hygge stickers how to add a border to stickers super fast in Procreate

How to Make Borders for Stickers – Super Fast (Procreate 5x)

Making stickers is one of my absolute favorite ways to use my Procreate digital art. I know a lot of you love to do this too. And although it’s fun to draw the stickers, adding each sticker’s borders was pretty tedious. So when I saw a different way of adding borders to my stickers on Tik Tok that was SUPER fast, I sat down and tried to figure it out. And honestly, I was a little bummed because it worked great with some stickers and not so great with others. BUT it was SO QUICK, I really wanted it to work. So I tested this method with different variables, and in this post, I’ll give you the info you need to know to make this method work. I also made a step-by-step tutorial and a YouTube video on using this method to make borders for stickers- super fast with Procreate!

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How to Make Gnome Sticker Gift Tags with a Cricut

Oh yes, I did! For the second year in a row (that makes it annual now!) I invited some crafty little gnome friends back to the blog to do a takeover craft party here at Well Crafted Studio. So for the next week, there will be Gnomes, Gnomes, and MORE Gnome projects. And to make it even MORE awesome, I have 5 other blogging friends that are going to be doing the same thing at their blog this week. Each of us contributed one project to feature and the projects they sent legitimately made my jaw drop- every.single.one. So I hope you’ll click on the links below and check each of these 5 projects out. And then I hope you’ll come back here for more Gnomish fun! But first, let’s make some Christmas Gnome Gift Tag Stickers!

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Engraved Snow Globe Photo Ornaments with a Cricut Maker

How to Make an Engraved Snow Globe Ornament

Although I can get lost in designing, I know that it’s the techniques I teach that have the most value to my readers. I like to think of it as everyone has a toolbox of their own skills and experiences, and every time you learn a new technique, you add to that toolbox. In this post, I build on the techniques you already learned in my Engraved Photo Cards with a Cricut Maker tutorial and expanded on it to show you how to cut custom metal shapes and manipulate your print then cut photos to look like they fit inside the globe. I also tell you how to glue and layer metal to create a two-toned version as an optional tweak after you make an engraved snow globe ornament or two!

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Cricut Engraved Photo Cards for Christmas

How to Make a Cricut Engraved Photo Card

Yes, there’s the food, the gifts, and the Christmas Carols, but what I like best about the season is the Christmas crafting. This year, I actually started working on this Holiday MakerFest Christmas project in July. I knew what I wanted the final products to be, but I had no idea how to get there. So it was weeks of testing and failing and developing new techniques. That crazy rollercoaster experience you get as you’re inventing something new. BUT, I was able to come out on the other side with THREE amazing new projects. I plan to publish all three projects as tutorials here, but I really recommend you go grab your free ticket for the workshop. Then you can watch how I make a Cricut engraved photo card for Christmas!

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Glitter Stickers for Halloween with snarky seasonal sayings.

How to Make Glitter Stickers with Cricut App

Have you seen the new printable Glitter Sticker Paper from Silhouette? It’s a white sticker paper that well… glitters. I was curious what this paper looked like once we printed on it so I brewed up some fun and spooky gnome stickers on Procreate to test with it. Then I used my iPad and Cricut Design Space Mobile to print and cut them with my Cricut machine. If you read below you’ll find out how to make our own custom material setting in Cricut Design Space and how to upload, print and cut these stickers on an iPad. So read on and figure out how to make glitter stickers with an iPad and a Cricut!

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Lucky Day! DIY Leprechaun Stickers to Print and Cut

Legend says Leprechauns are little fairies who earned their pot of gold by working as cobblers. They look a lot like gnomes to me though. So I did a little digging this week to find a connection, and I’ve concluded there are similarities between gnomes and leprechauns that can’t be ignored. For instance, both are small, mischievous creatures who are rarely seen and are portrayed as little guardian figures. Gnomes are thought to be protecting woodland animals, gardens, and the land. Leprechauns guard their pot of gold and their freedom. They’re also both super cute and I have a lot of fun drawing them. Which is lucky for you because you can make these DIY Leprechaun stickers at home with just a printer and a Cricut (or a pair of scissors).

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DIY Gnome Valentine Cards with a Cricut

How to Make DIY Gnome Valentine Cards

They’re JUST SO CUTE! I know, I said the same thing about the Cabbage Patch Kids and Care Bears in the ’80s. And again, about the characters in Disney movies in the 1990s (Chip, baby Simba, and Flounder were all adorbs). And I might have said it about Japanese Anime characters in the 2000s along with any and all baby animals. But, there’s just something about Gnomes right now. They’re cute and cuddly but just gruff enough that you want to hold them in your hand and squeeze them. (A little like Grumpy Smurf, now that I think about it.) So, when Valentine’s rolled around this year, I gave my Christmas Gnomes a Vday makeover. Last week I posted about my Valentine’s Gnome Stickers and this week I have this tutorial on how to make DIY Gnome Valentine Cards!

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Gnome Valentine Stickers

How to Make Valentine Gnome Stickers

So sometimes a trend comes along that I just love. And I will hop on that bandwagon like nobody’s business. My M.O. is to get on fairly early in the ride, but I’ll hop off early too. It’s not so much boredom, more of a magpie tendency to like the bright and new. So in November, when I had my truly epic Gnome Craft Party Takeover, I was all in on the Gnomes. In December, my Gnomies and I were still pretty tight. But I thought that by mid- January I’d be ready to pack them away with the Christmas tree. But then I started to see THE CUTEST Valentine’s Gnomes. So of course then I really wanted to see what my Gnomes would look like if they were dressed all cute for Valentine’s Day too. If you’re still with me on this Gnome ride, you’ll want to read the tutorial below on how to print then cut Valentine Gnome Stickers with a Cricut. And bonus- for a limited time, these very same Valentine Gnome stickers are available as a free printable in my Creative Resource Library!*

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Gnome Holiday Stickers to print and cut! How to print stickers to cut with your cricut?

How to Make Christmas Gnome Stickers with a Cricut!

Gnomes, if you didn’t know, can be bossy little creatures. They like to tell you what to do and have opinions about all sorts of things. And because they’re a little narcissistic, they LOVED the idea of these Gnome stickers. 😂 They’re banking on the fact that if you were to have a question about anything, “Put a Gnome on it” will be the answer. “How should you seal your holiday cards?” Put a Gnome on it. “How can I give my planner a holiday theme?” Put a Gnome on it. “What can I use to cover this tattoo?” Put a Gnome on it? It STILL works! So today’s post has free hand-drawn and a tutorial on how to make Christmas Gnome Stickers with a Cricut. So you can put a Gnome on it. Whatever your “it” may be.

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How to draw stickers | how to use Procreate to make stickers | make stickers with Procreate and Cricut

How to Make Stickers in Procreate the Easy Way- Trace Photos!

Seriously, this sticker making hack is a game-changer for anyone who has ideas but doesn’t feel confident in their drawing skills. In fact, one of the best things about Procreate is that you don’t have to know how to draw to create your own sticker designs! It’s really a little magical. The other day a friend of mine literally gasped with amazement when I showed her this trick for drawing stickers. Ready for it? Here you gohow to trace photos to make stickers in Procreate.

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