Inspired palettes and images for Christmas 2020 trends

Top Christmas 2020 Trends for Crafters to Know

Know what to make for the holiday 2020 gift-giving season with this post that highlights the colors, materials, and crafts that are trending this holiday season. Whether you want to sell your crafts, or just want to make gifts that people will like, knowing what’s trending will help you decide how to spend your time and money this holiday crafting season! Knowledge is power. All you need is a little glimpse at what the 4 top Christmas 2020 trends for crafters to make are!

4 Top Christmas 2020 Trends for Crafters to Know and Make

  1. Warm and Cozy Winter/Scandinavian Nordic
  2. Starry Nights/ Northern Lights
  3. Whimsical Nostalgia/ Handmade
  4. Fresh and Free/Socially Conscious/ Urban + Trendy

#1 Warm and Cozy Winter/Scandinavian Nordic

This is a continuation of the last few years’ trends of Hygge/Lacom and Farmhouse modern. It’s still the white and black of Magnolia, but we’re also adding in wintergreen accents. If you noticed the asymmetrical hoop wreaths of eucalyptus, and fir last year then you can easily visualize this trend.

Tanner Bell's Simple Wood Scandinavian art
Tanner Bell’s Simple Scandinavian Art

Inspiration Board

Colors- It’s accented with gold or a butter yellow and the stark black is actually more of a chalkboard grey.

The winter cozy/Scandinavian color pallet is a more neutral color palette that calms with its’ simplicity and charms with it’s homey hygge tones.

Elements– the popular buffalo-plaid, hand drawn animals, wooden Scandinavian ornaments, and snow. Also, continuous line drawings.

Holiday photo frame ornaments
Engraved snow globe ornaments are simple colors and metals by Jen Swift.

Materials and Textures- are linen, tin, matte ceramic white, natural woods, and grey woods.

Magnolia recommends textiles to soften and coziness to your Christmas Design
photo credit: Magnolia

Example Crafts- Macrame ornaments or garland, black and white simple ornaments, IKEA decorative elements. Snowglobes with natural elements and fairy lights. Santa snacks and the asymmetrical wreaths.

#2 Starry Nights/ Northern Lights

aurora borealis
Photo by Tobias Bjørkli on

This is a more sophisticated and modern trend for the holidays but it still pulls in the sense of the deeply magical. Think of the Polar Express winding its way to the North Pole with the Northern Lights dancing overhead. It’s a navy sky amidst a galaxy of golden stars.

It has the geometrical elements of triangles and the multi-point stars, but it also ties in the iridescent streaks of greens and purples that you see in the Northern Lights. It borrows heavily from the constellation and galaxy art that has been popular in other forms this last year or so.

Inspiration Board

Colors– Think of vintage sky maps, or a winter night in Iceland. Deep tones of navy blue, teal/green, soft blue with accents of champagne gold. Pantone’s color of the year is a pretty deep blue that works well with this trend.

A darker color palette that has deep blues contrasted again golds and the iridescent colors of the Northern Lights.
A darker color palette that has deep blues contrasted again golds and the iridescent colors of the Northern Lights.

Elements– Concrete, stars and moons, unfinished wood, snowflakes and ice, and geometric shapes.

Simple starry night sky’s these pages from an Amazon catalog actually combine this trend with the Whimsical and Scandinavian trends.

Materials and Textures– Frosted, high-gloss or matte finishes; soft metallics, stone, and marble. Gold foil accents juxtaposed with modern styles or forms. It really is a combination of vintage and modern.

IKEA’S VINTER Collection from House Beautiful

Example Crafts- Starry garlands or Christmas Lights, angels, deep blue ornaments, galaxy crafts, starry gilded table settings, and night time holiday villages or a single cabin against a night sky.

This Layered Christmas Angel by Special Hearts Studio glows with light at the top of your Christmas Tree!

