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HOORAY!!! You're Amazing. Creative. STARTING NOW!

I’m SO THRILLED you decided to take this huge step forward in your creative journey 😍. Over the next four weeks, we have many ways to support and encourage you. Between our Procreate Playground, the Lives, the Modules, and your Playtime, this experience can be as immersive as you’d like. You know you. I’d love to have you check it all out and choose the pieces that will give you what you need to succeed.  

To get you started below you’ll find a “what to do next” section. It has the next steps for you to follow as you begin this experience. But first, let’s PLAY!

Here are some fun (even funny!) shareable images you can download and post or even print to celebrate your AMAZING choice.🥳  Or maybe they’ll even entice your bestie to join you! 😉

What to do next...

Okay, now deep breath...

Check your email

You’ll get an email from us with your payment info/login and another email thanking your for your purchase. Been a couple minutes and you don’t see it? Check your spam then email us at 

Access the Class Platform

We have the Welcome Module ready to watch! It has an introduction to Jen, (me!) as well as to the Course Experience. You’ll also find some fun downloads there!

Join the Procreate Playground

Our free private Facebook group, The Procreate Playground, is a great place to ask questions & meet other crafters learning Procreate. Introduce yourself with a post and pic! 

Add Lives to Calendar

To make it extra easy to stay on top of the course I’ve added all our course events to it’s own subscription calendar. Fancy, right?  You can grab it with the link below!

Watch for your week one email

This will be your notification that Week One’s Modules are now available! PLEASE don’t feel like you have to watch it all right away. If you don’t see the email on Monday’s after 10 AM ET check your spam then email me. I’ll help. 

Join Us for the Lives!

SO EXCITED for these! We’ll have both a Q & A Chats on Tuesdays AND the Procreate Playdate Live Crafting Tutorials on Thursday nights. Be sure to grab the subscription calendar link above for notifications! 

Want to Share ?

Choose your favorite and save or share it on social media for some playful motivation. 😍

And that’s it for now!!! Thanks again for enrolling in this course! I hope you’re as excited as I am! Remember, you can always send me a quick email if you have questions, ideas, or just want some love.  

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PS: You can do this. I know it. 🥰

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