 (May 5th) of Sublimation Camp and you can find all the info about it below!

Table of Contents

Sublimation is AWESOME with Procreate!

How to Get a Free Ticket to Camp!

Sublimation Camp is a Free 3-Day Online Event that will help you sublimate like a pro with 20+ inspiring sublimation tutorials and projects.

The goal of Sublimation Camp is to make sublimation simple for crafters.

They have all the info about printers, ICC profiles, designing for sublimation, as well as ideas for what you can make with sublimation. All taught by the best crafters in their field.

My new workshop, How to Make Sublimation Designs in Procreate– is ONLY available through Sublimation Camp.

You can watch it free during Sublimation Camp (May 4th – 6th) or you can get an All-Access Pass below and watch it anytime. Plus, you’ll get tons of free bonuses (more on that below)!

What You'll Learn in this Workshop

  1. How to create a custom template for your blank.
  2. How to use stamps and brushes to create a sublimation design.
  3. How to add and warp text in Procreate.
  4. How to use layers, colors, and more in Procreate!
  5. And how to export your sublimation designs to size and print to scale.

Wondering What Sublimation Is?

I gotcha! I have a post, Sublimation Made Simple for Cricut Crafters that is made to answer all your beginner questions about this process and what you can do with it. 

Get the All-Access Pass for MORE Camp Fun!

Did you buy the Sublimation Camp All-Access Pass yet? Did you know I have 5 hand-illustrated boho sublimation designs included in this All-Access Pass?

The pass also includes lots of other bonus resources. Including Sublimation designs, mini-courses, and LOTS of cheatsheets and printables.

All the workshops will become available on May 4th. So if you buy the AAP you’ll have access to the bonuses right away, but won’t get access to all the workshops until the 4th. 

SO- to recap if you want to be able to watch any of the 20+ workshops at any time and get tons of free content- get the pass before the price goes up!

A Thank You Gift

AND if you purchase the All-Access Pass through my affiliate link you’ll receive as a thank you gift of 5 MORE Boho Sublimation Designs!

It’s easy! Once you purchase through my affiliate link below, just email me at and I’ll send you a link to the bonus design files. Just for a little added incentive to purchase!

Sub Camp Supply List + Freebies

There isn’t much that you need for this workshop! And if you already have an iPad then you’re golden because I’ve included as the workshop freebie the Boho Sampler Procreate Brush set that I used in the video. 


A Little Extra- I also tucked the design for Sorry Today Sucks png in the download folder (with the brush set) to make following along with the tutorial a breeze!

Basic Supplies

Sorry Today Sucks PNG Design*

Boho Brush Sampler*

*workshop freebie

Optional Supplies

Bonus Video - How to Import Brushes into Procreate

Wondering how to upload brushes in to Procreate? I have one of the bonus videos from my Boho Brush Bundle free for you to watch below!

Sublimation Made Simple for Cricut Crafters

Join the Procreate for Cricut Crafters FB Community!

For a super creative community that supports each other and the main goal is to try something new. We share our Procreate wins and questions with the group. 

Curious? Join here.

Live Inspired- Create with Purpose- Thanks for Visiting Well Crafted Studio

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