Holiday photo frame ornaments

Holiday Maker Fest is Coming with a New Engraving Workshop

The holidays are one of my favorite times of year! A big part of how I celebrate is to create Christmas craft projects. They’re always a little more glitter and sparkle in my work. And after the year we’ve had, making this holiday season even more special is important to me. Here on Well Crafted Studio I do my best to make sure you can celebrate the season creatively, with projects that you’ll love to make and love to give.

I’m dreaming of a…

Because don’t we all wish it was easier to find awesome holiday ideas in one easy place? It often takes so much time to find just the right craft or decoration to help bring the perfect look to your house while still keeping everything organized. Or at least quasi-organized!

Wouldn’t it be nice to curl up with some of the most creative names in crafting and learn how to pull off an amazing holiday centerpiece, sure to wow everyone who sees the photos?

Well, I’m teaming up with 40 other creative and talented crafters and we are all SO EXCITED to share our crafts and the ideas we’ve learned along the way about organizing and decorating for the holiday season.

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How to make mini canvas banners | Different Ornaments for Christmas | How to Make Mini Canvas Banner Ornaments

How to Make Mini Banner Ornaments

Sometimes coming up with something new is just taking something that is already there and doing a slight pivot. Take this project for instance. These ornaments are the mini version of the hanging banners that I show you how to make in my tutorial, How to Make Canvas Banners. They’re just as simple, but smaller and thus cuter. I’m not sure why smaller=cuter, but it does. I also love how these hit with both the minimalist modern trend and the farmhouse trend that’s been popular in recent years. They’re also handmade without looking homemade. And as Christmas comes ever closer, and everything is over the top, I’m enjoying this bit of simple. I hope you enjoy this tutorial for how to make mini banner ornaments!

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Angels We Have Heard Singing Free Wall Hanging SVG File | How to make a DIY Christmas Wall Hanging

How to Make a Christmas Song Wall Hanging

A big part of the Christmas season is the music we listen to. Each of us has our own favorites. Last year, I decided to use my favorite Christmas songs in my Christmas decorating both at home and at church. I loved how they turned out. These Christmas song wall hangings are super easy to make and make a huge impact. AND although a little time consuming, it was a lot of fun to sit down and create SVG files from them. You don’t have to take the time though, I have a free SVG for Angels We Have Heard on High in my Creative Resource Library for you! And if you’d like one of the others pictured, I have them in my Well Crafted Studio Shop. AND Bonus! We’re having a sale on your entire order through Dec. 25th! So get your Christmas spirit on, and let’s make this Christmas song wall hanging!

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How to Make a Modern Minimal Nativity Playset for Kids

DIY Modern Nativity Playset and Carry Bag

As a mom, I loved seeing my son get excited about setting up a Nativity at home each Christmas. The one we had was an elaborate music box and really wasn’t to be played with. So he also had the Little People Nativity Playset. He loved this but it wasn’t really portable, and the cartoon style was one he grew out of after just a few years. Although he’s past the playing age, I was still on the lookout for a fun DIY modern nativity playset. So a couple of years ago I designed my own. It makes a great Christmas present for the kids in your life and was a great seller at the gift shops I had it in. Best of all, you can make several playsets in a single afternoon. You can even get the kids involved and make it together!

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Engrave a Cookie Spatula for Christmas with the Cricut Maker's Engraving Tip

How to Engrave a Cookie Spatula for Christmas

Today’s engraving tutorial is a guest post I’ve written for Jennifer Maker and is part of the Great Maker 25-Day Gift-Away!!! If you’re not familiar with Jennifer’s amazing blog, fabulous YouTube channel, or awesome Facebook groups you totally need to check them all out. I’m a fan and have gotten to know her and her team through the groups. Which is what makes this so awesome. I know how over-the-top all her projects are and how amazing she is. So to get this opportunity to create a project that is a part of her 25-Day Gift Away… Well, I can’t even tell you how exciting this is for me. The project is a how-to for engraving a Cookie Spatula with the Cricut Makers engraving tool. It builds on a tutorial that I did on how to engrave stainless steel pie or cake servers with a Cricut Maker.

