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Create Custom Designs for your crafts in just minutes

If you would like to know how to create your OWN designs to use with a Cricut machine, this book will teach you digital design in a non-technical way that feels like play.

I can’t WAIT to get this in your hands…. so here’s a special offer. During the Cricut Adventure I’m offering this for only $29!

(That’s $20 OFF the regular price of $49!)

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Or you can supercharge your Procreate journey with the Live Course Experience!

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Designing Can Be Scary!

As creative types of people we don’t like to have limits and Cricut Design Space won’t let us do everything we’d like to. The common “next step” to do all the things you wan to do is to buy a pro design software that’s expensive, takes a ton of time to learn, and is much more “robust” than what we need. 

But to be able to take your crafting to a level where you can customize your designs, add your own flair, create your own work to sell, or feel like anything is possible… you need to be able to design.

What if I told you there was a better way?

Because THERE IS! Even if you don’t think you can draw, or haven’t tried to draw since you were a kid. With Procreate, you can easily trace photos or use stamp brushes to get great results with no effort. Digital art is sooo much easier than you probably think it is. 

 EVEN if you never had an art class. ever. 


The Procreate Playbook

The Procreate Playbook for Cricut Crafters introduces you to the basics of how to use this iPad app to create craft designs in a relatable manner that ISN’T like reading a technical manual.

You’ll be introduced to Cricut Design Space and see how simple it is to combine both Procreate and Cricut to create cut images and print then cut designs for your crafting!

Go from idea to completed project in just minutes with the Procreate Playbook!

What’s inside the ebook?


The first six chapters are all about how to use Procreate. We go into the Procreate canvas and figure out all the tools, brushes, and more. You’ll love all the photos and the step-by-steps in this section!

Section Two: HOW TO CRAFT WITH CRICUT + Cricut Design Space

The next five chapters are on using Cricut Design Space. Its canvas, operations (like Print then Cut) and what’s possible when you have a Cricut  to bring your Procreate designs to life. 

Section Three: Designing with Procreate for Cricut Design Space

This is where we pull it together with how to upload your designs into Cricut Design Space, how to create cut images, and make print then cut designs. Plus, you get cheatsheets like my Procreate to Cricut Design Space Conversion Guide! 

Extras: Bonus downloads to make it even MORE fun to Play!

Of course you need some fun new brushes + stamps to play with as we create designs. So the Procreate Playbook comes with a brushset + palette of colors to make your play… funner (that’s totally a word, right?

Why an E-book on Procreate for Crafters?

ANY new technology can seem scary at first. But if we have someone else to help us it’s a lot easier. So I wanted to write a book that would make it seem more approachable and enjoyable while giving you all the info you need to get started creating your own unique designs to craft with. 

This ebook is for you if:


Jennifer!! Take a bow! What I've read, so far, is amazing! You have done a stupendous job at breaking it ALL down. The pictures, that lead you along, are wonderful, too. I downloaded it to my eReader, so I can have it beside me as I go from page to page with my iPad. It's clear, crisp, and beautiful. I'm proud to know you.

– Danielle S

Hello, I'm Jen

And I can’t wait to play with you! There’s nothing that thrills me more than to encourage people to create. It gives us the much needed joy we need and it connects us to who we were meant to be. It’s MY purpose in life to inspire and encourage YOU. You can see more about me on my blog,

But here’s why I decided to write a book on combining Procreate and Cricut. Crafting is something I’ve loved to do my whole life, but rediscovering my love of drawing is something that happened more recently. And it’s because I wanted to make my own custom stickers. Once I found out how many sticker illustrators were using Procreate, I started to play with it- and quickly realized how AMAZING Procreate and Cricut could be together. 

Want a little More help? Do you Learn Best If Someone Shows you what to do?

Check out the Procreate Playbook Live Course Experience!

This 4-week course experience offers twice-weekly Live tutorials, 13 + pre-recorded video modules, and TONS of bonuses. This is as close as I can get to actually hanging out with you as you learn this app. 

Plus, all the course content will be continue to be available on replay after the course ends. 

Want to learn more about our special “Play Today” offer? Click the link below!

Have a question about the book?

You don’t have to be able to draw to use Procreate! I have all kinds of tips that will help you to get great results- even if you can’t draw a straight line to save your life!

No. Procreate is an iPad app you’ll have to buy in the Apple App Store. It is currently $12.99 and has free updates. 

This is a digital download and as such, it is not returnable. However, if you find you won’t use it, or it’s not what you expected, email me within the first 3 days after your purchase and I’ll refund your cost, no questions asked.

However, if you plan to return it because you just don’t feel confident, or you need help to be successful, then please don’t hesitate to ask me questions. I want you to LOVE using Procreate with your Cricut as much as I do and do it successfully!

Yes…. and no. Procreate IS an iPad only app. But you don’t have to use an Apple Pencil to create in Procreate.

The book, Procreate Playbook and the Procreate brush files are a digital download that you will be given access to  via e-mail shortly after you complete your purchase. If you don’t find it in your inbox fairly soon after you pay, then you should check your SPAM filter or folder first.  

If you can’t find it there, then just e-mail us and we’ll get it all figured out for you!

THIS IS NOT A PHYSICAL PRODUCT. It’s a digital download of PDF files that you can either read on a mobile device to save on paper. Or if you’d rather you can print it at home, or you have permission to take it to a printer.

Because this is a digital download you can print off only what you need. And you can print the sheets as many times as you need them.

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To really use the information in this book you’ll need an iPad and a Cricut machine. If you have questions about whether your iPad is compatible with the current version of Procreate you can check here. 



” I’m obsessed by Procreate! And was totally intimidated by it until Jen showed me how easy it is!”

– Emily M


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