hygge stickers how to add a border to stickers super fast in Procreate

How to Make Borders for Stickers – Super Fast (Procreate 5x)

Making stickers is one of my absolute favorite ways to use my Procreate digital art. I know a lot of you love to do this too. And although it’s fun to draw the stickers, adding each sticker’s borders was pretty tedious. So when I saw a different way of adding borders to my stickers on Tik Tok that was SUPER fast, I sat down and tried to figure it out. And honestly, I was a little bummed because it worked great with some stickers and not so great with others. BUT it was SO QUICK, I really wanted it to work. So I tested this method with different variables, and in this post, I’ll give you the info you need to know to make this method work. I also made a step-by-step tutorial and a YouTube video on using this method to make borders for stickers- super fast with Procreate!

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Tutorial to teach how to clean up a handwritten recipe with Magic Eraser

How to Clean Up the Background of a Handwritten Recipe for Crafting with Magic Eraser

When we create something that has personal meaning for us, it’s well, more meaningful. Letters, signatures, and lately, handwritten recipes really add a vintage, heirloom feel to our crafts. I love the look when I first saw it but wanted to use recipes that are meaningful to me and to my family. So I played around with different methods and found my favorite. But first, to craft with an old recipe, you need to have a cut file of the recipe and to get that you have to clean up the background of your image. Many of the old recipes are faded in areas, with writing that is hard to see or that trails off. Because I plan to use my Cricut Maker to craft with the designs, I tried using Cricut Design Space to process the image. And although it is possible to clean them up using that program, it isn’t easy. So below I show you how to use the app Magic Eraser to quickly and easily clean up your recipes. Once you know how to clean up the background of a handwritten recipe the projects you can create with it are some of the most meaningful you’ll ever make. In my next tutorial, I show you how to create a tea towel or apron using a the family recipe I clean up in this tutorial. So check back, or better yet, subscribe with your email to get notified of new tutorials or subscribe on YouTube and turn on the bell icon to get notified of new videos! Enjoy!

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16 tips using the cricut engraving tool on servers

My Best 16 Tips for Engraving with a Cricut Maker

I love my Cricut Maker. In fact, I may even luuuvvv it. This one machine cuts fabric, paper, and vinyl. It also cuts wood, chipboard, leather, and even acrylic. It does other things as well, like engrave metal. What makes it even more amazing is all the insanely cool things people are making with it. And my absolute favorite thing to see are examples of people using the techniques I’ve taught on this blog. Engraved pie and cake servers and spatulas are showing up in Facebook Groups and Instagram. But in the groups, I also read comments from people that seem frustrated by the process. So for all those who will love engraving but don’t know it yet- and may feel frustrated- these are my 16 best tips for engraving serving ware with a Cricut Maker.

The Five Most Common Engraving Challenges 

  1. Sourcing Quality but Inexpensive Blanks
  2. Choosing a Design that Fits the Blank
  3. No Idea of How to Test the Designs
  4. Difficulty Positioning and Sizing the Design
  5. Getting a Deep Enough Engraving

This post and the video I made for it will walk you through the solutions I’ve found for these different problems. Some are super simple, some may seem obvious. But, all of them will make engraving with your Cricut Maker easier, and you’ll have better results. Win!

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Engraved Cheese Spreaders with the Cricut Engraving Tool

How to Engrave on Spreaders with a Cricut + Free Cheesy Sayings

It was the flattened spoons that started it all. Then I tried cake and pie servers, a cookie spatula, and now there is this tutorial on how to engrave stainless steel spreaders with your Cricut engraving tool. I knew I wanted to try to engrave spreaders with a Cricut but wasn’t sure if I should do butter spreaders, jam spreaders, or cheese spreaders. In the end, it was the cheese spreaders that won just because it was so. much. fun. coming up with the cheesy phrases to engrave on them (brie mine tonight, you spin me like a Roquefort baby, once in a bleu cheese.) I admit a few of the puns are a bit of a stretch but that’s part of the cheesy fun!

I did find that spreaders are a little different than servers or spatulas. The surface area is so much smaller and linear than it is on the servers or spatulas. Any designs you create have to fit perfectly. So to add my cheesy sayings to the cheese spreaders took more design tweaks then past projects have. But never fear! I figured it all out and have both a video demoing it all and a tutorial with a supplies list that steps it out for you below!

