How to Make a Wire Scribble Heart

Wire is an amazing material. It can be flexible enough to bend, yet strong enough to withstand great force. It can create fluid organic lines, and sharp, hard corners as well. Using wire to create a scribble heart sculpture is particularly appropriate as love can be messy, chaotic, and yet strong and substantial as well. And, a little like love, the patina of this wire gets brighter and more beautiful the more worn it becomes.

How to Make a Wire Scribble Heart

Supplies and Materials


Step 1: Clean your wire

Put on the protective eye gear. Using the cloth or paper towel, wipe the wire as you pull it from the roll.

Step 2: Create a basic heart shape

Create a heart shape with oversized large “bumps” as shown in the video. They need to be thin but tall so that as you wrap the wire around them they won’t get too thick. Cross the cut end over the wire coming from the spool, and wrap it under and up, into the center of the heart.

Step 3: Begin to wrap the wire around your heart

Continue to pull the wire from the spool, wiping as necessary, and wrapping around the heart shape. Using the wire pliers, grip the wire and wrap as tight as you can (so that you don’t lose the shape) without pulling it out of shape.

Step 4: Snip the wire and weave in the cut end

When you’ve completely wrapped the shape to the point where it looks the way you want, then cut the wire coming from the spool leaving a 5″ length of extra wire. Take the cut end and weave it through the center of the wire heart, burying the cut end in the center of the heart.

Step 5: Add a key ring

Add the keyring with either a jump ring or by threading it into the heart.

Pro Tip: If you would like a bright silver patina all you have to do is lightly sand the wire, removing the wire’s black coating.

Art isn’t always simple.

Although this is a simple enough project to step out, the actual execution varies every time I do it. Because of this, I may find myself making 2 (or 5) before I get one I love. It’s art. It’s not easy. But the results, if you stick with them are pretty fine. Also, your hands get stronger as you work with wire, and so the whole process gets easier with time.

For more inspiration…

Thanks for learning how to make a wire scribble heart. For more wired inspiration check out my Wire Art Board on Pinterest or take a look at my Stitched Wire Flower Tutorial.

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