#3 Whimsical Nostalgia/Handmade

Gingerbread smells, peppermint candies, gnomes, and family experiences from childhood are many of the things you’ll find under this trend. Nostalgic mid-century modern patterns and colors are strong as well as handmade decorations and gifts. This is the jolly and humorous trend that includes Rudolph replay parties, and fun twists on old decorations.

Amy Romeu's gingerbread ornaments and faux leather earrings.
Gingerbread Men Earrings by Amy Romeu

Inspiration Board

Colors– Bright reds, hunter greens with the ‘50’s touches of orange, turquoise’s, and corals.

color palette for the whimsical, nostalgic and mid-century modern crafts trend.
A Christmas color palette that’s retro, nostalgic, and whimsical.

Elements– Candies, coffee+ hot cocoa, gnomes, striped ribbons, striped ribbon, characters like Rudolph and Tomte’s and Frosty. Gingerbread houses and people, as well as hand-drawn prints. Cozy mid-century modern Christmas mornings.

With scented gingerbread paint by Lucy Foxworth

Materials and Textures– Glitter, knits, felt, and cotton prints. Bottle brush trees, ceramic trees, and depression glass. And LOTS of fake snow.

How to Make DIY Advent Cards with a Cricut to Celebrate the Season of Advent
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Example Crafts- Candy inspired anything, gingerbread garlands, retro holiday gift wrap, fun crocheted reindeer or yeti hats, wall art with Christmas carols, or ornaments with fun mid-century modern colors and glittery glam. The vintage campers with holiday lights make cute cards or gift tags and of course, GNOME EVERYTHING!!!

#4 Fresh and Free/ Socially Conscious

A matcha latte or espresso while hanging out in urban green spaces. There is social purpose and understated comfort propelling this trend. But there’s also a little bit of the rebel-I’m happy doing my own thing vibe. It builds on the woodland rustic as it embraces nature-inspired colors and textures. It’s almost as if the designer lumberjack/industrial mash-up has been replaced with the realism of a comfy sofa, warm drink, and a good book.

Christmas Matcha Latte by Midwestlovefest

Inspiration Board

Colors– Matcha green, brick red, a wood bark brown, espresso brown, and a chai cream tone.

Urban trendy and socially conscious trendy color palette examples.
Warm and bright and yet cozy and contemplative as well, this color palette is a perfect mix of warm and cool.

Elements– Cozy drinks, recycled elements, warm sweaters, woodland animals, and rustic metallics.

Textures– Recycled materials, concrete, terra-cotta, brick and weathered wood.

If You Craft You NEED to Know this…

Has this ever happened to you? You make what you enjoy and that you think they’d like. It’s a guess at best. You throw all your funds into the supplies, and all your time into the making. Then you get to the show, or you watch someone unwrap the gift you made and there’s just silence. No sales, no interest, nothing but a “thanks?” Or a “huh, okay.”

It BURNS and you may feel like it’s them. But really, it’s probably you. You guessed and made what you thought you should make. A good rule of thumb when creating stock is to make 50% of what you’re confident will sell because it’s on-trend and has sold well in past seasons. Make 25% of your stock what YOU personally love and think will sell really well but is a newer trend. And the last 25% is made of products you don’t really like but that is also trendy.

4 Tips to Spot and Use Trends in Your Handmade Business

Knowing how to spot and use trends will give you the advantage of a head start on what people will be looking for in gifts. Or what they would buy for themselves.

If you’re interested in how to spot and use trends I have a whole blog post that teaches how to do this. I REALLY RECOMMEND that anyone who crafts reads my post on 4 Tips to Spot and Use Trends in Your Handmade Business. It’s the secret sauce to creating products people really want.

Want More Christmas Project Inspiration?

I have lots of Christmas project tutorials and free resources here on my blog! Download gift tags, stickers, directions for a simple nativity set, SVG’s of Christmas hymns, and the print then cut advent cards above!

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I know it’s a different way of thinking about making but there’s a lot of value in it as well because you don’t waste your money or time creating things that others won’t want to buy, give, or get. And remember, if the making is just for you then you should absolutely make whatever it is your heart likes best.

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