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DIY Tear-Off Memo Pad Tutorial | How to make a tear-or memo pad | DIY notepad craft

How to Make a DIY Tear-Off Memo Pad

I love crafts like this. It’s super simple, uses supplies you may already have around the house, and makes a great gift. In fact, those are three of my criteria for all of my projects on this blog. BUT this project really nails it in each of those areas. If you’re a frequent reader you may recognize this as being similar to the Gnome DIY Tear-Off Memo Pad tutorial that I did in November. I’ve honestly been super surprised by how popular that project has continued to be. So I decided to write this second step by step tutorial that goes a little more in-depth with a YouTube video as well as the step by step tutorial below. The video walks you through all the steps to make this project plus it does a product comparison to figure out what is the best glue to use for your DIY memo pad. I also created a new printable for you to download from my free Creative Resource Library. If you love craft supplies (and who doesn’t?) then you’ll love this free printable design!

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How to use Cricut's debossing tool to make a leather hair barrette shaped like a paint palette.

How to Make a Debossed Leather Barrette Using the Cricut Debossing Tool

It’s a game-changer for the small maker. Cricut has come out with a debossing tool that will depress materials like leather, foil, and soft wood. As someone who LOVES working with leather, I did a little dance. After all, this should allow me to make digital designs, then use them to deboss and cut out (using the knife blade) leather! In theory. So I started to test the possibilities. And in the process of experimenting, I figured out a few little tips and tricks to make the process easier. The end results were pretty awesome! So awesome, in fact, that I decided I had to create this tutorial to show you how to make a debossed leather barrette with a stick using the Cricut Debossing Tool, too!

In the video below, you’ll see how to download the design and cut files from my Creative Resource Library, and then upload them into Cricut’s Design Space. I’ll show you how to prepare the files in Design Space, and then how to deboss and cut the leather using the Cricut Maker. Next, you’ll see how to add the details that really make a pro-looking product. Finally, we’ll paint the leather and seal it. This really is an easy, but artsy looking product that would make a great gift! Enjoy!

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Creative Bloom Set of Sticker Sheets | Learn how to draw stickers in Procreate | Learn to sketch stickers | Make your own stickers | Printable Sunflower Stickers

How to Draw Stickers in Procreate to Cut with Your Cricut

Making stickers is seriously THE BEST. A few weeks ago I posted on How to Make Stickers on the Cricut. It was all about how I print and then cut my stickers. It got a great response, but I started to get questions on how I draw my stickers. So I made this step-by-step post, as well as a YouTube video. In them, I’ll show you how to draw the stickers, add the white border around the stickers, and save them as a download that you can upload into Cricut Design Space (or a Silhouette Cameo) to cut. I also give you a free copy of the file I make in the video so that you can download it and see what the stickers look like as a file. As an extra freebie, I have the Procreate brush I made for creating the white borders around my images, so make sure you grab that!

Why Procreate?

I waited a long time for a user experience that would work for my sketching and I am crazy about everything Procreate can do. It’s not the same as drawing in life, but it’s similar enough that it feels natural. The pencil is weighted like a pencil and I use a screen protector with a paper-like surface ( I link to that in the Materials list below). In the video below you’ll see all the additional features that make drawing on the iPad well worth exploring. Plus, did I mention it was fun?

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Hand drawn illustrated art supplies sticker sheets free download| how to make stickers on a cricut | free printable resource

How to Print & Cut Stickers with Cricut

It’s almost time for back-to-school. Love it or hate it, there are some things about it that make my heart happy. To mark the occasion I thought I would create some back-to-school-themed stickers and share them with you. Print and Cut seems tricky, but I walk you through the material settings, what sticker papers I like best, and show you step-by-step how easy it is to make your own print and cut stickers with a Cricut. I promise after this lesson you’re sure to get an “A”.

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How to use air dry clay Crayola | Tutorial for Crayola air dry clay |cutting and shaping small bowls of air dry clay | pottery at home

How to Make Shaped Trinket Dishes with Air-Dry Clay + Easy Shapes Template

THESE ARE SO CUTE!!! So maybe you’ve seen these in stores or on Etsy and thought about making your own trinket dishes. Unfortunately, traditional ceramics isn’t a craft that you can try without a kiln. So you could take a class through your local art center or community ed. programs (I do!) or you could start at home using air-dry clays. This tutorial will show you how to use air-dry clay to make trinket dishes using some simple hand-building techniques. I learned these in my traditional ceramics class. To make this SUPER EASY I also have a printable template that will help you make shaped trinket dishes in fun, unique designs that will help your dishes stand out. And if you love doing this, you can try the art class and use these same techniques and templates. Win!

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