Rainbow Trend Wall Art To Make for Your Home

Love the rainbow trend that’s taking Pinterest by storm? I do! And because I’m longing for spring and rainbows I made some rainbow themed wall art for my home. Feel free to grab the free downloadable files for the rainbow trend wall art at the bottom of this post to create quote art inspiration for your walls too.

Because we need the reminder to hope when it’s dark or cold out.

Felt letterboard that says sun will come out tomorrow.

So it’s kind of adorable the way my 14 year old is pointing out all the signs of winter washing away, and spring unrolling. It’s been a winter heavy with snow and cold; and although we’re usually blessed with the opportunity to escape for a week, this year we didn’t go. So his seemingly sudden fascination with the signs of spring could be the result of what he calls, “winter fever.” And truly, it did seem this year as if there was no escape. When it’s dark, and cold, and still seems like winter; surrounding ourselves with reminders to hope is huge for our mental well being.

Rainbows are suddenly everywhere!

But the kind of cool thing, is that besides my son being more hopeful; I feel like the entire state is perched in anticipation. For example, there was more spring decor at places like restaurants, retail stores, or online, then I think I’ve ever noticed before. I walked into my local Hy-vee yesterday, and was greeted by a giant tulle rainbow with white balloon clouds flowing from the ceiling. ?

And I would argue it’s less about the culture of inclusiveness they often represent, and more about our bone deep desire for the promise of spring to come true. And… maybe it’s because everything ’80’s is awesome again. But for the purposes of this post, it’s Rainbows = Spring. But it’s also Rainbow’s = the reminder to hope when our world is grey and dark.

Free Rainbow trend download files to create with.

Love these Rainbow inspired quotes? They’re free to play with! You’ll find them in my Creative Resource Library!

If you have a printer you can download the rainbow quote pdf printable, and if you are the fortunate owner of a cutting machine (like a silhouette cameo or Cricut Maker or ExploreAir) then the .svg files are for you to use and make your own on trend rainbow wall art to inspire you. Also, if you want to know how to create wall art without a cutting machine (tip: using a pdf file); I have a short video and post under the projects category on my home page.

Want more multi-colored inspiration?

I have a Pinterest board full of Rainbow party ideas, home decorations, and craft projects here. I’d love to know you took a minute to indulge your senses in the ROY G BIV goodness!

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