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This book solves the common problems and expands the possibilities of what you can make with the Cricut Engraving Tool!

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Why a Book on Engraving Metals with a Cricut?

Because the Engraving Tool didn't come with instructions.

It's not just you! Figuring out how to engrave successfully with a Cricut isn't intuitive. It can be really, really hard. And I know you probably wanted to give up when you ruined your third bracelet blank. Seriously!

I went through all the problems and came out on the other side with this book. It has legit solutions to the problems and shows you what's truly possible with the Cricut Engraving Tool. AND ohmygosh will it blow your mind.

making engraving deeper

Solve the Problems

Frustrated because you can't see the engraving, or your design is off-center? Or maybe the engraving isn't that deep? Find the answers for these and other commonly asked questions.

Honeycomb and Bee Necklace

Expand the Possibilities

Think you can only engrave aluminum bracelets. dog tags, or an acrylic light then the projects in this book will open up all kinds of possibilities!

how to position a grill spatula for engraving

Feel Confident

Perfect for beginners, the tutorial projects in this book look anything but beginner! Each project was chosen to demonstrate techniques that will build your confidence in engraving.

Photo of digital book on iMac and iPad

What the Cool Kids are Saying...

Profile Pic of Abbi Kirsten

"Engraving Metals is a must-have if you own a Maker machine! The ebook is very informative, and Jen leaves no question unanswered. There are so many approaches to engraving with a Cricut and this ebook covers them all. I especially loved the spatula tutorial. I would have never thought to do this. I was also impressed with how many types of metals can be used with the machine. The ebook covers various options plus explains the pros and cons of using them, which is a huge help to know going into a project. Thanks for the inspiration, Jen!"

- Abbi Kirsten, blogger and creator at Abbi Kirsten Collections

Amy Romeu profile pic

"I make lots of faux leather jewelry and crafts with my Cricut, but engraving with my Maker has always intimidated me. Jennifer’s book makes engraving metals with the Cricut Maker easy and fun, and her swoon-worthy projects in the book are inspiring, yet doable. If you’ve been wanting to try engraving metals with your Maker, this is the book for you."

- Amy Romeu, Craft Designer, Jewelry Making & Craft Blogger @ AmyRomeu.com

Profile Pic Kay Hall CleverSomeday

"Finally, a jewelry maker's perspective and expertise applied to Cricut Engraving! Jen has truly packed a ton of value into her e-book with her step-by-step projects, ready-made files, and supporting information."

-Kay Hall, of CleverSomeday and the Cricut Engraving with CleverSomeday Facebook Group

Inside Engraving Metals With Your Cricut Maker, You'll Also Learn...

  • How to successfully engrave metals like brass, pewter, aluminum, and sterling silver.
  • How to make engraved rings, necklaces, and (yes) bracelets with your Cricut.
  • How to custom engrave bookmarks, grill spatulas, and key chains with logos, or your own designs.
  • How to get your Cricut projects to stand out from others by crafting with metal. (It's way easier then you think!)
  • How to get deeper engravings, and 4 ways to precisely position your designs.
  • AND how to make your designs stand out with color, texture, pastes and patinas.

What Exactly Does This Book Cover?


  • All about the engraving tool and how to install it.
  • How to source files and fonts for engraving.
  • Uploading engraving files into Design Space
  • How to find materials settings for metals like brass, sterling silver, pewter, and copper.
  • How to secure your blanks so they don't move as you engrave.
  • A troubleshooting section to solve your engraving problems.
  • How to use jigs and templates for perfect positioning.
  • How to get deeper engravings.
  • How to use a simple shape template.
  • How to test your designs to tweak them perfectly.


  • All about the tools and materials commonly used when engraving.
  • How to work with sheet metals.
  • How to cut custom shapes so you can go beyond pre-made blanks.
  • How to add cross fill to your designs.
  • Two ways to clean up the background of an image so it's transparent.
  • How to add texture to your metal blanks.
  • How to finish the edges of your metal.
  • How to engrave to the edges of your blanks.
  • How to layer and glue metals.
  • How to engrave objects with handles like servers, spreaders, and spatulas.


  • How to add patinas to common anodized aluminum for a fresh look.
  • Different finishing options including gilder's paste, metal paints, and patinas.
  • How to add chains, beads, and tassels.
  • How to dap your charms for a custom look.
  • How to spray paint metal so that you can engrave through it.
  • How to shape rings.
  • How to engrave signatures and fingerprints to make memorable gifts.
  • How to create statement-making engraved rings.
  • How to make beaded dangles.

Plus, how to engrave galvanized metal and engrave with infusible ink.

And now upgraded for the Maker 3 as well!

YES, I want ENGRAVING METALS WITH YOUR CRICUT MAKER for the Cricut Adventure Offer Today!

I'd love to teach you how easy this can be!

Hey! I'm Jen and I really can't just let it go...

If it has to do with crafting or art I need to know TODAY how it works. It will drive me nuts until I figure it out.

When I first got my Cricut Engraving Tool I was SO excited.

I'd been stamping metal jewelry and felt limited by the pre-fab designs. With a Cricut, I could create my own designs.

And then my first engraving was... well, less than satisfying.

I couldn't see it. It wasn't deep at all, I felt like I'd literally just scratched the surface.

(And I know a lot of others are with me on this.)

I HATED the fact that I spent money on it and didn't love it.

Maybe we're alike in this, but I truly can't mark a craft project as "failed" and move on.

I just can't.

I spent the next couple of months obsessing about and I did it- I figured out solutions to the major engraving problems.

But I still couldn't let it go.

