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Cricut Adventure Welcome Page

Welcome to Crafting ADVENTURE!

If you’re a crafter who loves to try something new, or maybe just needs a push in that direction- we have a special event for you! It’s the Cricut Crafting Adventure. 

And I happen to be one of the go-to girls for all the details because along with Amy Romeu of I am co-hosting the Cricut Crafting Adventure. Oh, yeah. 🎉✈️🎉

And I think the saying is “Our Event? Our ideas!” 😂 

We both LOVE to encourage and inspire you to try new things and see your crafting as a well, adventure!  SO THAT’S what we’re doing the Cricut Crafting Adventure– crafting a one of a kind experience for you.

Get Your Free Ticket to Adventure!

So the details…. Cricut Crafting Adventure 2023 is a FREE 5-Day virtual adventure with 30 inspiring Cricut projects. 

PLUS 9 special Excursions where we venture a little off the beaten path and may try some things that are completely new to you- like designing in Procreate or Canva, sublimation, using the Cricut hat press, adding 3D texture to paper crafts and more…

 The event is now over but you can get the VIP Pass, AND see SPECIAL OFFERS on my Engraving Book and my NEW Procreate Playbook below.

Let Me Be Your Tour Guide!

For Cricut Adventure I have TWO fabulous experiences for you! The first is an adventure into wood with Engraving Wood Notebooks, and the second is an Excursion! This is How to Make Illustrated Maps in Procreate for Cricut. Check out the pics for each below!

All the Details on my Adventures!

I have TWO adventures for you! The first is an adventure-Engraving Wood Notebooks, and the second is an Excursion! This is How to Make Illustrated Maps in Procreate for Cricut. 

Check out the pics for each below! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Engraving Wood Notebooks

How fun are these notebooks? I’d never tried engraving wood before this adventure and have to say it was a BIG adventure. Like any good tour guide, I made it super easy for you with a design that’s optimized and a complete step out in the video!

Making Maps in Procreate for Cricut

I am SO in love with this maps! In this excursion I show you a complete project from Procreate to Cricut. We use ALL the shortcuts to make a fun illustrated map with only tracing and stamps. Then cut the stamp shapes out with Cricut!

Get My VIP Pass Bonuses!

These are the two bonuses I created to go along with my adventure and excursions. 

You’ll get them BOTH (along over $2k of other bonuses) when you purchase the VIP Pass!

Accordion Content

For the adventurous engravers out there I have 3 more engraving designs for you! These have a line fill added and can be used for wood OR metal engraving!

Accordion Content

I also have an expanded set of Procreate stamps and brushes. I had a LOT of fun making these (check out the rainbow hot air balloon stamp!) It includes the city adventurer stamps!

Start the Adventure Today!

Get More Free Designs!

Get more filled engraving designs for for FREE! You can find them in the Engraving section of my Free Library.

Subscribe today and get the password to my Freebie Library and grab dozens of pre-filled engraving designs for free. 

You’ll also get a weekly email with updates and even more freebies. Unsubscribe at any time and keep the password!

Don't Forget to Pack Your Bags!

Below you’ll find the packing lists for my Engraving Wood Notebooks Adventure and the Making Maps in Procreate with Cricut Excursion!

Accordion Content
Accordion Content

These are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase through one of these links I earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!

TWO Special Ebook Offers!

Engraving Metals with Your Cricut Maker

This 100+ page e-book solves the problems and expands the possibilities of engraving with your Cricut Maker. With 7 project tutorials that show you step by step how to get visible results!

The Procreate Playbook for Cricut Crafters

A  160-page ebook for Cricut crafters that will walk you through how to use Procreate to create custom designs! Includes a Procreate brush set and palette downloads.

Join the Engraving Metals with Your Cricut FB Community

For a super creative community that supports each other and the main goal is to try something new. We share our engraving successes and our fails in a kind of hive mind that enriches all of us. Curious? Join here.

See What's Possible with Procreate for Cricut Facebook Group!

Checklist for Uploading Procreate Art to Cricut Design Space

Wondering what you can do with Procreate + Cricut? Join the Facebook Group and check the guides for replays of our Facebook Lives! Join here!

Live Inspired- Create with Purpose- Thanks for Visiting Well Crafted Studio

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