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Cricut Adventure Procreate Playbook Giveaway

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Win an Apple iPad, Apple Pencil + Enrollment in the Procreate Playbook Live Course Experience!

Woohoo! To celebrate the launch of my NEW Procreate Course, The Procreate Playbook Live Course Experience, I’m sponsoring the Cricut Crafting Adventure! A 5-day online crafting experience that will be held April 23rd – 27th.

And as a sponsor for the event, I had to come up with a pretty cool giveaway item for the Cricut Adventure Attendees, right? 🤩

And it really should have something to do with Procreate… so what better than an iPad + Apple Pencil PLUS enrollment in my next course launch?

Don't Want to Wait to Enroll?? There's a Special Cricut Adventure Offer Below the Form!

Create Designs You Can Craft With in MINUTES!

The Procreate Playbook: Made for Crafters

Last year, my Procreate Playbook E-book introduced you to the iPad app Procreate in a relatable manner that made it easy to learn this digital drawing app. Since then, I’ve taught over 1000 crafters how to use this program to create their own craft designs.

But almost right away, people began asking for a course based on the book. I get it! Watching is easier than reading sometimes. So this year, I have a special offer. I want to invite you to enroll early in my Procreate Playbook Live Course Experience this June.

It’s a 4-week Live course (with unlimited replays) that’s tons of fun— well, you’ll see when you click the link below for more info!

Don't Want to Wait to Win It?

Get the Special Event Offer today, and if you win the giveaway, we’ll refund the cost! 

What’s the offer? When you enroll for the June Experience you’ll save your seat, get advance access to the 160-pg. Procreate Playbook E-book, and the AH-MAZINGLY popular 20 pg. Procreate Glossary!

(Deal ends April 29th, 2024)

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