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How to Make DIY Advent Cards with a Cricut

How to Make DIY Advent Cards to Cut with a Cricut

When my son was old enough to understand Christmas I started to search for an Advent calendar that wasn’t just chocolates. Ideally, I wanted something that would build the anticipation for Christmas but was more than just a candy countdown to Christmas. At the time I couldn’t find what I wanted so I designed my own from felt that had a pocket for each day of Advent. Then I made hand-drawn Advent cards that would fit in the pockets. On the cards are traditional Christmas activities that I wanted to share with him. It’s ten years later but I still love the cards. So I hope that you’ll download and make these DIY Advent Cards and then include them in your family’s preparation for and celebration of the Christmas season.

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How to Make a Gnome | Use a Mailing Tube to Make a Gnome.

How to Make a Gnome of Your Own

After almost a week of hanging with my Gnomies here at the blog, I’ve decided I’m going to miss the little guys when they go home in a few days. They’re kind of a lot of fun AND they make excellent muses. So today I thought I’d see just how hard it is to make a Gnome from the things I have around the house. I did okay until I got to the hair for the beard. I was thinking I wanted to go with the long traditional fake fur. But, when I went to my local craft store there had been (no joke) a run on the fake fur. All I can think is that my little gnome muses have been whispering in more ears than just mine. But, due to the scarcity, I was able to get a little creative and try out the fake fur yarn I found a couple of aisles over. So if you too have been wanting a gnome of your own (for your home) then I hope you try out this tutorial for how to make a gnome!

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How to Make a Tear Off Memo Pad | Last minute holiday gift giving! Gnome gifts for the holidays

How to Make a Tear-Off Memo Pad for Christmas

It started with the gnomes. And then it ends up like this. We’re on Day 4 of the Gnome Takeover Craft Party and it’s been rocking. These Gnomes really know how to craft happy. The project they have today is maybe the surprise hit of the week. I really didn’t know how it would look when the idea first came. And ideas that sneak in like that often don’t work out as well as you imagine. But of all the things that we’ve made so far this week, this tear-off memo pad is one of the absolute easiest and is very giftable. Especially for a secret Santa exchange at the office, or school. The supplies are simple, and the skill level is pretty much nil. And the cute factor? Let’s just say- on a scale of one to gnome it’s a solid eleven. So if you’re looking for an easy handmade gift (and who isn’t?) you’ll love this tutorial for how to make a diy tear-off memo pad for Christmas!

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Printable Gnome Gift Tags | Free Download Gnome Gift tags for Christmas

How to Make Free Printable Gnome Gift Tags

Free is a word I actually like a great deal. I like to give gifts, like these printable gift tags. Gnomes like to give gifts too. They’re actually pretty well known for secretly doing chores around your garden. Which is definitely the kind of gift a girl appreciates. And since this is GNOME Craft Party Takeover Week here at Well Crafted Studio, I thought some FREE Printable Gnome Gift Tags would be an awesome idea.

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Gnome Holiday Stickers to print and cut! How to print stickers to cut with your cricut?

How to Make Christmas Gnome Stickers with a Cricut!

Gnomes, if you didn’t know, can be bossy little creatures. They like to tell you what to do and have opinions about all sorts of things. And because they’re a little narcissistic, they LOVED the idea of these Gnome stickers. 😂 They’re banking on the fact that if you were to have a question about anything, “Put a Gnome on it” will be the answer. “How should you seal your holiday cards?” Put a Gnome on it. “How can I give my planner a holiday theme?” Put a Gnome on it. “What can I use to cover this tattoo?” Put a Gnome on it? It STILL works! So today’s post has free hand-drawn and a tutorial on how to make Christmas Gnome Stickers with a Cricut. So you can put a Gnome on it. Whatever your “it” may be.

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