Because it still wasn't a good investment if I couldn't engrave more than dog tags or aluminum bracelets. And those were the only project tutorials I could find online.

So I turned back to the metal stamping and tried to figure out a way to bring those projects over to engraving.

That led to tutorials on engraving vintage metal spoons, and (after more obsessing) I figured out how to engrave pie and cake servers. HUGE WIN!

BUT that was JUST the beginning.

Now I'm still totally obsessed with the engraving tool...

Book cover for engraving metals book

because it does SO MUCH!

Still, I don't want YOU to have to go through that same long process.

(I'd rather you spend your time making amazing things!)

So I pulled together everything I've learned about engraving metals with a Cricut Maker into this one e-book.

You Can Do It Too!

"Anxious to read/see your book as I first started following you when you demonstrated how to engrave on the pie spatula. I then made a katrillion of them for gifts!!"

- Cheryl S. (email)

" Just did 2 quick (servers) this morning- Thank you for all the details!

This is opening up a whole new world of possibilities."

- Samantha H. (YouTube)

"Thank you so much for sharing! I have done an impress bracelet, now I can't wait to try these!"

-Julia S. (YouTube)

"I personalized some of my kitchen tolls like cake/pie server, angled spatula, and small plastic chopping board using @officialcricut #engraving tip. Thanks to @ wellcraftedstudio for the inspiration."

-Cherrie (instagram)

"My Grandson is a Su Chef in an Italian Restaurant. For Christmas last year, I engraved a few serving pieces with “Chef…and his name”. He was delighted and actually took it to work and showed it to the Chef. I love engraving with my Cricut, but have made some real booboos. So I am thrilled that you are publishing a book all about it. I am very excited about what is to come."

- Nadine (blog)

Engraving Metals Book on Ipad

No experience? No problem.

It wouldn't be a tutorial for beginners if it didn't start with the basics. From what the engraving tool looks like and how to insert it, to how to find your way around Design Space as a beginner, you'll find easy answers to your questions.

This guide tells you what you need to know to get started and to be successful. 

The step-by-step illustrated projects were chosen to demonstrate specific techniques. Creatives are usually pretty visual, we learn best when we make it ourselves. Consider this your invitation to a hands-on workshop! And questions? Just ask.

Let's Max Out Your Maker!

Here are some examples of what you’ll find inside the book ⤵️

quick start guide for engraving metals
Tools and Materials List for Engraving  Metals

A 114-page guide that solves the problems and steps out the techniques in 7 carefully selected project tutorials.

Cheatsheets and easily printable reference sheets that will make finding the info you need simple and in a format that's easy to understand.

Sections that go deeper into what kind of metals you can use, descriptions of the project tools and materials, and the basics of using the Cricut Engraving Tool.

A troubleshooting guide to the common problems as well as a place for you to take your own notes.

Get the Special Cricut Adventure Offer of ONLY $19!

"YOU Made This?"

Oh yes, you did! Step-by-step photo tutorials show you EXACTLY what to do to successfully engrave and embellish your own custom jewelry, accessories, or gifts!

You even get bonus design files so that you can follow right along. And in the end?

You'll have 34 new techniques that you can bring into your crafting or business!

Why try something new?

When you know more, you can create more. If you're like most Cricut users you bought your Cricut with a specific project in mind. The one idea that pushed you from dreaming to daring. But then what?

Create for Gifts

Making your own custom gifts can make you super popular with your friends. But ONLY if they like what you give them.

The Cricut Maker gives you the opportunity to make things that are handmade but don't look homemade.

Or Make to Sell

The materials you craft have a perceived value. That means that people often think something made of metal is worth more than something made of paper or vinyl. So you can charge more.

Crafting with metal also makes your work stand out from all the other Cricut crafts. And no one needs to know how easy it is!

You've Got Questions- I've Got Answers.

🔖How is the book Engraving Metals with Your Cricut Maker perfect for me?

This book walks you through step-by-step how to engrave. It has a ton of techniques, all of which are featured in the tutorials. So you can literally work your way through the material.

It's also a comprehensive guide to all your engraving questions whether you're a beginner or have already been engraving.

You'll also get 7 tutorial projects and engraving design files that you can make and sell. Or just make jaw-dropping gifts!

🔖How does a digital download work?

THIS IS NOT A PHYSICAL PRODUCT. It's a digital download of PDF files that you can either read on a mobile device to save on paper. Or if you'd rather you can print it at home, or you have permission to take it to a printer.

Because this is a digital download you can print off only what you need. And you can print the sheets as many times as you need them.

🔖What will I need?

A Cricut Maker, the Cricut Engraving Tool with QuickSwap housing, and a computer or tablet to run Cricut's Design Space app are a must.

The other materials and tools are project specific. Each tutorial has it's own list of supplies to complete it.

🔖How will I receive my product?

The book, Engraving Metals with Your Cricut Maker and the engraving design files are a digital download and you will be given access to it via e-mail shortly after you complete your purchase. If you don't find it in your inbox fairly soon after you pay, then you should check your SPAM filter or folder first.  

If you can't find it there, then just e-mail us and we'll get it all figured out for you.  

🔖What if I buy the book but decide I want to return it?

This is a digital download and as such, it is not returnable. However, if you find you won't use it, or it's not what you expected, email me within the first 3 days after your purchase and I'll refund your cost, no questions asked.

However, if you plan to return it because you just don't feel confident, or you need help to be successful, then please don't hesitate to ask me questions. I want you to LOVE engraving as much as I do and do it successfully!

So Buy Engraving Metals with Your Cricut Maker Now! 

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