Get the Boho Rainbow Procreate Bundle

Get the Boho Rainbow Procreate Stamps, Line Brushes, Pattern Brushes, and BONUS Texture Brushes - 79 total! YUP! And right now for just $16.

PLUS - Get 2 Boho Color Palettes, Bonus Content Page with video tutorials, AND printable resources.

(regularly $24)

Get the Brush Bundle Now

Do You Want to Create Trendy and Fun Boho Designs in Procreate?

Take a Look

79 Fun and Unique Boho Stamps, Line Brushes, and Repeat Pattern Brushes

25 Patterned Line Brushes

Add creative custom details to your design with these illustrated line brushes. Add hearts, loops, lines, dashes, and more with just a hand movement.

38 Handrawn Boho Stamps

Rainbows are just the beginning! Curated stamps will give you all that you need to create bright, boho-style illustrations and patterns.

11 Repeat Pattern Brushes

Perfect for adding backgrounds, or creating all-over patterns that tie your work together. These patterns can tie your entire canvas together.

BONUS- 5 Distress Brushes

Want to add a vintage feel to your t-shirt design? Or give your work a subtle textured background that really makes your work pop ? These brushes were designed to do just that!

Stock Your Procreate Toolbox with Brushes that Inspire You to Create

With this original hand-drawn set of Procreate stamps, brushes, and pattern stamps you can create uniquely detailed popular boho designs that just look like they took hours (but only took minutes)!

PLUS - You'll get access to a special bonus page on my blog with extra resources + video tutorials to help you get started!

Yes, Please I Need this Now.

No Experience? No Problem.

It wouldn't be a tool for beginners if it didn't give you what you need to start creating today - no matter your skill level.

That's why I've also created a bonus page for the Boho Rainbow Bundle on my blog that will have additional videos, & resources!

All to make the brushes and installation completely beginner-friendly.

Inside the Boho Rainbow Bonus Content Page You'll Find...

  • How-to video tutorial for uploading the Boho Stamps and Brushes into Procreate.
  • How-to video tutorial for using the stamps and brushes to create your own original designs.
  • Short video tutorial with tips on palette features and automatic color fill to color your designs.
  • Project resources like a blank notepad design and templates to give you a jump start on designing your own products.
Yes! Please! I'd love to play with these brushes!

What Can You Make with the Boho Rainbow Procreate Design Bundle?

Stickers & Stationary

  • Notepads
  • Planner Stickers
  • Calendars
  • Digital Planners
  • Art Prints
  • Postcards
  • Laptop Decals

Original Craft Designs

  • Mugs
  • T-shirts
  • Pins
  • Stencil Designs
  • Wall Art
  • Embroidery Designs
  • Jewelry

Digital Illustrations/ Designs

  • Social Media Posts/ Icons
  • Gifs
  • Watch Faces
  • Wallpapers for Phones + Tablets
  • Logos

Let Me Show You ALL the Cool Things You Can Make with Procreate and these Brushes!

Hi! I'm Jen!

A teacher, crafter, and artist.

I know how scary it can be to try something new. I was a straight-up sketchbook and canvas girl for decades. I saw the benefits of drawing digitally but.... old dog/new tricks.

Procreate = Sketchbook

But then I found Procreate, and found how easy it is to draw with layers, undo edits with a tap, and have access to all kinds of mediums. All on the same digital canvas!

Learning to draw digitally took time.

So when I teach Procreate tutorials I like to share shortcuts with my students - like my custom sticker brush and stamp brushes.

(Some of these are free on my blog.)

AND it's why these brushes come with video tutorials.

Work Smarter... Not Harder

BUT, I also wanted to create a beginner bundle of stamps and pattern brushes that will inspire you to get awesome results today.

No matter if you're a beginner or intermediate or even advanced Procreate user...

This bundle is a MASSIVE SHORTCUT!

It's everything you need to create trendy Boho-style art on your iPad that you can use to create products and projects of your own.

And yes, these brushes come with a commercial license, so anything you create with them is yours to sell (you just can't sell the brushes).

What you make is up to you, but you'll love how simple it is to create with these brushes!

Get All of These Brushes and More....

Boho Line Brushes Screenshot

(+ 11 more!)

(+ 24 more!)

Boho Pattern Brushes Screenshot

BONUS- 5 Texture Brushes

Perfect for adding backgrounds, or creating all-over patterns that tie your work together. These patterns can tie your entire canvas together.

Create ALL the Things

With this toolbox of stamps, line brushes, and patterns designing your own projects and products in Procreate is simple.

Maybe you feel like you can't draw. I hear this ALL the time. You'd like to try, but you don't know where to start.

That's why this bundle of hand-drawn brushes is so perfect for beginners. 

Just mix and match pattern brushes & stamps to create your own original designs that are customized the way YOU want.

You've Got Questions- I've Got Answers.

🔖 Are these Brushes only good with Procreate?

Yes! These were not created for other design programs and then tweaked to work in Procreate.

These brushes were hand illustrated in Procreate for Procreate users.

🔖 How does a digital download work?

THIS IS NOT A PHYSICAL PRODUCT. It's a digital download of zipped Procreate Brushsets and Palettes that you will need to import into Procreate.

🔖 What will I need to use these brushes and stamps?

An iPad, iPad Pro, or other iPad compatible with Procreate. You will also need to download the drawing app Procreate from the Apple App Store.

You do not need a stylus, but it makes drawing more fun when you have one.

🔖 Can I use a third-party stylus with these brushes?

Yes! None of the brushes in this bundle are pressure sensitive so you can use any stylus or even your finger!

🔖Do you show me how to use these?

Yes! The purchase of this bundle gives you access to a password-protected page on my blog,, that will have short videos to show you how to import the brushes, and how to use the stamps and brushes, as well as how to create layered designs in Procreate.

🔖 How will I receive my purchase?

These Procreate Brushsets (brushes, stamps, and patterns) are a digital download and you will be given access to them via e-mail shortly after you complete your purchase. If you don't find it in your inbox fairly soon after you pay, then you should check your SPAM filter or folder first.  

If you can't find it there, then just e-mail us and we'll get it all figured out for you.  

🔖 Can I sell designs created with these brushes?

Yes! You do receive a commercial license with the purchase of this design bundle. You can NOT, however, re-sell the brushsets as your own digital products.

🔖 Are there refunds for this product?

No. Because this is a digital product there is no refund. However, if you are having any problems with this purchase we would love to help you! Just reply back to the email you receive with the downloads or contact us at

Get Started Now!

Get this Boho Rainbow Procreate Bundle Now and Start Playing! 

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