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Win The Engraving Metals Book

Win this book!!!

Engraving Metals with Your Cricut Maker

Explore the Possibilities of Engraving with Your Cricut!

This e-book solves the problems of using your Cricut Maker to engrave metal. You can engrave all kinds of metal!

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All you have to do is comment Done on the Giveaway post in the Holiday Cricut Craftfest Group on FB! But read on for more pics of what you’ll find inside!

About THE Book on Cricut Engraving!

making engraving deeper
Make Rings!

Solve the Problems

Frustrated because you can’t see the engraving, or your design is off-center? Or maybe the engraving isn’t that deep? Find the answers for these and other commonly asked questions.

Honeycomb and Bee Necklace
Cut metal into shapes after engraving and add gold tones!

Expand the Possibilities

Think you can only engrave aluminum bracelets. dog tags, or an acrylic light, then the projects in this book will open up all kinds of possibilities!

how to position a grill spatula for engraving
Of course- we’ll engrave spatulas and servers. After all, I invented this technique that’s gone viral!

Feel Confident

Perfect for beginners, the tutorial projects in this book look anything but beginner! Each project was chosen to demonstrate techniques that will build your confidence in engraving.


  • All about the engraving tool and how to install it.
  • How to source files and fonts for engraving.
  • Uploading engraving files into Design Space
  • How to find materials settings for metals like brass, sterling silver, pewter, and copper.
  • How to secure your blanks, so they don’t move as you engrave.
  • A troubleshooting section to solve your engraving problems.
  • How to templates for perfect positioning.
  • How to get deeper engravings.
  • How to use a simple shape template.
  • How to test your designs to tweak them perfectly.


  • All about the tools and materials commonly used when engraving.
  • How to work with sheet metals.
  • How to cut custom shapes so you can go beyond pre-made blanks.
  • How to add line fill to your designs.
  • Two ways to clean up the background of an image so it’s transparent.
  • How to add texture to your metal blanks.
  • How to finish the edges of your metal.
  • How to engrave to the edges of your blanks.
  • How to layer and glue metals.
  • How to engrave objects with handles like servers, spreaders, and spatulas.


  • How to add patinas to common anodized aluminum for a fresh look.
  • Different finishing options including gilder’s paste, metal paints, and patinas.
  • How to add chains, beads, and tassels.
  • How to dap your charms for a custom look.
  • How to spray paint metal so that you can engrave through it.
  • How to shape rings.
  • How to engrave signatures and fingerprints to make memorable gifts.
  • How to create statement-making engraved rings.
  • How to make beaded dangles.

Didn’t Win? Here’s a Special Craftfest Offer!

You can still purchase the book at the Holiday Craftfest Special Price of $19!

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